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  1. Your kids have good taste. I love asdfmovie so much.
  2. So why is Flashback having so many problems, but other Boomerangs (as far as I know at least) have pretty good records? Is it Six Flags' fault for not being up to maintenance? Is the coaster just old? Or is it something else?
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy is one of my fave movies, and I have to say, it looks and sounds like an awesome ride! Although if Disney even touches Orlando's Tower I swear I'm gonna kill someone
  4. Never. I'm not a vampire. When was the last time you had to take a standardized test?
  5. One day left until the new Gorillaz album drops!
  6. Instead of screams you put screens. Use spell check! Also the handrails will be VERY interactive with your hands as you hold on to them. ...ever have trouble figuring out if somethig is sarcasm or not?
  7. You can try your entire life, but it's pointless. You will never get there. Savage.
  8. Using that argument, you could argue that Mind Eraser at SFNE is a new credit this year because it got brand new trains with a different experience - It's not a different credit. Re-names and re-themes do not constitute new credits either. Sure, and it's worth noting the new experience, but it's definitely not a new credit. The track is exactly the same. coaster-count.com counts marks each iteration as the equivalent of riding a relocated credit (which is also not a new credit) - I think that's a fair way of counting it. Interesting. OMG who gives a f***!??! You're so much better than us - How do I get to be as cool as you? We're all just so lame, discussing roller coasters on a theme park website. Please just tell me how to be as cool as you! EDIT: But seriously? If you don't care about credits, why comment? Why such an elitist attitude towards fellow geeks? You're also cruising a theme park website everyday just like the rest of us, get over yourself. Because counting credits is dumb. By definition, an enthusiast is a person who is highly interested in a particular activity or subject, right? But why brag over how many you've experienced said activity or subject? I mean, if you're a gaming enthusiast you don't brag about how many games you have, otherwise you look like a loser. If you're a car enthusiast, you don't brag about how many cars you have, otherwise you look like a jerk. Point is, counting credits is fine, but if you're really gonna argue about getting the same coaster as a new credit, that makes you the laughingstock. rant.jpg>
  9. I'm still not a huge fan of the blue Goliath, it just doesn't look all that great compared to the green IMO. However, awesome photos! This place is definitely high on my bucket list!
  10. Both have a coaster that has the word "Streak" at the end of the ride's name. SeaWorld Orlando and Knotts?
  11. Why would you care enough to argue with two complete strangers over something that doesn't matter? Well, to be fair, this is a coaster enthusiast website...
  12. I've heard that it's before Batman shows up. Just a hunch though, the new movie looks great!
  13. What about a less intense Hyper GTX? Due to its low height and lack of inversions (At least on Lightning Run), it seems like it would be a good ride both kids and adults would enjoy, and its height restriction is only 48 inches. Or an RMC Raptor Joker Jr?
  14. The whole aesthetic of the park looks just insane, I especially like the idea of a Riddler-themed Disko. Can't wait!
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