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  1. If they do well the next few years, I think the park could surprise us and become a clean, stable park again. Every park has its off times in their history. Even Kennywood did.
  2. I think the way they kept the old Colossus track reminds me of how Disneyland kept Max, Buff, and Melvin at the Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. Something caused them to be unable to move. It's hard to see, kinda like the old Colossus track will be. It's a hidden tribute. I am for it, it'll be interesting when wooden coasters go extinct at Six Flags Properties to see wooden track like with Rolling Thunder.
  3. Cyclone at Six Flags New England Credit to CoasterGallery.
  4. Superman to Bizarro at SFNE. The lapbars hurt now and the headrests block a potentially great view. Cyclone at SFNE's first drop being neutered and trim brakes in 2001. Made it more sluggish.
  5. --Cyclone at SFNE love that ride and am extremely sad to see it close. Love hearing the train basically fail going over the first drop snap. --Kennywood June 2012- Casterbob62 I'm too excited to go here. Classics are awesome,
  6. Cyclone at SFNE had the turn after the third drop's strong lateral turn. I was violently thrown from one side of the seat to the other with a pop of weightlessness. Is this airtime?
  7. Because they're disgusting, vicious, cruel creatures. Why can't the body produce good smelling farts?
  8. Nothing annoys me more then when you come across someone who's homeless and you help them and the people behind you act like they're worthless. I was at McDonalds and I saw an old lady who was ordering food as I was eating, and she was homeless. She ordered 4 chicken mcnuggets and thats it. She had $4. I literally felt horrible and I wanted someone to help her. She ended up just about paying. I was disgusted, so I got up and paid for it and bought her fries and a 6 piece mcnugget. People are so ridiculous. When you come across someone who's struggling to have food or a home, HELP THEM. Don't be an ass! It's not right! How would you like it if you were in that position!
  9. Original name was "Wilde Beaste" Designed by Curtis Summers Constructed in house Next Coaster: Cyclone at SFNE EXCEPTION: Nothing about Wicked Cyclone
  10. I've only been on the GCI's at Hershey, and I LOVE Lightning Racer. Although its forceless (alot of GCI's are...), it packs a punch and the dueling aspect is soooooo fun. Plus there's never a wait. Wildcat is amazing. I actually love the roughness and it adds to the fun. Being jerked around adds a thrill that many coasters don't have now a days. I don't feel like I'm riding a coaster from the 90's, I feel like I'm riding a coaster from the 20's that defies the odds when I'm riding Wildcat.
  11. I'm sorry, but I've been reading the first page of this thread laughing. Anyone bring up Steel Phantom at Kennywood?? Yeah, the Morgan Hyper wasn't always so good. In fact, pre-2001, people disliked the ride. When your going 80+ mph, the G Forces can already be extreme. Imagine rising from the largest drop into a loop at 225 ft in the air. That's what Steel Phantom did, and it was painful. Imagine Millenium Force with a loop after it's first overbank at roughly 87 MPH. That would be way too forceful and way to painful for the average rider. Now, I know Arrow Dynamics made rough coasters, but even companies like B&m and Intamin would have issues with roughness if these went upside down too. The G-Forces and Speed make it intolerable. Video:
  12. 80-90%- Cedar point Kings island Kennywood All are first times and a vacation together Our more likely vacation would be: Dorney Hershey SFGAdv Lake Compounce Definite: Six flags New England Lake compounce Canobie lake park Palace Playland
  13. Five nights at Freddy's is a petryfying game where animatronics come to life in Freddy's fazbears pizza. Pet your theories as to why here!
  14. Hey everyone. I know a lot of people don't really like PTC trains. They're very heavy and wear down the track. Although if you visit parks like Cedar Point and Dorney, they still have those brutally heavy 3 Bench PTC cars from a long time ago. Corporate parks are different then Canobie Lake Park or Knoebels. I don't think they perform their wooden coasters as well as family parks. Yankee Cannonball is butter smooth with 3 bench PTCs. Thunderhawk at Dorney was the most painful wooden coaster I've been on to date. Yankee Cannonball has the 3 Bench PTC's with Buzzbars and runs GREAT. Thunderhawk has the same thing, and it HURTS! IMO, 3 Bench PTC's do NOT flex well. Anything with tight banked turns (Riverside Cyclone opening year or Thunderhawk...) should NOT have 3 bench PTCs. The turn on Thunderhawk going into the final airtime humps is so painful I was heavily bruised on my chest in the FRONT AND BACK. Not to mention Lake Compounce has bought new trains for Wildcat apparently because the PTCs wear down the track. Rumor has it they settled on Millenium Flyers. So what's your take? Goodbye or Keep em?
  15. I didn't think Cyclone needed it. When trims were off, you got a really intense ride. There's a slight (but very noticeable) difference from when a wooden coaster is "intense" and when its "rough". Cyclone was intense. You had to know when you got on it you were going to be horrified and slightly uncomfortable. Yankee Cannonball should NEVER get it. Do not touch the Coney Island Cyclone. As ironic as this may be, don't touch Lake Compounce's Wildcat. Any wooden coaster from 1990 or before should NOT be touched unless it's too rough.
  16. Rotors and tilt a whirls and round ups. The force makes me sick while spinning.
  17. Lightning Racer, Comet, and Wildcat have amazing chaser lights around their entire course. Usually very few to none are burnt out. Makes my sadness of leaving worthwhile for awesome pictures of the rides.
  18. I honestly thought Green Lantern was pretty awesome at SFGAdv. I know I'm in the minority. B&M standups aren't bad. I can't say for togo though.
  19. Storm Runner- Hersheypark Only coaster I ever grayed out on during the barrel roll.
  20. My first and only trip to Lake Compounce. Almost ruined my entire vacation. For Boulder Dash, I waited out the front. The wait was an hour with a half station wait. It was literally the most asinine thing EVER. I'm waiting with a bunch of people, and this group of two: (Dad and Son) kept coming up the disability ramp. 8 times in a half hour. Being an enthusiast I knew not to b!tch, but I sat there. Then everyone started complaining. Finally when they came up for their 9th ride, I shrieked. I said to the employee "This isn't fair! They're abusing the system!" "Oh well. Not our problem." Said the employee. "We don't make the rules, our boss does." I stood and watched them go twice more, giving me a dirty look going around the second time. That point me and people behind me are pissed. I'm complaining along with some friends I made in line. Finally a guy turned around and said "We get your mad. Can you please shut up!?" I said "Okay. Sorry Sir." I give the others a glare and they all shrug in disgust of the comment said towards me. They came up again. At this point, I'm pissed, I want to RAGE, but the person behind me screamed: "CALL THE MANAGER!" I was like "oh dear god..." The manager came, glancing at me quickly, then the guy behind me saved the day. "HE'S BEEN WAITING HERE FOR AN HOUR NOW WHERE HE SHOULD'VE WAITED TWENTY MINUTES. LET HIM ON. THESE PEOPLE ARE ABUSING THE SYSTEM!" The manager was pissed. She made them get off. The father and son were very upset and asked why they couldn't stay on again. I got in. I at least deserved 2 rides for my asinine waiting. The ride ended and they said "Alright. Your done. OUT!" I was very very upset. I walked out disgusted. Then my parents were looking for me. They thought I got lost somewhere. I went to security. No help. I run around the park, and finally bump into them and I wanted to take one more Wildcat ride (I like it better then BD...) and I had to leave. You don't want to know how angry I was.
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