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  1. The first time when I can say a ride scared the crap outta me was the first time I rode this slide. You are flying the whole time, the first drop is almost free fall. You don't touch the slide until you reach the bottom, and on the "airtime hill" you'll just pray to make it alive
  2. Looks like it will be a fun ride. And it doesn't seem that far from Phantasialand? Another reason to visit this park next season.
  3. Master thai is the best choice to put vr, considering that the other coasters in the park are iSpeed, Katun, Pakal and Rexplorer. I don't think that it can be considered rough, but some transictions are such violent so it is a lil unconfortable. Anyway, i'm so tired of Vr's, now every park in Italy is installing one. They are full of ideas
  4. Shambhala.. Over 50 times And Raptor at Gardaland. (just because I had season passes for three years which included unlimited flash passes). Almost the same.
  5. Drops are the best part of a coaster (imho) , so I'll go with Lift Hill I love the feeling of going slowly higher and higher and then falling down <3
  6. Intamin WON !!!!! They improved the project and changed the trains, 4 seat for row, added a splash and other features! I don't know how to paste the video here but it will be phenomenal! The top speed will be 140km/h
  7. Definitely: Liseberg Grona Lund Port Aventura Six Flags México Six Flags Magic Mountain Disneyland California Likely: Le feria de Chapultepec Kolmarden (If Wildfire open again, it will be sure) Universal Studios Hollywood Knott's Berry Farm Alton Towers Thorpe Park Gardaland Phantasialand
  8. Yes. It has a LSM launch. By the end of the month, or before if tests start, I will go to Ferrari Land trying to film some test video.
  9. Can someone tell me how much the park is crowded in August (likely in the middle of the month)? It will be my first visit, and I will travel from Italy. I need to get as many ride as possible on x2, and hopefully riding all the rides several times in two days Maybe the flash pass will be the smartest choice?
  10. As the Vekoma model was 62 meters high, can we took for granted that they chose the Intamin one ?
  11. Can someone tell me how much this park is crowded in August? I will go in the middle of the week, maybe a Tuesday or a Wednesday.. I hope queues won't surpass 30minutes per ride.. especially on Medusa
  12. Best overall : Hansa Park --> Karnän + Fluch Von Novgorod. Both rides really pack a punch !!! Second deserved place : Mirabilandia --> Katun + iSpeed
  13. The Boomerang Vekoma @ Wiener Prater because of the new trains with lap bars And Diabolik Invertigo @ Movieland as it has music onboard, great color scheme and because you can stay next to the cobra roll with the guests almost touching you going up on the Stukas waterslide stairs
  14. Another Vekoma mega coaster will be built in Poland (the Bermuda Blitz), so I will prefer to see an Intamin for Energyland. Poland is already full of vekoma coasters! As another user said, as we already know that Intamin won't dissapoint us and will create an amazing ride, we are not sure if Vekoma will be up to its task. So between doubt and guarantee I prefer the second one and let Vekoma just build the Bermuda Blitz for next year that looks an amazing coaster. EDIT: If Google Translate is right, it seems that at 20.00 ( 1 hour left) they will reveal their decision on their facebook page!
  15. I think this could be used more in a Dark ride with coaster section than in a coaster, something like Arthur I mean. The flying part will be perfect with all the scenery around you By the way, remember that all the newest vekomas are totally smooth, nothing like the older headbangers that we all experienced.
  16. In the animation the Intamin one looks much more bigger, it seems a Giga coaster I voted for that one
  17. I have to go to Liseberg next year before they tear kanonen down! All the people I know who had ridden say it's a great small intense coaster. For the giant frisbee sincerily I was hoping they put the Giant Discovery model, who's the biggest and greatest one. But this Intamin looks great too, it's the same height as the ones by Huss, so the experience will be similar I guess (?) And the idea of putting those almost-lapbars restraints is such an AMAZING decision! Will certainly improve the experience
  18. They assign you the row and yes, you can choose for the front seat. The queue line splits in two once you reach the station (the same system used at Europa Park)
  19. 1 - Karnan 2 - Taron 3 - Expedition GeForce 4 - Shambhala 5 - Katun 6 - Fluch von Novgorod 7 - iSpeed 8 - Batman : La Fuga 9 - Abismo/Stunt Fall 10- Silver Star Next year my chart will totally change as I will be able to visit Liseberg. Kolmarden, Six Flags México (the new Medusa <3) and Six Flags Magic Mountain
  20. These are definitely Taron-style train! The only thing I don't understand is if the seat are suspended like the coaster in Phantasialand (floorless with floor lol) or not. It's very difficult to say as the lateral part of the train is covered. Anyway, I loved the freedom feeling of taron trains, so it will be certainly improve the experience on the ride.
  21. I will add to the list Superman : la atracción de acero at parque warner. It's like a giant forceless kiddie coaster with inversisons Just wind in your face, nothing more.
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