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  1. Are you serious? What is wrong with you people? Of course I think the park handled this amazingly, but it was still after the fact - They admitted they made a mistake, good on them. It's still awful that it got to this point and wasn't resolved right after it happened. This post is like the definition of passive-aggressive.
  2. I don't need permission. I'm a kid. Is it summer vacation yet where you live?
  3. Yes. What, you think I'm gonna tell you what show it is? I have dignity, you know. Have you gotten all of the credits at your home park?
  4. ^ I agree wholeheartedly. The entire ride in the back row especially hauls.
  5. Latin Simone - Gorillaz. All of the G-Sides album is criminally underrated.
  6. We hate you. Brown Streak is not going to happen. Just let it go. #MeanerStreakSquad
  7. Strong language warning, but this has gotta be one of the funniest things I've ever seen. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  8. ...do they? Have you ever been to a Disney park?
  9. Just to make sure, everyone's pre-ordering their Battlefront II copy, right?
  10. From what I've heard about Fuji-Q's operations, that's pretty accurate.
  11. Most of the time, yes. Even though most headlines these days leave me in the fetal position. Do you have a video game console?
  12. Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden. Rest in peace Chris Cornell.
  13. ^ Agreed. Usually, the only two rides that get a noticeable line are Cobra's Curse and Cheetah Hunt. It's definitely manageable. Have a good trip!
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