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  1. It's a small world is currently on fire. Here are some pics a friend sent me.
  2. California Nevada Arizona Utah Colorado Kansas Wyoming Nebraska Iowa Illinois Indiana Ohio Kentucky Missouri Texas Maryland Virginia Florida Hawaii Not bad, definitely need to get to more.
  3. ^ Ironic you guys watched from the parking structure of the resort that is likely next to be imploded. I won't be missing this one. From everything I've heard, The Riv could be done operating as early as May and completely gone by June. http://www.reviewjournal.com/business/casinos-gaming/las-vegas-riviera-hotel-about-be-history
  4. My friend wanted to do a skull and crossbones with Mickey ears. I liked the idea but what they had drawn up was hideous, so I asked the guy to do Mickey with the bones. The bones didn't work so i had him change it to his hands and feet. I think it came out great. No real significance, just fun. A bunch of cast members loved it at Disneyland when I was there a few weeks ago, though it kinda made me feel like they thought I was a Mice Chatter... ugh.
  5. Just talked to RAWKIN_coaster38 who was there on Saturday, no OTSRs according to her.
  6. Got a new one a couple weeks ago. Just one for fun.
  7. The universe would implode and all life as we know it would cease to exist. Spent my entire life as a Giants fan, it's not likely that will ever change.
  8. So The LINQ Hotel began it's phased opening on October 30th. They opened about half the rooms. The rest are now all down for their remodel. The pool, spa and exterior of all towers is still being worked on (the removal of the pagoda roofs being my favorite part) but the casino is all finished. I haven't stayed in the hotel but overall I'm hearing really positive things. The Acs are still wall mount, but they went through and did a full gut of the towers and replaced all plumbing and what not. I hear the rooms actually have water pressure now. I also like how they have a wifi hot spot in every single room rather than one every 6 rooms as is the norm in most hotels. This gives every room a much better connection. As for the casino. I find this to be the one I end up at the most after work or when friends and family are in town. Their bars are great, TAG being my personal favorite, and the environment is very fun and friendly. I think overall Caesars did the best anyone could hope for with the property short of blowing it up. Here's a decent opinion piece on the hotel... http://www.vegaschatter.com/story/2014/11/17/17505/938/vegas-travel/Our+Thoughts+After+A+Stay+At+The+LINQ+Hotel
  9. Made a ton of progress on my California themed half sleeve. 6 hours of tattooing. I don't usually have an issue with the pain but after of 5 hours I wanted to pass out.
  10. Glad to see nothing has changed with Mach Tower since I last visited in 2011... still not quite ready. I need to go back, I miss BGW. Great report!
  11. So SLS was pretty cool. I like the vibe the casino gives off. It's hip and cool. I especially dug the dim lighting throughout. The bright casinos tend to annoy me after a while, especially at night. Overall I think it was a really well done overhaul with some minor tweaks needed to smooth out the opening kinks. Hopefully it will help revitalize a mostly useless end of the strip. Hopefully Resorts World gets going soon along with the resort they are planning at the old New Frontier sight. Would be nice to see Circus and Strat have a reason to start fixing up their offerings.
  12. This post is Spoilery, soooo.... be warned. I was on the fence with Capaldi through most the episode, and overall I didn't care for the story (I'm never a huge fan of the Victorian era episodes except The Snowmen). My biggest issue was with how distant he seemed from Clara (who is one of my favorite companions). But as the show progressed and they started to show that he really is the same doctor, just getting a feel for his new body, I started to come around. Then by the end where he still wasn't quite sure of the kind of guy he was and Clara was basically just telling him to get over it if he didn't like it, that was golden. Favorite parts: -11, he's always taken the cake as my favorite (sorry guys, I liked Tennant but he was never my favorite), and though I'm open to someone taking that position, he's always going to be a top choice for me. Loved seeing him in it. And man did it give you the Feels. -The Doctor's quip about missing having Amy around. -The Doctor's psychotic episode with the homeless guy. -Strax... May I take your hat? -Jenny looking all hot for no reason. -Vastra being attracted to Clara when she got pissed off and yelled at her, and then subsequently flirting with her throughout the episode. Overall, looking forward to the season, I think it was a great start.
  13. Here my new one. It's the first part of the upper part of my right sleeve which will be related to my growing up in California, the lower half will be all about my adopted home of Nevada and more specifically Las Vegas.
  14. Grizzly has really come a long way in the last few years. It's still boring, but it is reaching Giant Dipper levels of smoothness. They park has done an amazing job on the track work. And now with Gold Striker there, Grizzly is a great ride to have. It's much more family friendly, and people generally love it. If it's not enough for a thrill seeker, then they can just go ride Gold Striker. I have very fond memories as a small child absolutely loving Grizzly. I'm sure thats why the park is intent on keeping it and maintaining it.
  15. ^Well only 3 of the 5 towers will be done in October and those have been closed since April. The other two will start the renovations after that. This is just what I've heard, so I could easily be wrong. But that stuff has been brought up in conversations.
  16. ^ The only stuff I know for certain is that the elevators are getting completely replaced with faster ones and the mold/thin walls shouldn't be an issue for guests every again. I'm glad to see them do SOMETHING with the hotel, it's better than trying to make money off the same crap. I guess time will tell how it's received.
  17. Drove by the other day, didn't realize just how close I live to the park (less that 2 miles). From what I could see just driving along on the road, this park is gorgeous! I am so excited for you guys. On a side note, I love that you guys have a pool. Just a regular (mostly), get it and swim around pool. You NEVER see that at water parks anymore. It's a nice touch.
  18. So what you guys think of this? The LINQ Hotel and Casino Personally, I never like "The Quad" name. The LINQ at least works of what has already proved to be a wildly popular attraction on the strip. The LINQ brings a more positive image, as most guests love the LINQ. Hopefully the negativity that has surrounded the Quad/Imperial Palace doesn't prove to backfire on the existing LINQ. If the hotel turns out like they show in the artwork, I think we'll have another Cromwell type transformation on our hands. So far most people love that property (mainly the tourist that actually spend money, locals are hard to please with anything). [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/v1KFmg14Nys[/youtu_be]
  19. We are actually doing great. There is zero fear around here of the wheel going bust. We are only getting busier and busier. As for VooDoo Zipline, I've been hearing they average a 1-2 hour line. That might make it seem more successful than High Roller, but a 60-70 person per hour capacity versus a 2200+ person per hour capacity is no comparison. That's the real reason the HR rarely has a huge line. In fact the HR beats the London Eye's capacity by over 700 per hour. The funniest thing about the complaints about price is that the HR isn't even the most expensive of the big wheels. London Eye is £40 if you don't buy in advance. That's over $60 per person. But, I'm totally biased.
  20. Call me crazy, but I get an AP every year and then go to the parks and have great time. I don't get why someone would invest the money in APs and then spend the entire time ripping apart the parks as if Disney is out to ruin your life. If you have an annual pass, you can always just go back and see whatever you missed last time. I'm glad to see them phasing out SoCal passes though, when those are active the parks are just filled with the worst kind of people. I run into the "I'm a local, I deserve the world at a discount" attitude all the time here in Vegas. I hate it. And raising the price on the other passes just starts pricing out cheap skates (I am happy I just renewed last week and missed the price hike though). Disney is gonna do what help the business, and people are going to pay until they can't any more. As far as all the rehabs... heaven forbid they maintain their rides. Yeah, it's bummer to miss them, but they are machines and need to close sometimes.
  21. Typically I don't care for water parks, but this one definitely has my attention. Doesn't hurt that I live less than a mile away either.
  22. There was a cave in Camp Snoopy? I confess I haven't spent a lot of time at KBF. Never even knew about a cave.
  23. ^ Watch that video closely and you'll see gisco and me almost get decked in the head by a cell phone as we crest the top. That's why they need lockers.
  24. I worked for SFDK for 7 years, and had a lot more behind the scenes insight than you do having watched Blackfish. And I'm sorry, but you are just pulling stuff out of you ass and making yourself sound like a moron. Do real research and then get back to us.
  25. Speaking of elbows, I got mine finished yesterday. And yes, it was excruciating. I didn't take a break cause I knew I wouldn't want to restart. I of course had to add my baby the High Roller in there, pretty sure I'm safe to say I'm the first person to have it tattooed on them. I need to get some more detail done to it but I think it fits in with the skyline.
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