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  1. I visited this park last week and it literally impressed me. Every single attraction was a top class ride. And the detail.. wow. I was expecting a very good park with some decent rides, but every ride was the best of its kind. I liked Temple of the night hawk too, it's true that is just a mine train in the dark, but is such an old attraction. And in the complete dark you don't know what is going to happen next.. I had fun on that ride. It's obvious that Colorado is 1000 times better, it just has been the best mine train I have ever rode (in terms of intensity! It left me impressed how amazing that ride actually is.) And chiapas.. WOW! The last drop was such intense. I didn't expect that.
  2. Great "first chapter", I'm looking forward to read all the complete review. Gardaland is my homepark, in my opinion there isn't any very good coaster, but still a good themed park.
  3. I rode Taron last week. All I can say is WOW! This is an awesome ride!! The pov doesn't make justice to the ride. Every transiction you see in the pov is really forceful, and all that is mixed with strong ejector airtime. It just throw you off to the other side of the train all over and over, it's like riding a crazy bull. Incredible. I had one ride under the rain that was my best ride on a roller coaster ever. Even the little trimmed camelback near the end of the track that usual provides a small floating airtime, that time it ejected me out of the seat! And the launches are super fun! A big applause to Phantasialand for this new addition!! I'm very satisfied
  4. Just to say one last thing about the off topic, this could be the definition of extreme kiddie coaster lol That airtime looks so insane.
  5. 1- Hansa Park. Both Karnan and Novgorod are two crazy intense coasters, some of the best overall! 2- Port Aventura. Shambhala (awesome coaster), Furius Baco (crazy launch and nice coaster but TOO much headbanging), Dragon Khan (Decent B&M with a good 0-g roll). Next year with the stratacoaster it will be even better and will have the crown as best theme park for roller coasters here in Europe. 3. Liseberg : Balder (awesome airtime), Kanonen (intense and compact) and Helix (perfect inversions mix and insane airtime) are great as well. 4. Mirabilandia : iSpeed (awesome launched) and Katun (best inverted I have ever ridden) 5. Parque Warner : Stunt fall (still one of my favs), Batman (intense and awesome), Superman.. not as great as the other two, too much soft but still a good ride.
  6. I hate the new restraints. I have ridden a few wing coasters with them and they get so tight at the end of the ride you can barely breath, especially on Raptor. Moreover, it is true that you reduce any possible head banging, but it's also true that those restraints ruins all the sensations, I can't imagine on Valvarn where the most decent part will be the ejector on the drops, and you even won't be able to experience that because of the restraints that will keep you glued to the seat
  7. Just found this video on youtube, I was wondering if the clip on the right has been speeded up or not The difference between the two vids is just unbelievable! If it was true, I am hoping it will be rainy on my visit at the park
  8. I have to agree with you, I found Blue Fire pretty forceless too and I don't understand why people are so amazed for this ride. imho the unique interesting part of the ride is that final in-line roll which provide a crazy ejector air time.. But all the rest of the experience is like.. meh, too much boring and soft. And the theming is disappointing considering Europa park's standards
  9. Just booked my flights! I'm going to ride Taron and Raik in the first weekend of september I'm really curious about the new area!
  10. I would like to see replaced Vudú with a Giant frisbee like SpinSpider! But don't you think a new coaster would be possible? let's hope so! I'm really looking forward for a new coaster.
  11. Glad to see you are enjoying my country! It would be fun to meet you around at some theme park, but I understand it's just a family and friends trip so it will be for another time with the other enthusiasts ! Once in 2010 I saw Elissa and the other tpr guys queueing at Gardaland for Space Vertigo and they let me surpass the group because they wanted to ride it togheter, but I don't know why I haven't started conversating with them
  12. I will go at the end of August, and I think I will have to go alone cause all my friends want to go next summer, but honestly how can I wait one more year to ride this beast? So if you mind go on these dates let me know! It would be better to go in group than to have a "single rider" trip. I think I will visit Liseberg too!
  13. It is a clone of iSpeed, which I rode like about 100 times Well, it's a very good coaster. But sincerely it cannot even go close to the most intense coasters in the world , there are rides that are much better out there
  14. On their facebook page they posted that today they have changed the cylinders on the train and finished all the tests needed. So for all the people who were planning a visit, Wildfire will be open from tomorrow
  15. I miss so much Hansa Park. I would like to go back one day. The thing I liked the most about this park is that their rides are not just coaster, but they want to give you kind a sort of "experience", starting from the queue line to the exit (for example the exit of Fluch Von Novgorod was such a pleasant surprise!). This park has two kick ass roller coasters, and beautiful landscapes. Too bad that is so underrated here in Europe, they really have clever ideas for their rides. Karnan is just pure love <3
  16. 1- Shambhala 2- Silver Star / Karnan 3- Colossos/ Divertical
  17. 55,000 views out of 56,000 are mine can't stop to watch this pov
  18. Ugh, that means I will have to go twice to Sweden in this two years. This summer for Wildfire and next year to visit Grona Lund!
  19. I'm just waiting for 2017 announcement video in order to book my flight. I have never been in California so this will be my first time, do you guys think in July I will certainly find the (probably) new coaster/ride open? I don't know how the things work in Six Flags, but I think they never opened a ride after July.
  20. "I segreti della terra" - Felifonte. According to coaster count, I am the only one who rode it lol It has been operating just for a few of years, the park now is closed.
  21. Something like Falcon's Fury? Oh yes, please. That would be amazing
  22. Yes, the fabbri drop tower at Fasanolandia (Italy) does pack a punch. And the fact they keep you almost 40 seconds up increase the thrill factor.
  23. La venganza del enigma at Parque Warner Madrid has different programs of the ride depending by the hour of the day! The combined one was surely the funniest, also we have to say that being tall 100 meters high they provide a wonderful view on the top and great tons of wind and feeling of speed when dropping down S&S towers may be not intense, but they surely are very enjoyable!
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