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  1. Drop towers are my big one along with anything atop the Stratosphere, especially X-Scream. In fact I think X-Scream terrifies me more than anything else, and it's such a basic ride, just located very high off the ground.
  2. That drop just looks so crazy steep to me. It looks like it could be a really great ride. I hope so, would love to see B&M return to making great inverts again.
  3. Yeah, this is the first I've ever heard of Bronies... but I'm terrified. Some people are just weird.
  4. I've made it a point to ignore this thread for a while, but are people really freaking out over a roof? Ever been to CGA? That park could seriously use roofs over some of it's rides, even if they look like what they built over YOLOcoaster. A roof is a roof, shade is shade. The coaster experience stays the same, so who cares?
  5. ^ Parks don't have a choice with Skycoasters. They are a profit share attraction that is regulated by the company that manufactures them. The whole point of them is to make money consistently, not like a coaster where you buy it and the manufacturer get a big payment and is done. Skycoasters are typically sold cheap and then the park continually pays Skycoaster their share of the profits.
  6. The new O'Sheas is officially opening on December 27th. The more I hear about Linq, the more excited I am to check it out. It sounds like it could be a great little hang out on the strip.
  7. So I've yet to do an Alpine Coaster, and I've always been intrigued by them. Are they worth traveling for, or is it more of something I should just do when I happen to be near one?
  8. Yeah, this park just looks weird to me. I'm sure it'll be great for the games, but it doesn't seem right for what I've seen of Russia.
  9. It's really too bad that Gilroy Gardens is so off the beaten path. I could see it being a park that really would have taken off in more populated area like a Busch Gardens park. Their holiday even looks fantastic though.
  10. Great report! I would love to make it to the Gold Coast one of these days. The parks look great, plus I just wan to go to that area in general.
  11. Propoganda... It does some crazy things. I think these bands need to grow a pair and do the shows. Not that I would want to see any of these acts anyways.
  12. I love that ampersand maneuver. I want to ride it just for that. Dragon Khan looks so tiny now.
  13. ^ Very slightly, it would be an insult to the great work the park's engineers do on those rides to say it's the building doing all the work. The park just doesn't cut corners and do everything as cheap as possible like we are used to with parks like Six Flags, they actually keep it up. As for where the best seat on Canyon Blaster is... I don't think there is one. You get a pretty consistent ride all around the train. They are all great.
  14. First coaster: Matterhorn First steel: Matterhorn First woodie: Grizzly (CGA) First 100+ foot coaster: Demon (CGA) First 200+ foot coaster: Goliath (SFMM) First 300+ foot coaster: Millennium Force First looper: Demon (CGA) First B&M: Top Gun (Flight Deck) (CGA) First Intamin: Blue Streak (Woodstock's Express) (CGA) First GCI: ROAR! (SFDK) First Schwarzkopf: Tidal Wave (CGA) First Dive Machine: Griffon First Invert: Top Gun (CGA) First Launched: Tidal Wave (CGA) First Standup: Vortex (CGA) First Flyer: Stealth (CGA) Favorite coaster: I305 Favorite steel: I305 Favorite wood: The Beast Favorite 100+ foot: Maverick Favorite 200+ foot: Magnum XL200 Favorite 300+ foot: I305 Favorite looper: Maverick Favorite B&M: SheiKra Favorite Intamin: I305 Favorite GCI: ROAR! (SFDK) Favorite Schwarzkopf: Zonga (Thriller) Favorite Dive Machine: SheiKra Favorite invert: Montu Favorite launched: Xcelerator (I don't fully consider Maverick a launched coaster) Favorite standup: They all should burn in hell... but Riddler Favorite flyer: Manta (SWO)
  15. I'm bummed for this to happen in the sense that it makes a lot of money for the people that pay my bills, but I'm really not sad to see the rodeo crowd to go. I was not a fan.
  16. Well, El Loco at Adventuredome can now join that list since it's not opening until Late January. Does that make it the first new ride of 2014?
  17. I think Millennium Force is the best example I know. It looks pretty boring on POVs but on ride, it's much much better.
  18. I'm hit or miss, I love some of the luxury stuff like Cosmo... But aside from Cosmo I have more of an attachment to places with themes like NYNY, Luxor, Bellagio, Venetian and even Circus Circus. Unfortunately a lot of those don't really have a "theme" to love anymore. As for Stratosphere. I've always thought it was a confused resort. It tries to play family with some aspects, but then wants to be adult at other times. I'm not apposed to them taking a "modern luxury" approach with more adult offerings like a club, adult entertainment (like they've done with Pin Up), etc. The tower isn't even really family oriented. The rides are thrilling adult rides that don't really cater to families. But, with all that said, the tower should still be the main focus of the resort. Without it, it's a pretty unremarkable resort. That should always be their main selling point.
  19. ^ The article seems pretty negative, but personally I like the idea of simple luxury. We've seen that all out luxury like Aria isn't always the best and sometime the more accessible type luxury like Cosmo is the better bet. Do I think this will be the next Cosmo? No. But it's nice to see some new life brought into a dying resort as well as a dying end of the strip.
  20. I've got to go with Screamin. If the Dick Dale track was still on Space Mountain that would be my fave, but it is not. I do like the new one, but it's not the Dick Dale song.
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