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  1. That's seriously depressing. What a shame a classic is getting demolished. This is unrealistic but I wish the city bought the ride and kept it operating. That ride wouldn't have competed with Cedar Point's 17 roller coasters. It's a piece of local history lost.
  2. THIS!!! Agreed. This sums it up perfectly. With track on site, I think the ride will be shortened quite a bit and open for 2017. All iron horses have been shorter than the previous wood coaster. Even though not by much, mean streaks a big ride so I think we'll see at least 1/5 of it come down.
  3. Valid point. I really didn't see the reason for closing roar though. That's what I was going for. It was a GCI and not that old. Cedar fair I totally understand where your coming from. They'd never close Rebel Yell for Iron Horse. They aren't six flags.
  4. On the live feed, it looks as if the RMC crane is reaching up to the turn above the lift hill and moving. Are they currently demolishing that turn for the steeper lift?
  5. How many roller coasters do you think Cedar Fair is going to close for RMC...? I hope this isn't turning into six flags.
  6. Hey everyone!! I had a quick question... Looking back in the forums, it seemed as everyone was extremely upset about Kennywood being sold. How do you think the new owners are running the park? Is it still the park you remembered from before the sale?
  7. I recently visited the park, and I honestly think it's still fun, but the GP is going to get bored, fast. The last true addition (minus Equinox) was Untamed in 2011, with ride removals. While the park is beautifully landscaped, the admission goes up for less rides and no new additions. We are seriously overdue for a new attraction somewhere in the park.
  8. Great video. There's something in a classic wooden coaster that makes it so much fun that modern day coasters struggle to match.
  9. Great trip report. Glad to see the park make a serious turn around. Blue Streak looks very very fun. Their water park is probably their main draw now, so that's a huge bonus it's operating.
  10. He's absolutely right. The airtime was insane when the track wasn't done over. Since then, GCI smoothed the coaster out and basically took out the airtime that was there. Wildcat and Boulder Dash are my favorite two wooden coasters in New England, and Pink's is outstanding.
  11. Cedar Point. I'm sorry. I loved Cedar Point, but I got way too excited about Millennium Force and some of their B&M's only to be really let down. Everyone hypes this park, and while I agree it's unreal, it really isn't the best park in the world. Then again, I love old classic parks, so take it with a grain of salt.
  12. I think the main issue with many parks is the employees. Some parks don't have the extra time for employees. Once it's time for them to leave, they leave. Like a teenager who's not enthusiastic and sees the clock turn to 10, they'll close the ride. I agree Cedar Point is awesome with this, they probably hired the employees or pay them overtime to empty the queue. It's unique and awesome.
  13. I also agree on Canobie Lake. The park has a perfect selection of rides, and while their coasters aren't very thrilling, it's a great place to visit with friends for a few hours, especially with the after 5 deal! Ride a couple rides, grab an ice cream, sit on a bench and hang out with friends, and ride the carousel to end the night. Such a classic amusement park atmosphere and you just leave saying "ah". I also say Lake Compounce, while known exclusively for Boulder Dash, the rest of the park is great! Wildcat is the definition of what a true classic wooden coaster is, the perfect balance (now after redo) of rough and smooth, buzzbars, and Three Bench PTC trains! They have a great flat selection, and a great water park where you can actually swim in the lake! They also maintain a trolley, which is really awesome. New England is known for SFNE, but these smaller parks blow it out of the water and guarantee a wonderful, classic experience.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Uk2LOLKSNY Go to 8:40... I wish this music still ruled the finale of the ride. I know this is seriously unrealistic, but I noticed the vacation club lounge on the second floor of the pavilion (those props better not be rotting behind it still. ). I would love to see Disney go in the bottom floor and just gut it. 100%. Then start again and rebuild the original ride with a more reliable ride system. Make the animatronics top notch and bring the scenes back with a modern twist. I honestly think it would be Epcot's best ride next to Test Track and Frozen.
  15. Imagine a Maverick clone I do see a drop tower, and while sad to see the Falcon go, it didn't seem all that popular when I went 2 years ago... Maybe it was just a bad day for it. HUSS rides require lots of maintenance it seems... Enterprise, Falcon, Frisbees, Trabants, etc... oh well. I'd love to see a drop tower like the one at Busch Gardens Tampa.
  16. It really is an under dog coaster. It may be small and look like nothing but it does pack a decent punch!
  17. I went to the park yesterday! I'm going to admit, it was a pretty solid day at the park. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, but Superman was 110+ minutes all day yesterday. It had no effect on me though, as I didn't enjoy Superman the last time I rode it so I didn't care. RIDE COUNT: Wicked Cyclone: 2 Thunderbolt: 2 Mind Eraser: 1 Pandemonium: 1 Batman: 1 Adventure River: 1 Blizzard River: 1 Wicked Cyclone: I went on first thing in the morning in the orange train back row. It was VERY sluggish. It didn't vibrate, but the ride was sluggish and I didn't get my usual ejector. I was upset. I went the second time in the back of the BLUE train and it was a world of difference. I was being tossed left and right, up and down. I started to cry and even got some drool on the top of my lip. I never get afraid and hold on, but this thing was trying so hard to eject me. Every bump was like writing my will. I enjoyed this ride so much and I'm glad that Superman has the waits because this ride is a hell of a lot better. 10/10 Thunderbolt: I'm in the minority here, but this is my second favorite in the park. I get two strong airtime moments, it's got the shake of an old wooden coaster, and it just feels very classic. I rode in the front one time which gave me some strong airtime, and laterals on the turns. I'm glad the park works hard on maintaining this ride. 10/10 Mind Eraser: Got the front of the red train. Actually pretty smooth until the barrel rolls. Those kill. Still really intense and really fun. 7/10 Pandemonium: I enjoy this ride. It's really relaxing after an intense ride like Cyclone. I didn't spin much, but I dropped into the ravine backwards which was a real rush. 7/10 Batman: I really love this ride. The inversions are incredibly smooth (except that last corkscrew ugh). The first loop I felt as if I was upside down, and that's rare, considering most rides fly through the loops. I actually got an upside down view as the ride was so graceful. I loved it. 9/10 Adventure River and Blizzard River: I needed these to cool off, love lazy rivers and raft rides are fun. 6/10 NOTES: . Always try to get the blue train on Wicked Cyclone . It took us a half hour to get into the park. VERY slow process. . Food is ridiculously priced. $11.99 for chicken fingers, WITH NO DRINK. I'm packing my own food for the next trip. . Birthday Cake Remix at Cold Stone is ridiculously good. . Superman's wait was 100+ all day. . Nicky's Pizza down the street is unreal. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!
  18. Cyclone at SFNE. While Wicked Cyclone is unbelievable, nothing will beat the first drop ejector on the wooden Cyclone. I miss it so much.
  19. ^ Cyclone at SFNE got a new sign the year it closed too. They put money into that, so I wouldn't be so sure of it. Plus there's other rides in the chain named Splashwater Falls so they could bring the sign there too. I fear about Monster Mansion becoming Justice League. Mindbender isn't going anywhere. I don't think they'd close GASM so abruptly. It's an icon and would honestly be a tough loss for the park considering the GP doesn't know what RMC is. My money is on Splashwater Falls because the one at SFGAdv and SFNE have been removed the past decade.
  20. ^ Also, isn't Mean Streak right next to the road? Wouldn't it be difficult to demolish it during the busy season when that road is in consistent use? Maybe not, but I can imagine it being a problem.
  21. I forgot about that ride!! Thank you!! I'm scared I'll go third week (August 16) and that the whip and the ark will be closed for fright night prep.
  22. Would they be in limited operation third week of August?
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