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  1. ^ You know what I'm going to say. Haha. It's too bad that thing makes so much money, otherwise they could just take it out. I say the replace it with and Intamin Giga... Makes guest want to re-ride over and over... really make some money.
  2. Here is what I've seen and how I rank them. 1. The Beatles LOVE 2. Michael Jackson ONE 3. KA 4. O 5. Zumanity 6. Zarkana
  3. Theme parks have tried and failed in Vegas. You have to really find a way to beat the heat, people don't want to be in it at all. Thats why the Adventuredome works, it's always cool. With the park being closed from 6am to 9am only, the rides will suffer with a lack of maintenance. The 40 million tourists don't want to leave the strip. This is why hotels off the strip have to try so hard to get the guest over there, even Rio that is just across the freeway. You would have to offer a very good, very accessible product to have a chance at succeeding.
  4. Awesome! That was the first thing I stopped and really looked through. It's so cool.
  5. Adam must have done mine too cause I also got John Carter, but it's perfect because that's one of my favorite movies ever. Huge thanks to Robb and Elissa for this! Its overwhelming how great you guys are to the whole TPR family. Thanks so much!
  6. ^High Roller being a success is very likely. I can't see it not being a huge success. Everyone coming to town sees it and is curious about it, they all want to get on it. I may be a bit biased given my job, but this is going to be a solid attraction. As for SkyVue, the crane removed all the scaffolding and the rumors going around town is that they will be knocking the columns down. I'm pretty sure SkyVue is done.
  7. That would make it slower. Nylon wheels make rides faster, but not as smooth. I don't think S&S even offers those.
  8. That or they are preparing to tear it down. That thing is never going to happen.
  9. ^ Don't get too excited about that date. That's awfully hopeful that it will open in January... I wouldn't get my hopes up too much.
  10. The non-launched zip-line should be open in February. They have been testing that one and the launched one could open about a month later. Right now the High Roller looks like it will be the last to open in Mid-March. http://www.reviewjournal.com/business/slotzilla-could-be-open-early-february
  11. I305 for sure. I experienced it on Goliath back in 2000 before the block brakes were cranked up so much. I think that's about it.
  12. ^ Great times to come to town. All the attractions (El Loco, High Roller, and SlotsZilla) will be open. Plus you get Fright Dome in October.
  13. Someone say Zonga? Although the ride had some fairly serious maintenance issues. The parts were not that hard to come by and by the time the ride was closed and removed, most the kinks had been worked out. It was not a nightmare, and I'm not sure it even had the most downtime in the park, I believe that honor went to V2. There were other underlying reasons *cough* California *cough* that forced the ride to close for good.
  14. I want a shirt that says "Kiss my Blackfish, I'm going to SeaWorld" or something along that line. The witch hunt against an organization that does more than most for the preservation of the creatures that inhabit our planet than most others is just appalling. The world we live in.
  15. LSMs are incredibly reliable. Also, I would say Maverick's is a lift, I wouldn't call it a launch at all. California Screamin' has a LIM lift hill and I absolutely consider that a lift hill. Does the speed make it not a lift hill? Cause if that's the case i305, Skyrush, MF, etc are all just slow upward launched Accelerator coasters.
  16. Adventuredome - 15mins Disneyland/DCA - 4 Hours Knott's Berry Farm - 4 Hours 5mins I excluded the smaller family parks (like Scandia) and single ride attractions (like NYNY or Buffalo Bills)
  17. Yeah, John informed me of that today. I've never been inside.
  18. Lightning Racer has had Millennium Flyers since it opened in 1999. Lightning Racer opened in 2000... Together we will get this right.
  19. Weird how completely different USH will feel in a few years. It's awesome, but weird. Thanks for the update Joey! Excited to see what Springfield, CA looks like.
  20. ^ Ah, I had not known about those teams... clearly I don't follow sports all that much. That makes me much more hopeful that they will find a new home. Cox arena is right there at UNLV as well which is actually the more likely candidate for the Wranglers. I never even knew South Point had an arena, that would be another great for for them I think (based on location, not sure how nice the arena is).
  21. I did my first Wranglers (and hockey in general) game last month and had a total blast. Definitely disapointing, but rumors are swirling that they are in talks with a few other arenas in the area. It seems unlikely that they would go to a strip arena like Mandalay Events Center or MGM Grand Garden since they have so many events in and out of those already. The only other arena I'm aware of is Thomas and Mack at UNLV and I'm not sure a semi-pro team would be allowed to play in a college arena. Seems like the college wouldn't want that... maybe?
  22. V2 turning into V1.5 at SFDK. The angled tower 1 is far better than the vertical. If the back tower was still 186ft with a holding break, that ride would be top 5 for me.
  23. That angled shot of Kingda Ka totally looks like it's falling down. Great TR!
  24. The loops are exactly the same, they were just lifted about 10-15 feet. The drop received the majority of the modification with that. Fun fact, that neuter only took the ride from 6.5Gs to 6Gs (even though SFDK advertised 5Gs).
  25. March is the better month, you'll get El Loco and mayyyyyyybe the High Roller.
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