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  1. OMG! What idiots, they talk about coasters in Flordia and show a pic of Kingda Ka. WTF?!
  2. The Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl! They killed the Panthers 34-14! I'm soooooo excited!
  3. I'm not much of a screamer, I just go "Yeah!" on the good parts. The only rides that have made me scream would have to be the finale on Spiderman and the drop on Jurrasic Park at IOA.
  4. I don't mind if people scream, but if they scream that annoying high pitched scream while going up the lift hill or any boring parts of the ride, I will bring out the duct tape!
  5. Since I'm going to be in France in 07' and I know I'm heading to Parc Astrix I have a few questions. Is Gouderix really rough? I'm asking this because the only Vekoma's I have been on are BTMR at WDW, Flying Unicorn at IOA and RnRC at MGM. I have not experenced any Vekoma pain yet! Also, how was the parks darkride "Transdemonium" like? I heard that it's theme is about a puppet that is filled with evil. I also heard it speeds up halfway in the ride and has a few drops. Not to mention that the que line has a few surprises in it.
  6. Hooray, my state is getting a park!.....Too bad I live in WA now.
  7. For me, Jumping at the Puyallup Fair. (Huss JUMP 1) I have never been on a ride that delivers the intense spinning a Jump 1 pull off. You are spinning quite fast for most of the entire ride! It only takes a short break in the middle.
  8. ^ Has.....Stitch...in....avatar...... < SGE...NOT.....WORTHY....REPLACING......ALIEN.....ENCOUNTER!!!!!!!!! V Is all "WTF Mate?"
  9. ^ Has.....Stitch...in....avatar...... < SGE...NOT.....WORTHY....REPLACING......ALIEN.....ENCOUNTER!!!!!!!!! V Is all "WTF Mate?"
  10. Hello Robb, I have a few questions regarding parks in France and Italy. My school band will be making a trip to France and Italy. I'm giving advice for some theme parks there. The trip is going to last for over a week. I already recommended Disneyland Paris and Parc Astrix for France and I was wondering if you have any recommendations for smaller parks in France. For Italy I recommened all 3 parks in Italy you went to. The only questions I have deal with Movie Studios Park. Does Movie Studios Park use the red light/green light system? Also, what was the haunted house there like? Many Thanks!
  11. WHAT???!!!!!!!! They took out a unique piece of themeing and replaced it with it's slogan?! This is a "what were they thinking?!" moment. Frank "First SGE and now this" Melgeorge
  12. Best New Steel for me: Both tracks of Dueling Dragons Best New Wooden for me: No new woodies for me. Best New Flat ride for me: Jumping (Huss JUMP 1)Much better then a JUMP 2 Best New Park for me:IOA This really blew me away! Best ride photo: WDW's Good Tower of Terror.......Me looking like the decendent of Saten really cracked me up. Best moment at theme parks none of you guys probably did: Having my school band go to Flordia during Spring Break and compeating at Universal and Marching in the Magic Kingdom playing "Pirates of the Carribbean" music. We dominated the contest at Universal and it was a bit magical marching in the MK. Best new Dark ride for me: Tie between Spiderman and Cat in The Hat. Spiderman rocks and Cat in The Hat was a great ride that follows the book better then the movie. Worst new ride: It's a NO brainer... Sitch's Great Escape When I saw the concept pictures for this I knew it would fail. I was 100% right, it's the worst thing in WDW. AE was my favorite attraction at WDW and now a crappy piece of junk is there. Disney is only keeping this thing to save face, even though to odds of it saving something is compared to you getting hit by a meator...twice...underground! What I look forward to in 06. El Toro, the new drop ride for Silverwood, and my trip to Universal!!!!
  13. For the video, the cursing was a bit funny. For Kingda Ka itself, I have two words. Big Whoop.
  14. Can't wait to see the vid of the Castle Tour, It's the only attraction that has something from The Black Cauldron. (The Horned King, I think he's at the end of the tour) Oh yeah, just to let you know. The lava monster in J.T.T.C.O.T.E, is NOT male. It's female! :shock:
  15. Nice pics, it does look like a nice park for what it is. I also like hearing the great things about Sky Diver because my home park Silverwood is getting the same type of drop tower!
  16. Being a person that liked ME, The Mega Coaster looks like a lot of fun! The Paratrooper/Enterprise ride looks awsome!
  17. I have seen vids of both SSL and MI and I can say MI is a huge jump from SSL. But I don't think MI is a "What were they thinking?" attraction. It's a nice solid C ticket that will probably be a hit with it's target audience! Something SGE at WDW failed at.
  18. Looks like your all having a great time! Can't wait for the next report! and one more thing You got that right!!!!!!!!!
  19. LMAO! That was very funny! It's right up there with Elissa being molested by Orki at Hansa Park!
  20. It not only looks like a awsome coaster, it IS a awsome coaster! I was able to go to Silverwood last summer and it's still a airtime machine. The gift shop does get a bit loud when the train goes through it. Tremors is a very fun coaster, and so is Timber Terror. (The parks other wooden coaster) Timber Terror is also a airtime machine, it still has the "Buzz" bars!
  21. Ok, after seeing the photos, HKDL looks like a great park with a lot of room to expand! Very tiny castle though, the mountains do not help!
  22. ^ Wow, no guests doing nasty things at the park?! If I do go to China next year I think I won't have to worry about that!
  23. Looking at the video, it looks like a nice little dark ride with some cool effects! I can say DCA did not pull off a SGE!
  24. Nice TR, too bad you didn't like the IMAX rides. I went on Search of the Obilisk and I liked it. I also saw Pirates in 3-D and that was a pretty good 3-D show. But if you wanted to go on the best simulator you had to go to the Star Trek Experience.
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