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  1. With DC Rivals Hyper Coaster being open for just over a year it has entered its first extended maintinance period. However it seems to be some major working happen to a ride that is only just 1 year old. Photo credit to Gold Coast Theme Parks. So 3 pieces of track from the Air time hill have been removed. Seems odd for a ride thats been only opened a month.
  2. So I know this thread has been very un-activie I thought I would do an update. So Adventure World closed for the season in April and is currently doing their annual maintenance process. I thought I would update some photos on the park. So in the last 5 years they have built 3 new rides totalling 40 Million AUD. (Good for the worlds most isolated park) Their newest ride being 2017's "Goliath" With surrounding theming added. The Intamin Gyro Swing 32 does tower over the park. A new seating area was added next to the ride. Maybe some big trees would be nice. Kahuna Falls 2012's new addition. (Credit Perth theme parks) The Rampage (Credit Perth Theme Parks) Abyss (Credit Perth Theme Parks) Goliath (Credit Perth Theme Parks) Inferno a 30 year old HUSS Prototype from Germany. (Credit Perth Theme Parks)
  3. Yes running water into the soil makes the soil softer and easier to did. Remember this ground under the ride has not been touched for a long time which will mean the soil has become hard.
  4. So Adventure World is getting a new Intamin Gyro Swing hopefully it will be like Loke and feature the lap bar design. Here are some photos of construction. Credit to Perth Theme Parks for the photos. Plus they have added air condition to the Abyss Queue line by the looks of things. The ride is due to open in September when the park reopens for its season. So happy to finally have an Intamin in my home state.
  5. So I thought I would share these updated photos of the construction happening on the Hyper Coaster at MW. I think its safe to say this will be one awesome coaster when it opens. (Photo credit to Gold Coast Theme Parks) The start of the supports for the non-inverting loop with a maze of track around it. supports covering the street. I would call it a spaghetti coaster! Look of where the loop will be. The coaster will go all the way to green lantern. Not many pieces of track left in the car park. Hopefully more pieces arrive soon. Looks like they forgot a support. More supports to hold the non-inverting loop. Now that Green Lantern is closed for maintenance we are seeing the construction of the lift hill. The first lift hill support. More supports.
  6. Hi all, Fredrick Ross here Mystic Lakes owner and CEO, Just though I would give you an update on the upcoming 1972 season. So attached below is a preview of the offical press release that will go live in a few hours! I hope you enjoy! Let the speculation on MA3&4 begin!
  7. Hi all, Mike Smith here, So I am a season pass holder and I called into Mystic Lakes today for a quick visit after work. So construction has been moving along nicely however I do think some of the food stores need some love. Anyway here are my photos. (Feel free to give me any suggestions for the future of the park or feedback) Shot0134.bmp A Look at construction over the lake area. Construction fences have now popped up. Shot0136.bmp Along with some new machinery. I wonder what it could be for? Shot0138.bmp Its a big area. Maybe ANOTHER Coaster! Shot0141.bmp Endeavour is a really enjoyable ride. It has quickly became my second on my list. Corkscrew being number 1! Shot0144.bmp The 2 best rides sitting next to each other. Shot0146.bmp The newly refurbished theatre had a nice show going on today. However they only run it on weekends now. Shot0148.bmp The main dinner. Shot0150.bmp Joes ice-cream store. Shot0152.bmp The Burger Bar café. Anyway until next time. Good night.
  8. Hi all, Jack Lical here, So as a season pass holder I was at Mystic Lakes and I noticed some new markers out around the park at 2 separate areas. So maybe could be a new big ride install for next year? I must say that park is doing well now with the addition of Corkscrew and Endeavour. The park seemed a little quiet today as it was a week day. Shot0126.bmp Some markers around the Corkscrew station area. I wonder what it could be for? Shot0127.bmp More interestingly there are a few makers around the corner of the lake. Shot0129.bmp Another angle. Shot0132.bmp I will leave with one picture of Endeavour and a look at were the construction fences are.
  9. (again I fixed the billboards but this was done before that happened. Also apologies for the first image having the toolbar) Tom Smith local Resident (TR) April 26th 1971, So Mystic Lakes has thrown open its doors for its 16th season and they have launched MA2 Endeavour. As a season pass member I thought I would head down and cheek it out. REVIEW: I think the park is expanding very quickly adding 2 rides in 2 years. Corkscrew last year and now Endeavour the future of this park seems bright. However I do feat that this park will turn into a park for only adrenaline junkies and forget the older and younger generations. The last 2 major attractions have been thrill rides. As there are not many family rides other than the giant slide, the wild west show and 2 family flats. But there is nothing targeted towards the young kids. But the quality of the park is great and having this new attraction on the lake I think was a good choice. I still think the park could add to their food options as they are pretty standard. Shot0093.bmp Endeavour the new ride for 1971. Seems to be a hit with the thrill seekers. Sadly I am not one of them. Shot0094.bmp View of the Corkscrew from across the lake. I must say this ride looks good visually. Shot0095.bmp Not to much changed. Be the ride is nicely landscaped. Maybe a few to many trees. Shot0096.bmp Endeavours entrance. Shot0106.bmp The exit Shot0108.bmp Corkscrew had a few problems in the morning. But by 12pm was running faultlessly. Shot0109.bmp Roll O Plane was however closed all day, with people working on it. Shot0110.bmp In the Wild West, they have given the theatre the Rumbler treatment. The ride now suits the area much better. Shot0111.bmp Rumbler had a makeover last season and really looks nice and suits the wild west theme. Shot0112.bmp They also built a new backstage building to facilitate the show and actors. Shot0113.bmp It looks nice a must say. They also built a themed control room. Shot0114.bmp We also see a new ATM and toilets facility. Which is great to see as these facilities have only been located in main street before. A long hick for the toilet. Shot0115.bmp The queue area. Shot0116.bmp It is a definite improvement on the old bland theatre. Shot0117.bmp Shot0118.bmp The stage itself. Shot0120.bmp Overview of the Wild West.
  10. So I happened to find this in the local paper. Seems like another big year for Mystic Lakes.
  11. I think it could be Mack or Intiman. Although Mack have been making some insane rides. Just have a look at the Hyper they are building at Movie World (Australia). I know they said new type of coaster. But has anyone thought that maybe CF mean a new type of coaster that they do not have. IE a B&M Flyer?
  12. Matt Walker (local resident) So I am a season pass holder and I decided to stop into the park on the way home from work and cheek out the construction progress of MA2. (The new attraction) Construction fences have gone up around the Western Theatre and land clearing has begun around the Corkscrew area. Hopefully more information is revealed soon. (Feel free to give me feedback and opinions of what rides and attractions you would like to see at the park. I am learning and this is my first park.) Shot0069.bmp The soil is still not flat. But a lot of the hills have been removed. Shot0071.bmp Construction fences came right out now and onto the footpath. Shot0073.bmp More construction equipment now on site. Shot0074.bmp Its a big area. Shot0080.bmp The fencing around the outdoor theatre. Shot0082.bmp With markers leading to the power thing. Maybe this is only for power and nothing major is happening here? Shot0085.bmp More markers around the theatre.
  13. So Adventure World are now closed for the 2016/2017 season. When they re open for the next season they will launch another new ride. So far we know it a flat ride to make up for the removal of Bounty's Revenge and it must have a high capacity. This was the official information that was shared in September 2016 by the park Whatever it is it seems like it will be another great addition to AW.
  14. Ok, just before I post I just want to say I have worked out how to put the pictures on the banners and how to take proper photos without tool bars and stuff. However the next few updates pictures were taken before I found out how to do this. 5th September 1970: Trip Report Local resident Joey Malcom, So Mystic Lakes is close to were I live but my kids really wanted me to take them so this is the first time I have been. I must admit it is a nice park however there are a few problems. Their food places have no signs saying what they are and what they sell until your in the store. Which makes it hard to find what you want to eat. There are also a few run down stores that hopefully the park can fix soon. Anyway onto my trip report. Shot0029.bmp They have a nice looking entrance. Shot0091.bmp With plenty of parking. But with these new attractions they have been building this carpark will not be big enough soon. Shot0042.bmp First we headed over to the left of the park which houses the Giant Slide. I am not a huge fan of big thrilling attractions so this was great for me. Although my 10&12 year old son's preferred the big rides! Shot0016.bmp The Rumbler was fun and the kids loved this one. IT had a short 5 minute wait so we ended up going on it 3 times, Shot0038.bmp This section of the park was fairly quite. However this area is very nicely themed and really suits the Wild West theme. Then we tried the Beast which was a very thrilling roller coaster! Shot0026.bmp Next we headed back to main street to go on the motion simulator. This was a very busy ride due to it low capacity we waited around 40 minutes. (Yellow door is the ride entrance) Shot0044.bmp Next we headed to try the Corkscrew. I gave this a miss. To much for me and my kids thought this was the best ride. I decided to have a coffee. I really think this park should open up the lake more so people can enjoy the views. They seem to build away from the lake instead. Shot0051.bmp The Mine Train was very rough and old. I hope we see this one go. There seemed to be not many people around here. When there are better coasters around the corner. Shot0089.bmp The Loop O Plane was a very intense flat ride. Shot0058.bmp The Rotor is also another fun classic. Shot0053.bmp Now we did go on the other 2 coasters I just forgot to take pictures. Now this is the exiting stuff. There are construction fences around a large area of land right on the edge of the lake. Shot0054.bmp IT goes all the way back to the lake. I spoke to some staff and they said all they could say was "Something exiting is coming!" Shot0055.bmp Some machinery in the compound now. I wouldn't of thought we would see a coaster the year after Corkscrew. But the park was very busy today. Shot0063.bmp The land is very hilly. Shot0064.bmp This construction area is close to the Corkscrew. One thing I noticed is there is no lockers around the Corkscrew area or coaster area for that matter. Shot0052.bmp That the end of my fun day with my kids. We will defiantly be back!
  15. So I was reading the paper and I happened to see this: Mystic Lakes 1971 season new attraction! So looks like some big things in store. Hopefully everything goes to plan!
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