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  1. Netflix. We have MST3K. No contest. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  2. I'm giving this a chance. I'm actually in the minority that enjoys the one at Luna Park. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I don't get the thrill of a non-inverting loop. What's the point? Grated I've never been on one but it seems like a gimmick that just seems to slow down the ride. Is this an accurate observation? I mean, I guess it depends on the ride. The only one I've experienced is on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Orlando, and it gave awesome ejector, so there's that. Judging by the renderings, this one looks like it HAULS. Can't wait!!
  4. BOOM! You get my logic, however, it is not, because it does not feel like one. You would not come off and go, "possibly in my top three hypers" however, I feel it can work the other way around, so Ex G for me is my only and top hyper. It is how I imagine one to feel, so until I get on a real one, that is staying as my top hyper.
  5. Went to the park yesterday to check out Pandora, and I loved everything about it. I am a huge fan of Avatar, granted, but good Lord, everything about this land is perfect The scenery is beautiful, especially at night. It's all most insane to think that beforehand, this area was a run-down character meet and greet. But let's get this out of the way; Flight of Passage. Two words; f**king astounding. Seriously, this is possibly the best ride in Animal Kingdom, if not all four parks. How awesome is it? Well, picture what would happen if Soarin' and Forbidden Journey at Universal had a baby, and then DisneyQuest adopted it. It sounds so wrong, but it's oh-so-right. My only real complaint is the glasses didn't fit smaller kids all that well; my seven-year old sister had a really hard time with them because they were too big. She ended up riding without them, but she loved it nonetheless. 11 out of 10 As for Na'vi River Journey... I mean, it exists. Yes, the Shaman animatronic is one of the best I've ever seen, but other than that, it's nothing too special. It's just eye candy. That's it. Don't get me wrong, it's enjoyable, but it needs a lot more. On the other hand, I freaking loved the little ride vehicles. They're so detailed, and even with the low capacity per boat, the line flew by. Good job Disney ops! 7 out of 10 All in all, Joe Rhode has done it again. The entire land is beautiful, and with the addition of the best E-ticket built in the past decade, this is definitely a huge win for Animal Kingdom. Can't wait to return!
  6. You are my new favorite person on this site. Someday, Poland will into space.
  7. The quality of that gif is unreal. My eyes almost can't handle it.
  8. Those trains are beautiful... and is that a Guy Harvey mural I see in the background?
  9. I just saw this too and logged in here to check - could we finally be seeing the beginning of the end for this unneeded, cumbersome and wait time creating nightmare? Are we talking about VR or Ninja itself?
  10. ^ Sounds like Summer Nights is ever-so-slowly turning into an adults-only event. But okay...
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