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  1. ^ A company in it's infancy is hard to compare. We haven't seen how their rides age.
  2. I've always wanted to make a trek to Lagoon. When I eventually do, I'll just have to make a detour to Park City for their alpine coaster.
  3. This thing is looking great. Can RMC do no wrong? I long for the day we get an RMC creation out west.
  4. I don't know that I can really say I hate a company (though I've never experienced Golden Horse) but the company that has been the most consistant with rides I've disliked has got to be Togo. Every company has some bad rides and some good rides, but Togo tends to have more bad ones than good.
  5. I'm having trouble believing that all these B&Ms have all these flaws that cause their restraints to constantly open. Like what goatdan said on the last page, this just isn't going to happen. All B&Ms do have a tendency to lose a "click" if you didn't get it fully down, but they are never going to fully open. In fact the clicking you hear are two seperate systems that lock in a staggard pattern. Each have 8 locking points, so if you were able to get say, 5 clicks on each side, then 10 locking points would have to fail (at the exact same moment) for the restraint to open. It's just not something that happens. And again, like goatdan had said, even if all those locks failed at once, you have the seatbelt as you final safety back up... though I doubt one has EVER been needed.
  6. So they have begun to work on the house? I had read on the kickstarter that it would only be done if they reached their goal by Jan 6th. If that's not the case, hooray! I would hate to see this project not get underway because they didn't reach the goal that quickly. I'm honestly a bit surprised they haven't raised more.
  7. There is a huge difference between a flat concrete patch and structural concrete that needs to be dug into the earth in precise locations and filled out with rebar. I won't start a big argument with you on this cause you seem pretty convinced of it. I'm just drawing from my experience with Shwarzkopfs at parks I've worked at. And I know that SFDK spent just as much on the Zonga pad than they would have for footers. It's really not that big a difference.
  8. Love it. The Cornetto Trilogy are some of my absolute favorite comedies ever. Hot Fuzz being number 1 for me. If you haven't seen The Worlds End, you must. It's right up there with Shaun and Fuzz. And The Worlds End flips it a bit where Nick Frost has his sh*t together and Simon Pegg is the total and complete f*ck up. It's great to see a different dynamic between the two.
  9. I know it's the less favorable response, especially on TPR, but I'm a Pepsi fan. I think my time at Six Flags with unlimited free Coke just ended up killing any desire to ever drink it ever again.
  10. ^ The aquarium is actually a huge family draw, but you're right. The way Caesars is handling High Roller, MGM could turn Skyvue into a smart attraction that caters well to adults and families alike. Plus if that huge LED screen happens, they could use it to their advantage when they host music festivals in there lot right there too.
  11. I once rode Toy Story Mania at DCA where the restraint was broken and never latched (and the operator paid not attention and dispatched me that way). Not really unsafe seeing how the ride is really tame. However when I came back to the station I pointed it out to the operator and they immediately removed the car from operation.
  12. Can't wait for the coming weeks, such an exciting time in the dome.
  13. Having worked at SFDK during the time of Shouka(who ultimately ended up at SeaWorld San Diego), I feel I have a fairly decent insight to the treatment of these animals. SFDK tried everything they could do to make Shouka happy and comfortable while continuing their learning and attempts at preservation of such a great animal. When they were ultimately unsuccessful in providing the absolute best conditions for her, they gave her to someone who could, SeaWorld. And while it was a financial negative for the park, the understanding that you are dealing with something beyond just a theme park attraction and a living animal, they made the right decision to give her a better life. These people are passionate and live their lives to the betterment of these animals. They want nothing but the best for them and these nut jobs saying they heartlessly abuse these animals are just ignorant and deserve to be sent to Antarctica with nothing but a tank top to fend for themselves. It's disgusting. GOOD FOR YOU SEAWORLD!
  14. I would love to see more parks follow the lead of Knott's. There are some spectacular offerings at a lot of parks that have deteriorated over time. I would love to see parks invest in major refurbishments rather than new rides. This isn't applicable to EVERY park, but some could really benefit.
  15. ^ I'm with Joey on this. I used to think it was poorly placed but since it easily looks over the resorts its behind, you can likely get great views of the surrounding area. From my estimates you will have great views on Flamingo, Quad, Harrahs, Bellagio, Caesars, Mirage, Venetian/Palazzo, Paris, Ballys etc.... It will be really great. Plus the connection to Linq, which I am liking more and more every day, will make this an excellent attraction to check out. This is all with the exception of the "experience" Caesars is planning around the wheel, that makes it sound even more enticing. Skyvue, although it would have a cool view looking down the strip, is still down at the end of the strip making it less accessible. High Roller is smack dab at center Strip. Much more accessible to the big crowds. P.S. Skyvue may not stay dead for long
  16. By the way, here is what High Roller currently looks like.
  17. iPhone 5S. Absolutely love it and really never see me leaving the iPhone unless they stop making them some day.
  18. I watched The King's Speech the other day. All around great film. I'm not usually into the arthouse dramas that seem to be made only to get Oscars, but like I said, it was a really great film.
  19. I just realized that every park called Sea World now has a Mack water coaster. Kind of funny seeing how the Australia location isn't associated with the US parks. Storm looks like it's better than the US ones too (well maybe not Orlando, but the other 2 for sure).
  20. ^ The cost difference is actually pretty minimal. Schwarzkopf coasters are all pretty similar in regards to operating systems and ride components, whether they be a permenant or traveling. The only difference is whether you pour concrete footers, or a concrete slab to put the ride on top of. Really, the portable rides built at permenant parks require more concrete than one with footers might. I love, love, love the look of this ride and want to experience it so badly. I don't get why Boomerangs are everywhere and there was only one of these things made.
  21. ^ That does appear to be OTAG. Love this thread idea. I've always thought it was cool to see coasters in the snow, seems oddly peaceful. Luckily I don't live in the snow (I'm not a fan) but that sadly mean I don't get to share any cool photos. Keep em coming though!
  22. I'm kind of surprised they are going for AVP over something like Independance Day. ID4 was a bigger movie at the worldwide box office and it had an upcoming sequel to bank off of. AVP movies were pretty awful and didn't come close to the worldwide gross of ID4. I can understand all the other movies they plan to use as those are still ongoing franchises that are all fairly popular.
  23. I love that the type of ride is "type" Sound like a cool attraction. Does Stitch talk though? I seem to remember from the one time I saw the movie he speaks mostly adorable gibberish with a couple words thrown in.
  24. I never visited the old O'Sheas, but I'm glad to see they are at least keeping the idea alive in some way.
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