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  1. I really like the park so far, Rustler looks great! Scorpion, however, looks like the definition of pain. I can't even fathom the thought of a heartline roll on an Arrow.
  2. Uh... okay... this is odd, to say the least. I do love the concept art, but how often does a park just "move out" of it's current location? I'm all for it, I'm just genuinely curious as to how this is gonna work.
  3. As tragic as this accident is, this part of the article pissed me off so much: So you're telling me that, because your son broke a rule THAT WAS POSTED ALL OVER THE SIGNS IN THE QUEUE, that you're gonna blame the park because of how they responded? And you're gonna say he's not at fault basically because he's just a kid? I have a five-year-old little sister, and she has no problem with following the rules. She even knows how to put her own belongings in a locker. See, these are the problems we have in America. It happens in Orlando a lot; person does something stupid, person suffers the consequences of said decision, park decides to try and help the person, and then the person criticizes the park due to it "not being safe" or some BS like that. People suck.
  4. In February, Mako at SWO. Currently my #4 coaster. When was the last time you drank a soda?
  5. Are the trains part of the reason WIldfire has a 52" height requirement? It's the only B&M sitdown that doesn't have a 54" requirement, at least to my knowledge...
  6. Horrible news. Thoughts and prayers go out to the victim's family.
  7. Haven't been on either, but Mystic Timbers looks awesome. Kumba or Montu?
  8. Awesome TR, Henry. Phantasialand looks like one of the best parks ever.
  9. Sleep Now in the Fire - Rage Against The Machine
  10. The park looks wonderful, I especially like the Nick area. However, did Storm Coaster really cost around 20 million USD? Quite the investment for a park that small.
  11. Don't worry. Millennium Force still exists. and GateKeeper! I swear I can hear the Maverick fanboys screaming from miles away.
  12. Would that idea be technically feasible? I'd sure as hell give it a go I'm not an engineer, but I'd say this is definitely plausible. Although if people could choose the seats due to their fave hero, the capacity would be a nightmare.
  13. Yes, two dogs. Have you ever read a book that has over 1,000 pages?
  14. Reading this whole thread from start to finish like [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
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