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  1. Honestly I'm impressed with how well the fingerprint scanner works. I have had 0 issues with mine thus far. I also am blown away with the speed of the phone. I upgraded from a 4S and this one craps all over that one when it comes to speed. As for iOS 7, I so far love it. I can get over the mismatched look of the icons because the rest is so pretty. I also love that folders are unlimited on space now.
  2. X2 is the big one for me. I rarely bother with it if I go to SFMM and even when I do, I usually wish I hadn't.
  3. I kinda love Maverick, with SheiKra being #2 and I305 taking third for me.
  4. First: Matterhorn Bobsleds - DL Looping: Demon - CGA Hyper: Desperado - Buffalo Bills Suspended: Ninja - SFMM Mine Train: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - DL Mad Mouse: Psycho Mouse - CGA 4th Dimension: X - SFMM First one I operated: Canyon Blaster - Adventuredome
  5. Also Demon at CGA. That thing holds a special place in my heart. Still a great ride.
  6. HMH is great, but I wouldn't concede that it's the better version. I think people might say it's better cause it's limited and they don't ride it as often; but for me, even though I love HMH, I still prefer the normal version.
  7. Halloween Screams at Disneyland is the best fireworks show I've seen and from what I hear Hallowishes is even more spectacular. One of these days I'll make it out there to check it out. For now... YouTube.
  8. ^ Totally makes sense and I can see why people would like it. But I've never had any connection to the party culture that is in the film so with me there was no resonance. As far as dry British humor, for me it can never be too dry. haha.
  9. ^ I would say the best for teens when it comes to a sit down would be Blue Bayou. Other options inside the parks are Carthay Circle (too adult), Wine Country Trattoria (decent 2nd choice but not as fun), and Ariel's Grotto (too kiddie). There is also Carnation Cafe but I've only eaten there for breakfast, which is amazing.
  10. Sad stuff to hear. Glad it sounds like no one was hurt but really a shame for the area. Have they reported on how they think it started or is it still way too early for that?
  11. Wow, I'm surprised you ranked Spring Breakers so high. Personally I found it to be one of the absolute worst movies I've ever seen. But I've never really been into the whole Drugs, Sex and Violence Indie films. Plus I hate almost everything James Franco has been in outside of Spider-Man. For me my top 5 for what has been a mostly dissapointing year would be: 1. The Worlds End 2. We're The Millers 3. Monsters University 4. Man of Steel 5. Fast and Furious 6 It's surprising my top 3 are comedies as I'm usually very picky about my comedies, but this year those films were the best.
  12. Yeah, sorry. Not buying that one for a second. It would have been totally obvious that the track was all new, it definitely is not.
  13. I don't think it's ever been completely replaced like Space Mountain or Big Thunder, but sections have definitely be replaced for needed maintenance. Went to DLR last weekend for the Half-Marathon and had a great time as always. Matterhorn (Fantasyland Side) gave me peopbably the best ride I've had in the new trains, but it definitely is less comfotable than the old trains. I also am bummed how long it will take before I can take my niece on the ride. She's tall enough for the old tains but has some growing to do for the new ones. Also, Then new Mara effect on Indy is awesome! It doesn't make or break the ride, but it's a really cool effect and much better than the strobe/smoke effect.
  14. I would have to go with Indy at DL, Racers at DCA (mostly for the outdoor portions) and Harry Potter at IOA. All 3 just have amazing and imersive aspects about them.
  15. It's not around anymore and wasn't the best ride, but I always though High Roller took the best view award.
  16. I have, many times. The queue that comes to mind for me is Monsters Inc at DCA. Huge overflow area outside and NEVER full.
  17. Is the issue with the outdoor coaster with the neighbors or with the film studio? Something about having people scream in the background of a film? I would never expect Dueling Dragons at any other HP land. It just worked out that an existing ride fit the theme at the location they were building on. I would love to see a Gringotts coaster, but where would it go?
  18. I definitely prefer the left over the right. They are both fun, but the left feels a little faster and has less jarring moments.
  19. They must have changed their rain policy. I've been on MF in pouring down rain. The only time I've seen them have mass shut downs is when there is lightning. As for Iron Dragon, that thing slips like crazy when the brakes get wet so I believe the fear is that it would run into another train in the station possibly.
  20. Since I originally voted I've added a few more inverts. Here's my list now. 1. Montu 2. Raptor (Original #1) 3. Flight Deck (CGA) 4. Alpengeist 5. Batman (SFMM and SFGAm) 6. Dragon Challenge (Chinese Fireball) 7. Silver Bullet 8. Dragon Challenge (Hungarian Horntail)
  21. Well since the Adventuredome currently only has one (not counting Miner Mike), I'd say Canyon Blaster.
  22. The wheel is just crazy gigantic. I like to take Paradise Road to work sometimes just so I can check out the wheel. It just towers over everything around it. Can't wait to see it all finished.
  23. ^ Like Iron Man 3 being around Christmas and coming out in May? Definitely weird.
  24. Funhouse Express ran at the Adventuredome for years. It's a decent film, but VERY dated. Ironically our theater now plays Happy Feet too. I don't care for Happy Feet so if it is getting replaced at CGA by anything, even for a short time sounds great to me.
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