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  1. Hey y'all, I was wondering when the next Club TPR trip will be. I will be joining and I cannot wait to go somewhere!
  2. B&M - Dive Machines Intamin - Hypers Premier - Launch coasters S&S - El Loco Larson - Freefall Tower, duh! Arrow - Corkscrew Coasters Vekoma - Mine trains HUSS - Frisbees Funtime - Slingshot/Star Flyer Chance - The Hyper GTX coaster (aka Lightning Run) Schwarzkopf - Shuttle Loop Zamperla- Air Race Gerstlauer: Eurofighter MACK: Water Coaster
  3. It's all fun and games until you smack someone in the face. Great looking ride though, can't wait!
  4. Great report Viking! Definitely going to Liseberg in the near future...gotta get my Balder credit sooner or later
  5. Cannot wait for this! I've never been to Cedar Point before (or any Cedar Fair park for that matter ), and this ride is a great reason to make the drive to Sandusky next year!
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