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  1. Heading to Pennsylvania for the first time ever this summer... that means Kennywood, Knoebels, Dorney... and also Hershey!! I'm coming for you Skyrush!!!
  2. Most likely BGT, next Friday. Heading out with a few friends to celebrate the end of middle school (!!!).
  3. As a huge fan of Audioslave, I'm heartbroken. I still can't believe he would end his life himself... such a talented man. RIP you legend.
  4. Seven Dwarve's Mine Train at MK. Rule of thumb to anyone that plans to go anytime soon; go back row or don't ride at all. There's some awesome air to be had.
  5. Still Hades 360 for me. In fact, let's just close down Mt Olympus while we're at it, yeah?
  6. I sure hope so. Happy Harbor is really, really dated for what it is.
  7. I don't get how I've heard some people say that Chang was a great ride, but now everyone hates it at Great Adventure. Can a relocation have that much of an effect on a ride, or is it just not aging well?
  8. Great report! That Volare is probably the smoothest one out there.
  9. Oh my God, that looks exactly like my cat. Seriously. WTF.
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