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  1. ^ They'll probably throw the more Frozen-centric one over to Disneyland (just because they seem to alternate these style new parades between DL and MK) and all the DLR fanboys will use it as an argument that WDW is just cheap and wouldn't invest the funds into theirs like DLR does.
  2. My only criticism would be that I want more Frozen. But the limited amount could be because this was probably in development well before they knew how big a success Frozen would be. Otherwise it looks like a great parade! Maleficent is just amazing. Disney World now has a better dragon than Disneyland, haha.
  3. ^Looks like it's unpainted bare steel to me. Most of those grey support structures are galvanized grey paint to protect the steel from the elements and corrosion. But, I may be wrong in this case, and I welcome the idea of painting the structures with a color other than metallic grey. I'm curious, and maybe Shane can answer this, with the fairly harsh sun in Vegas, how often will the slides need to be repainted? I assume they would fade at a much higher pace than other parts of the world. Anyone else work at a water park in a dry, sunny region like Vegas and know?
  4. The ACM Festival is the only thing that's been announced. There are definitely other events in the works though. Got a chance to preview the new Yard House tonight. The food is the same as other Yard House locations (which I think is fairly delicious). Best part is what Yard House does best, the amazingly huge selection of beers. 175 Taps and and addition 65 bottled options. The building is on par to most other Yard Houses except this one is gigantic. It was a huge downstairs and a sizable second floor. They also have a great balcony with views of the High Roller and neat little patio on the ground floor for people who what to lounge and drink but not be seated in the restaurant booths.
  5. Wheels might seem lame to coaster enthusiasts since we are accustomed to more thrilling attractions, but tourist and the GP tend to eat these things up. The London Eye is the most visited pay attraction in England. They tend to make a fortune, that's why so many are popping up.
  6. Meh... 175 seems so lackluster when I get to be around the world's tallest on a daily basis. I'm sure the views will be awesome though. Seeing how the ride components are already being shipped and they expect an opening in May, you can probably count on it being built.
  7. I'm thinking of hitting the dome on Sunday or Monday to get more rides in, if anyone in the area would like to meet up.
  8. ^ The parking lots will also doubles as festival area too. They are having an Academy of Country Music multi-day festival before their award show on April 6th. I don't get why people talk so negatively on the wheel when they have yet to give it a shot or even seen the frenzy it's creating among locals and tourists for just being lit up at night. The wheel will do just fine.
  9. I gotta go with Giant Drop, they give me the most thrill. Gyro Drops are boring to me. I also like 1st Gens, however I've only been on one so It's hard to really rank those higher than Giant Drop, but boy do those 1st Gens freak me out.
  10. I can say with a very high level of certainty that this will never happen. That structure isn't something that would be easy to just take out. I would require a lit of work and lengthy park closures.
  11. I'm not sure there is really a heavy market for night time water park visits. Even a lot of the pools in Vegas close at dusk, it's just not as popular as you might think. It is fun however. When I worked at Cedar Point in 2005, they had half of Soak City open for employees until 2am on the 4th of July. It was a ton of fun! I'm not sure it would be successful on a consistent basis though, maybe as a seldom event (like 2-4 times a year maybe).
  12. ^ What? Great photo's Robb! I've been really interested in this park since I first heard about it. That Premier coaster looks great. Hope they let you do some POVs. Those rides are hard to find them for and lets be honest, no one does POVs like TPR.
  13. ^ We will announce the official pricing very soon, but I think you might be on to something there.
  14. If you go early, PM me and I may join you before work if you like. Just left the dome. Got one ride in. Unfortunately the ride went down and I couldn't get in any more. All in all, solid coaster. Best one in Vegas for sure. Highlights are the insane drop and the hang time at the end. I'm not sold on the audio, but I'll need to try other cars before I write that off. Park was dead so had it not gone down I would have easily gotten many many rides. I think the dome has a real winner on their hands.
  15. Any idea if it is for the day, or just a few hours? I think I'll head down there when I'm free; should be there around 2:30pm. From what I hear, the ride is now open daily. The 18th is the official media day grand opening but you can go now to ride. I'm about to head down now for a few laps before they close.
  16. Just got word that El Loco should soft open today at noon.
  17. I might show up. I want to ride, but I really don't ever want to go to the Dome again. My time employed there this last year wasn't what you would call, positive. Glad I was able to escape it. Hopefully the ride is awesome, though. The highlight of working there was seeing it go up.
  18. ^ This was posted the other day on their Facebook page. I've been hearing that the ride will be open by next weekend, probably sometime during the week.
  19. John, I just can't fathom how you rank Zarkana so high. I know I haven't seen a lot of Cirque shows, but that one just left me scratching my head and I was kind of bored. I hope their refurb of the show helps my opinion of it.
  20. Some exciting news that is pretty close to my heart, the High Roller's lighting was turned on Monday and is undergoing testing and programming. Anyone that has seen it can vouch that it looks absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to share this wonderful attraction with the world. http://www.jrn.com/ktnv/news/High-Roller-makes-list-of-coolest-new-tourist-attractions-in-the-world-243868491.html The wheel was also featured in Travel and Leisure's "World's Coolest New Tourist Attractions." Here is an image The LINQ posted on Facebook.
  21. After watching the news story, I'm more and more excited for the park! I personally don't care for water parks, but I might give this one a shot. Either way, it's nice to see a park coming to my area (I live less than 2 miles from there).
  22. ^ That's exactly what they did. Losing Gansevoort only changed the name and who ran the place (Caesars is running it in-house now), otherwise it's the same hotel. I have to admit the new Drais looks to be nice, hopefully it can change my opinion.
  23. Bill's Gamblin' Hall is now officially The Cromwell. Looks like it will be a neat little place, though I'm not a fan of anything Victor Drai does. http://www.thecromwell.com/ http://www.lasvegassun.com/vegasdeluxe/2014/jan/31/gansevoort-who-caesars-execs-reveal-cromwell-giada/
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