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  1. RMC vans have been found outside the ride, and I heard it got the green light about 3 months ago.
  2. I experienced the unfortunate event of on train too. Employees and supervisors said it was to cut down maintenance costs. Nothing we can fix or do. The fourth of July was crazy packed and Wildcat ran one train for most of it with a 75 minute wait. Of course, the park finally sucked it up and put the train on.
  3. Let me tell ya, your gonna be my BFFL if we're on the same Cyclone page. Cyclone was neutered because when the park bought the PTC's, it screwed the ride up pretty badly. Lots of stress on the structure, and the first drop was "too rough". Because the Morgans weren't available to them anymore, they got screwed with the PTCs and the drop was neutered and trims were added. I am strongly against neutering wooden coasters but I guess we lost that battle. I heard there are MULTIPLE barrel rolls in the new IC. Oh well. Here might be a video your seeing (Idk if your allowed to post these...) One of my favorite videos of all time. I dream about the noises the ride makes at 1:10 when the wheels struggle Also, look at the girl on the right on the first drop. She freaking flies!
  4. Pictures are on SFNE Online... Cyclone's first drop is getting gutted at the moment.
  5. Congratulations Caesar, riding a woodie over 300 times would be my dream. I wish they did it for SFNE's Cyclone, would've done that in a heartbeat. Very proud of your efforts. We have a lot of respect for you now (not that you didn't have any before) on TPR!! Once in a lifetime experiences fly by. Hope you enjoyed one of the most spectacular ones!
  6. Is this just me or is there a ridiculous amount of coaster closings this year?
  7. First off, kudos to everyone who did the Colossus marathon! Secondly, am I the only one against the idea of iron horsing Colossus and Cyclone at SFNE? They're both park icons and SFI should learn to preserve and maintain the past, not let it it rot! Seems like I'm in the minority, rather I think I'm alone lol.
  8. Good question, I got an email from Jen McGrath answering my question about if parts would be used for Thunderbolt and if I could have a banner. She said that the banners are for charity events which they haven't figured out yet and the cyclone trains future is indefinite and she'll be happy to share with the coaster community when a decision is made regarding the trains.
  9. I'm very proud to announce I am the writer of the story!
  10. I would wait in line, because I'm not wasting 2 hours for nothing but to wait again without a ride.
  11. I think the park be talking B&M Flyer too. It'd be cool. I know this is unrealistic but a Hyper Flying Coaster!!
  12. I am a woodie fanatic too. The steelies aren't my favorite, but I LOVE sooperdooperlooper because of its classic lap bars! it does have unexpected forces, I agree. Yeh, it's a hassle to get to lightning racer. My favorite ride there. Glad to hear you somewhat liked the park. Yeah, the staff is really inefficient, and the operator at wildcat told me to shut up...
  13. My top 3: 3. Canobie Corkscrew at CLP 2. Mind Eraser SFNE 1. Goliath at SFNE These rides are rough and non enjoyable. However, the following ones are rough and enjoyable. I love rough woodies but I've been on three that most enthusiasts hate: 3. Wildcat HP 2. Wildcat LC 1. Cyclone SFNE I loved Cyclone so much. So sad to see it go. That back seat airtime was amazing.
  14. Yeah, maybe by helicopter. Hershey and Kennywood don't service the same markets at all, a lot of people on this side of the state have never even heard of Kennywood. Gotta remember, PA has lots of people on one side and lots on the other and a whole lotta nothing in the middle. Not many people live equally close to the two parks, each draw from different population centers. Exterminator is an excellent attraction and I think it's about time another park gets something on the same level. That's really what I'm hoping for. It doesn't even need Disney-level theming or anything, just spinning around in the dark is lots of fun. Great to know. Thanks for the heads up. I'm not saying Exterminator wasn't good, because the theming was GREAT. You made a valid point about Kennywood though. Thank you.
  15. I have to agree, losing the Skyway is going to suck. SFNE and flats aren't exactly what your would call "BESTIES or SELFIES I understand Skyway is probably harder to maintain. Why? Von Roll is out of business. But losing 2 Riverside attractions in one year sucks. I have to say that I was the biggest Cyclone Junkie EVER. Losing Cyclone is really heart-wrenching to me. Cyclone was very badass. It whipped you, hauled you, rattled you, and most of all, had INTENSE airtime. It's a shame the ride closed down and I hope that next years attraction (SC) will be great, even though I hate the idea and I don't love RMC.
  16. Hi everyone, I thought I'd share this. I don't know how to upload pictures, but if someone can teach me how that'd be great. I have pictures of a Corkscrew marking. There are apparently 4 around there. My friend took it. BTW, Canobie is my home park, I live relatively close to it, 35 minutes. Yankee Cannonball was my first coaster and remains in my top 5 to this day.
  17. ^ I'm really sorry, I don't have an answer for that. I've only been in June and July. Anyone following the Hershey 2015 announcement? These hints are making me think something like Exterminator at Kennywood. I don't know how I feel about that, because Kennywood is only 2 1/2 hours away... IMO, wouldn't make much sense. I'm guessing it's going to be located in the current Midway Tent spot next to Wildcat in Midway America. Thoughts? Disagrees? Let me know!
  18. Hi everyone, my name is CanobieFan. I'm a 14 year old amusement park freak of nature. Haha. I've been on over 40 coasters throughout the United States. I have been obsessed since my first coaster, the Yankee Cannonball, in 2010. I love sharing what I know about roller coasters. I will say this ahead of time: I am a serious Wooden coaster junkie, and I have a strong hatred against neglecting, neutering, or demolishing a woodie no matter how bad it is. Needless to say, RMC isn't my best friend. My favorite woodie (beside El Toro of course) was Cyclone at SFNE. My favorite steel is Steel Force at Dorney. Thanks for reading and I can't wait to post!!! --CanobieFan
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