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  1. ^ Drove by yesterday and notice they stripped the marquee down to steel, put the siding up on the walls of the casino, and about half the tower has wall frames up for the rooms. This is all new since the last time I really looked at it about a week ago. They are absolutely flying on it. The new White with Grey paint scheme that the painted the LV Blvd garage and the Nascar Cafe along Sahara looks great. Can't wait to see how it looks on everything. I won't miss the Sahara sandy brown with turquoise color scheme that used to be there.
  2. Got the first phase of my tatto done today. We did all the outlining and I'll go back in a few weeks and get it all filled/shaded. The tattoo is of the San Francisco skyline(where I'm from) with Vegas (my adopted home) reflected below. Eventually everything above SF on my sleeve will be California/SF related symbolizing where I come from and everything below Vegas will be Vegas related symbolizing where I've gone. I've heard the same, and the elbow hurt for sure. Everything else wasn't too bad with the exception of Bellagio. That one I could feel. More SF with Luxor SF Ferry Building and skyscrapers with Stratosphere and Bellagio Bay Bridge, Transamerica Pyramid, Bank of America Building with City Center and New York New York SF Skyline with Luxor
  3. It's paid my bills for that last 10 years or so. I'd say that's saving my butt.
  4. I have to go with Disney. Other chains like Universal, Sea World Entertainment, and Cedar Fair have excellent parks, but they just don't match the overall experience you receive from a Disney park.
  5. Going tomorrow to get my first ever. I'm just a tiny bit nervous as it will be right in the middle of my arm both above and below my elbow completely wrapped around. I expect it to hurt quite a bit. I'll be sure to post pictures when it's done. It will actually be the start to an entire sleeve I have planned.
  6. I've just been on a wheat beer trip lately. Whether it be Blue Moon, Shock Top, or a Hef (preferably a local hef and not some mass produced one). Those have been my beers of choice as of late.
  7. ^ My friend also just stayed there. Their Casino looks fantastic and the Linq will really add something special. But, the parking garage is AWFUL, their small shopping promenade is still really cheap and tacky, and the rooms are nothing special at all. The room really just looks like they put some paint on the walls and called it a day. The door seals around the sliding glass door were falling apart, the bathroom was old feeling and the roof had the popcorn style ceiling. Those towers need a major overhaul before that resort is anything special. They also need to implode that parking structure and start from scratch.
  8. I'll say it... I'm not a fan of anything with seats hanging off to the side. That would include wing-riders, zacspins, and yes... 4D Coasters. Not one of those rides is anything I would wait to ride over and over. Most are one and done for the credit.
  9. It's pretty hard to beat Big Shot on top of Stratosphere. Even though the ride feels a bit more tame now-a-days, nothing beats that view.
  10. I've got to go with Giant Dipper at SCBB. Love that quick drop out of the station into complete darkness. And if you want to get super technical, everything on California Screamin' before the lift is fantastic since it's half of the ride
  11. I still find it humorous, being from San Francisco, that such a small earthquake cause so much damage in DC. But then again those buildings were never built for any type of quake. I'm surprised about your thoughts on Wild One and Joker, they were two of my absolute favorites at that park. Superman was tops, but Joker is so much more intense that FoF since it doesn't have to block brakes in the middle that trim it so much. Wild One is just a great old woodie IMO. It's actually top 5 for me. Thanks for another installment to such a great TR. This trip seems like an absolute dream. You've hit parks that took me years in between to visit and even some I haven't made it to yet, and you did it in one trip!
  12. Wow, too bad about the delayed openings. When I visited back in 2011 the only ride I think opened late as Shockwave. I also visited on an extremely slow day but everything else was going rights off the bat. By the time I had finished everything else, Shockwave opened and beat me so badly I forgot all the other rides and rode them again as if they were brand new to me . I also had a similar experience though, I was lucky to ride I305 (my No. 1 coaster) but Volcano was closed all day. It was a major bummer for me because up until I305, that was the ride to go to KD for, and I wanted to ride SO BAD! Alas, another trip will need to be made. KD gets overlook for it's beauty. It really is a great looking park, but with BGW down the road, it's hard to appreciate KD.
  13. 1. Maverick 2. Millenium Force 3. Magnum XL200 4. Top Thrill Dragster 5. Raptor 6. Gemini 7. Blue Streak 8. Wicked Twister 9. Corkscrew 10. Iron Dragon 11. Cedar Creek Mine Ride 12. Mantis 13. Mean Streak I haven't ridden Gatekeeper yet. Disaster Transport would be after Iron Dragon and Wildcat after CCMR if they were still around.
  14. THIS. ALL OF THIS. Wave Jumper was the first ride I ever learned to operate when I was 16. Honestly, I almost completely quit the theme park industry back then as a kid just because of that ride. Luckily I was eventually trained for Roar and (my baby) Zonga and the rest is history. But god, what an awful ride. And V2-dude, those glorious restraints were actually an in-house modification after some issues with the original set up. Creepiest thing I've ever heard you say. And you've said some creepy stuff to me.
  15. I waited over 2 hours for Stealth on opening day at CGA. It wasn't an overly gigantic line, but the operations we SO slow it just was kind of how it was.
  16. I've only been on Kumba and Hulk, I honestly wasn't impressed with either. They both beat me up pretty badly. If I had to choose one, I'd go with Hulk just for the launch.
  17. I would just wait to see what the park says as an official opening.
  18. ^ I think "The Q" was just born out of the ease to change the signs rather than re-brand the whole resort. The Quad name from what I understand and was told was born out of an attempt to cater to young people based on the idea that the college crowd always meets at their school's quad. ^^I never realized that the MGM used to be shorter and they added the cap where the hotel name is later. Looks weird.
  19. ^ That piece is being suspended from the crane, they probably just ran out of time and will lower it into the correct position tonight.
  20. ^ Because it would be foolish to put a major theme park attraction into the biggest theme park destination in the world? I'm sort of lost on the logic here. Orlando is a perfect location for one of these things. Not to mention the flat landscape would allow for excellent views up in the tower.
  21. I disagree, I think that is a great combination. That's what they are using for El Loco at Adventuredome and it looks fantastic.
  22. ^ Ironically, I find both of those to be 2 of the ugliest trains out there. X2 just looks like a hunk of steel on wheels, It's like they forgot to add the body to the frame. I would like to see some nice fiberglass bodies on the cars. As for, Screamin' reminds me too much of old DCA with all the bright colors and what not. Screamin would look way better with open air Intmain cars like on Colossus at Thorpe IMO.
  23. ^^ From a business standpoint, RMC has real only been around for 3 or 4 years in the capacity of making coasters (I know they've been refurbing rides longer) and in that 4 years there has already been a death on one of their rides. Do I think it was their fault? Absolutely not, but Cedar Fair may want a little more reassurance. I don't think it will be long before CF makes the leap and adds some RMC rides.
  24. I hope not, I hope that ride dies a horrible fiery death. Never have I hated to operate a ride more. Good Riddance.
  25. Why do you think the track is always red? I mean I think it looks great, I have no problem with it at all, but I'm curious why they haven't gone with another color yet. Back on track, Medusa is looking awesome. Can't wait to see it fully complete.
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