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  1. The furry within me is sad. But just be glad that RatTums had the best owners a hampster could ever have!
  2. I just got back from seeing Brothers Grimm. I have read somewhere that one person said it's the worst movie in the world. Um...what other movies has that person seen? It may not be the best, but it's not even close to the worst.(Ishtar and Stealth are near the worst! ) I did like this film,I love any kind of twisted fairy tale. Or the fairy tales that are close to the original Grimm tales.(Not the toned down "Disneyfied" tales.) I found this a bit better then Van Helsing, it had a lot of parts that I loved. Warning! possible spoilers! I liked the scene where the forest starts to attack everyone,it was just chaos. I clapped when the werewolf was chasing Lil Red and when a old guy looks over where she was screaming and all you see is her red cloak hanging in the trees. (I can't help I am a werewolf person!) I also liked the scene where the horse kidnaps the one girl,I have heard tales of horses and other animals talking to people,before kidnapping them or killing them. But the spiderweb net thing I found very clever. I laughed so hard once I saw what happened to that cat. It's so sad and funny at the same time! END possible spoilers. Now I knew this one thing was going to happen,parents would bring their young kids. Once I saw a group come in, I knew the little girl and boy were not going to enjoy this. After the movie was over, I looked at their faces. Their faces showed me that they did not like that at all. Looks like the mom and dad will have trouble putting them to sleep, and trying to tell them that they will not get swallowed by a horse! Overall,I liked this movie. But I would NOT bring little kids to it. They will get scared.
  3. Nice trip update! News at 11' Elissa is surrounded by furries. I am just eating this up! I wonder what would happen if I threw Elissa into a furry convention? I think the videos would be very very funny! Sorry Elissa, but I just could not pass that up. I think I will throw Joey in there with you.
  4. The furry within me just blew a gasket! :shock: This goes in the record books for the most insane update ever! That self operated pirate ship looks really fun, how was it? As Chris from Family Guy would say, "Boobies!"
  5. All right, I have a book that has some funny warnings and labels! Here are some of them. Toliet-bowl brush: Do not use orally (But my teeth have crap in them!) Fireplace log: Caution-risk of fire (duh!) Collapsible baby stroller: remove child before folding (No wonder it had that strange lump!) 13-inch-wheel wheelbarrow: Not intended for highway use (But that's the best way to go!) Electric thermometer: Do not use orally after using rectally (I wonder who was the poor guy that tried that!) This one takes the cake CD Player: Warning!- Dangerous Warning Inside! (It will blow up in your face! )
  6. Nice trip report! WOF was really fun when they had Orient Express (My fav. Arrow. It was NOT rough when I went on it! ) The Zambizi Zinger (That was awsome! ). Oh yeah, did you go on a ride called Cyclone Sam's? That is a indoor wipeout that is the best ride in the park hands down.
  7. ^ Likes to shop < Is getting "Bubba" The Redneck Werewolf comics very soon. Also has now done 69 ...posts V Fav. Movie is The Birdcage
  8. Yet another great update! I love the pic of Joey and the random foot, that made me crack up so hard! Do you know whom that foot belonged to or did it just get there for some unkown reason? Denmark rules, it's all girls,girls,girls and a goat!
  9. Hmm..Hypersonic, 0-80 in 1.8 sec. Dodonpa, 0-106 in 1.8 sec. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: That's really insane!
  10. Ok, it's been a while since I have posted about what movies I have seen so I will now review some movies I have seen this summer and spring and movies I can't wait to see. (Most of them don't come out till 06') Star Wars III: It was good, but not great like everyone is saying. Madagascar: I liked this movie, it was a bit short, but it had some really good parts. The penguins were sooo funny! Batman Begins: Best Batman ever! nuff said! War of the Worlds: It was ok in my opinion, not as good as Batman, but better then Star Wars! CATCF: This was really good, Jonny Depp does it again! He did great in POTC:COTBP and Finding Neverland,now this. "MUMBLER!" Movies I want to see are Corspe Bride By Tim Burton X Men 3 Spiderman 3 The movie I want to see the most is comming fall 06' Bubba the Redneck Werewolf! This is NOT a joke! This movie is based off of a comic.
  11. I go to the The Puyallup Fair. It's a really nice fair. They have rare rides and some coasters! They have a wooden coaster, one of the last remaining Monster Mouse. (A wild mouse with a helix!) A Wildcat coaster that you can find a many fairs and a water coaster! Yes, water coaster. It's called Kersplash, RCDB dosen't call it a coaster but it is! Go to www.thefair.com and go to the fall fair part and there is a picture section that has a pic of it. The pic of it is not that good, but if you look close, you can see the track for it. The Puyallup Fair is also better then Knott's because they have the Inferno. One of 2 left in the US I think! The other is at Mall of America. They have a KMG Spin Out called El Nino, the Turbo Force and a Permenent S&S tower called the Extreme Scream. It has the best ride program, you first get shot up the 200 ft. tower, but once you go down and bounce up. You don't go back down, it pulls you all the way to the top and holds you there. Then drops you, so for 10 bucks, you get the shot program and drop program in one ride! I don't know why many S&S towers just do the shot program or just the drop program. You get a much better ride with both in one ride!
  12. Yeah, I agree with SharkTums. That thing did not look like a kidde ride! :shock: Frank"Hello Cerberus,how are you? " Melgeorge
  13. So far,so good! Yay! Pics. of Challenge of Tutankhamon! Can't wait for the rest! Frank "I love Anubis!" Melgeorge
  14. White and Rob Zombie (I so want to see Devils Rejects) Slipknot Marilyn Manson Rammstein Gorillaz (I really like Feel Good Inc.) I also listen to Wither, check out their site at www.wither.cc
  15. That's never happened before, so I don't know. Your back and your the original Topple Tower. Creative, 9/10
  16. I have never been on ROTM but I like the fireblast on Spiderman.
  17. Don't worry Robb,I know you have good ride throughs of Pooh and Journey on your DVD. I just don't have it yet. Frank"I will get it soon though and you better have a ride through of Challenge of Tutankhamon in your next DVD! If you don't, that's okay,I won't blow up!" Melgeorge P.S. Oh yeah,since you worked on Call of Duty (I think) Check out my little post on the random board. It's called If WWII was a MMORPG. It's really funny!
  18. Confusing, but I like pirates! 8/10 (I have a feeling Wes will be after me.)
  19. I discovered a site that has videos of TDL's rides. It has Pooh's Hunny Hunt,JTTCOTE,Sinbad and Indiana Jones and some others. Looking at Pooh's Hunny Hunt, it makes me wonder. WHY DIDN'T WDW GET THIS VERSION?! It is just awsome. I know Robb and Elissa will agree with me that TDL's Pooh just blows WDW's and DL's out of the water! I figured out why WDW did not get TDL's version. They didn't want to pay for it. As Syndrome would say. "Lame,lame,lame,LAME!" For some things,you can't go cheap. Just look at SGE. Here's the site www.barrybedford.com Just scroll down and you will see TDL's segment.
  20. I know,there are so many funny lines in this. Here are some of my favorites. Hitler[AoE]: tojo help me! TOJO: wtf u want me to do, im on the other side of the world retard tru_m4n:NUKES! HOLY **** I GOT NUKES TOJO:wtf is nukes? TOJO: holy sh*tholysh*tholyshti!!!111
  21. Hey everyone, one of my friends showed me this link on what if WWII was a MMORPG. This is just too funny! www.4guysfromviewpoint.com/?p=76
  22. Okay now, looks like it's painful for most people. But for some lucky few,we have fun on it! My favorite part was the twist and dive inversion. Or as Robb would say, "Why the H&!! was that the smoothest part of the ride?!"
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