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  1. It's more of an overly exaggerated outwardbanked turn with hardly any turn. I think it will be awesome and add som thrill with the illusion it's banking into a wall. Two cars are on site.
  2. So High Roller has nearly all of it's Pods installed now. I'd expect it to be done by next week. Then comes all the testing, tweaking and polishing I'd assume before it opens in early Feb (from what I'm hearing anyways). It's looks great, I can't wait to see it all lit up at night. Also, The Linq is going to start opening locations next week, so hopefully we can get some new interesting shots of the wheel. On a side note, I've heard a rumor that the name "The Quad" is on the way out already. Apparently people just don't get it and it's not tracking well. Apparently they plan to rename it just "The Q." It's simple, but it's not the second hotel in vegas with just a letter designations as we also have "The D" downtown. Only 24 letters to go to have the full alphabet!
  3. Nothing has been going on with it this weekend, The crews were off for the holiday. Expect to see progress continue starting tomorrow. The park is closed next week so that will hopefully be enough to get the last of the track installed. There is only about 6 pieces to go.
  4. Why would the ride need to be based on a specific story or episode? It could be completely original. For example the Doctor has been captured and you are his companions tasked with keeping the TARDIS out of the hands of the enemy. This creates the ability to hop around time while on the run as well as letting different iconic villians pop up. It's not like they haven't all worked together against the Doctor before (Pandorica anyone?). This ultimately would allow for a preshow/post show featuring the Doctor, but no need for him inside the actual ride. A pre-show/post show can be re-recorded for regenerations, or you just somehow write a story where multiple Doctors are in the Pre/Post show like in Day of the Doctor where we see 4 different actors who played the Doctor. Not to mention that all of the Doctor Who actors still living, with the exception of Christopher Eccelston, still have a profound respect and love for the character and would be happy to be involved I'm sure. As far as location, I would say UK makes the most sense, but I think it could work in the US if it was made. It is becoming more and more popular every year and has a wide appeal that people who aren't big fans would still find it charming and fun.
  5. This. I never even saw Glow in the Park in person, but the videos I've seen of it blew me away. It was odd to see that quality at Six Flags.
  6. I'm a fan of all black. I'd say keep the colors as is but with a fresh coat to make it all shiney and new looking again.
  7. I like simple when it comes to coaster trains, I've always been a big fan of the Millennium Flyers from GCI. Nostalgic looking trains that just look beautiful running the track.
  8. Well, technically they are, just as a part of S&S, though the suspended coaster is not a product they really produce for anymore. I know from working at a park with an operating Arrow coaster that S&S still has a hand in providing parts for the old Arrow coasters though. I personally think The Bat (yeah, i'm referring to it by it's new name now) is a very underrated coaster. When I rode it I remember thinking that it was what a coaster of it's type should be. Lots of speed, quick transitions, and a lot of fun. Other suspended coasters are just so boring to me.
  9. All MGM box offices run on Ticketmaster. Adventuredome is the only attraction at an MGM resort that does't use TM.
  10. I've only been on Voyage and Boardwalk Bullet. Of the two I preferred Voyage, though that was in 2006 when the ride was still new and running great. I haven't been on it since. BB was fun, but I rode it on such an extremely cold night it was very slow and barely even made it into the brakes.
  11. ^I'm not sure that was actually ticketmaster and not Paris charging that fee. Secret Garden and Shark Reef are both on ticketmaster and I've never once been charge a TM fee for entering those. Sounds like Paris is trying to pass off the amount they get charged by TM for their service to the customers. I'm sure MGM does the same but their prices includes that cost where Paris probably lists it without it to make it look cheaper before they slap you with the fee.
  12. I have never had a good ride on that thing. I've gotten free passes a few times and every time I use them I regret it because I just get my ass kicked. There is nothing good about that ride.
  13. ^Prices went up on Friday. All things considered it's still a way better deal than most Vegas attraction. NYNY is $14 and that coaster is not nearly as fun as Canyon Blaster.
  14. Hmm, seems interesting. I might have to check it out one of these days. I just don't care to pay for attractions on the strip, most are so over priced. Thanks for the update!
  15. So the 600ft controlled bungee sounds like Sky Jump at Stratosphere, but I'm curious about Sky Plunge. Are they actually saying it will be a 800ft drop ride? Seems like it's kind of glossed over in the announcement so I'm unsure. An 800ft drop seems like it would be a big deal.
  16. I've been on Roar West, Roar East and Gwazi. Of the 3 I'd say it goes as follows: 1. Roar West 2. Gwazi 3. Roar East I really need to get on the better GCI's though, I'm slacking.
  17. ^ Yeah, that is definitely not happening. An airplane is complete impractical. Due to weight you could only send 1, maybe 2 pieces at a time. Also why take it 3000 miles in the opposite direction? Premier is based in Maryland. I'm guessing this is the coaster going into the Great Mall of China, probably being shipped from LA or Long Beach.
  18. Ugh, I wish that was stopping here and Vegas and not just passing through. I would love a Premier her in Vegas. Well, a Premiere that is actually built and operating and not just chilling in a dirt lot. Who's building a Premier coaster anyways?
  19. What happened to the days of us calling them Junior Hypers? Who cares what the style is called, it looks awesome. I admittedly have not been following this project very closely. I had not realized that T2 wouldn't be open with the park next year, but it makes me excited and hopeful that the delay will me some major refurbishment and possible new/modified trains. I have always heard T2 was the worst hang and bang of them all. Also looking forward to see what they do with Twisted Twins. I think it's great that they are posting them on the maps and stating a year. Shows their confidence in the project.
  20. Haha, it's so odd looking with just the one pod on there.
  21. ^Agreed, unfortunately I have to wait another year.
  22. The ride is looking great. You guys are going to like what you see when the park reopens on Friday.
  23. My friend went to a local guys house who collects oddities around the area and opens his house up once a year to visitors to check out his collection for $10 per person. I'm told he donates the money to charity. One cool thing is the old High Roller train from Stratosphere. Check out the photos he sent me.
  24. It comes very close. Not sure the exact measurement but it's so close the air vent had to be removed for clearance.
  25. It could be because I see it every day at work and it makes me anxious, but I cannot wait to ride El Loco at the Adventuredome (even though technically it will be a 2013 coaster) Not sure if I'll do any new parks but looking forward to returning to Orlando to visit WDW and USO. Can't wait to check out HP at USF and the Dwarfs Mine Train at MK. Also, Epcot.
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