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  1. Nope, I don't wear it every single day! Only at convention's and on Halloween. Frank "I have to admit,that joke was funny" Melgeorge
  2. Okay,almost every review of Manhattan Express I have read,and seeing Robb's video. People have said that it is very rough. Well, I went on it last summer in the very last row and I did not find it rough at all! :shock: Am I crazy? Am I the only one that found it very good? Let me know what you thought of it.
  3. Okay now,I have been to Vegas last year and I say hit Speed,the Adventuredome and Manhattan Express. Now I know people have said that Manhattan Express is like the most painful roller coaster in all Vegas. But I did NOT find it rough at all! I was in the very back and I had a great time on it!
  4. O.K. Stitch, I understand. I also agree with you that one scene is a bad re hash of Shrek 2! Oh well, I'm not seeing it anyway. But I will see Shrek 3. Once it comes out of course!
  5. Stitch,that's not helping me! Anyway,Maliboomer, if your scared that's O.K. I guess. The only time I would be dressed up as a rabbit scaring people is in a haunted house. If anyone has been to Knott's Scary Farm and been through C3,you know what I'm talking about! In fact, one year Joey was one of the rabbits in C3! Sorry Joey, but you did say you were a rabbit in C3! P.S. I changed my sig. since it kinda fits.
  6. Maliboomer,please read my sig. I am NOT part of that minority that has sex in costume! Those furries make furries like me look bad! Thank you whoever thought to make a CSI episode featuring the bedroom fetish to make everyone think that that's the only thing furries do! About the "drawings" I of course have never seen the drawings but people draw what they want to. What I like to say is, "If you don't like it,don't look at it!" People have drawn much more WTF material.
  7. Wes, please don't go there. You do not know how many times people said they are disgusted at me for being a furry. They saw that episode and they think that's what every furry does and they wish they every one was dead. Some people just don't listen to reason. You try telling them that only a few people do that and they just blow up in your face! I could of yelled at you with all my might,but I'm not one that will scream at you for some things. That's not me,I'm a nice teen. Unlike some of my generation that is poisened by MTV. Back on topic, I just was thinking. That I don't think Cars will do that well! It doesn't look like it has a solid story. It also reminds me of the Putt-Putt computer games. Does anyone remember that?
  8. When I saw the ad on tv, I went WTF?! This is another desperate get money with cheap stuff. Look at SGE, it was poorly done,but I don't think they are having an increase in Stitch stuff. I agree with Gregg,I hope Chicken Little fails BIG time. Pixar really helped Disney. What scares me is Disney will do Toy Story 3,NOT PIXAR!!! Um...Disney? NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!! Pixar made both films and they know how to do it.
  9. Hey,I'm a band geek! (I play tenor sax) Band was so much fun this year! It was my freshmen year and everyone that's in the band is also in marching band. Last years show was Pirates Of The Caribbean! It was so good,some other bands tried playing it too. But their versions could not beat ours! The best moments in band camp were.... My friends Rick and Dillin were jumping into matresses. They dicided to put one up so they couldn't see the other side. Well, they both ran to jump on it at the same time and they had no clue the other kid was there. WHAM! They hit each other and everyone was laughing so hard! The best moment was the talent show. The drumline did their version of Jepordy! My friend Alex was in a white dress with devil horns and pantyhose and was called Lucyfer! Dear Baphomet,that was soooooo funny!
  10. Hey Joey! If you get rehired back,let us know where you will be so I can find you! This will be my first time at Haunt (as a fan,not a monster yet!)
  11. Hmm...reading an article on Vekoma's Madhouse's in madhouse guide. If there is a problem,a computer will put the drum back in it's normal place. If that fails,they can turn the drum by hand!
  12. Nice trip report! Question! At Gardaland,did you go on Magic House? I want to know how it is. It's a Vekoma Madhouse like Hex. It was in the giant cartoon tree (Well it's not in the tree,but there's a elevator that takes you down to the madhouse.),did you go on it?
  13. I agree, I love dark rides! Spiderman is just great,it has one of the most powerful endings of any ride. The Cat In The Hat is another one that I really like. The spinning couches add a unique twist to the ride. Shooting dark rides can be really fun too. Sally Corp can make some good and cardboard-cutouts-shooting-darkrides-that-are-copied-as-much-as-Vekoma SLC's, darkrides. The really good ones they have made are Labyrinth of the Minotaur and Challenge of Tutankhamon. Vekoma as we all know can make some painful coasters(except Roller Skaters!) But they can make a darkride that I want to go on and have more of these in the US. It is called a Madhouse,it tricks you into thinking you are going upsidown! For info on many of the madhouse's,how they work and some very good videos of them(Check out Villa Volta's mainshow video,Villa Volta has one of the best soundtracks of any ride! ) Go to www.madhouseguide.com Frank "I like darkrides too!" Melgeorge P.S. Where did you find that video of the guy kicking the old lady?! It's so funny!
  14. Thanks for the story! Adventureland was my hometown park,I used to love it as a kid. The Outlaw was my favorite wooden coaster there!
  15. ^ Is soooo wrong because I don't have an avatar!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! < Is the only Furry on this message board! V Is not a Furry!
  16. I going to Haunt for my very first time this year! YES!!!! Is it Haunt yet?
  17. It is very funny! Sex and aliens,how can you go wrong?
  18. Hehehe...nice trip report! Those elevator signs are at furry conventions also! I have not been to one,(yet) but I know they use them! Frank "Thank Baphomet I use the stairs!" Melgeorge
  19. Dear Baphomet, this is so funny! Robb, that pic of you and that safe reminded me of over spring break at Flordia when I was with my band. One of my roommates Travis,put his bottle of water in the safe in our room. He programmed the code in the safe and had my friend David try to get it out. David tried so many times,it locked up. It would make this loud beeping sound and Travis could not get his water bottle out! Frank "Still wondering if that water bottle is still in the safe!" Melgeorge
  20. I just saw a video of Challenge of Tutankhamon and all I have to say is "You lucky jew!" It looks awsome! I like the effect where the woman gets turned into a skeleton. I also like Anubis,but I wished Sally Corp. had him as a full jackal,not a person with the head of one.(I've seen pictures of Anubis as a full jackal!) What two endings did you get? Did you get cursed one time and get the good ending by defeating Set and finding the treasure? Oh yeah,the site that I found the video of it is www.pktk.org Their site also has a video of Sally Corps. other really good shooting dark ride,Labyrinth of the Minotaur. It looks really good,it's trackless just like COT and has more than one ending like COT.
  21. Um...I have been on both sides of WDW's Space Mountain and while it's not good as Disneyland's,it's not rough,just fun.
  22. Nice video! Needs more Villa Volta! I can't help I want to go on a madhouse soooo bad!
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