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  1. I had a dream where I went to the last day of Conneaut Lake after a Nationals track meet. I went to blue streak, and it had two sides. I went on the original side of the ride (the current blue streak) on the original train. It picked up speed too much and we all went flying up in the air on the second hill. The wood snapped. So I went on the 2nd side (different ride) with the NAD trains, and it had the layout of right after the lift on Thunderbolt at Kennywood and coming into the turn the train flew off and ran out onto the highway. I was really freaked out Lol.
  2. I had issues on other forums about my opinion of Cyclone's closing at SFNE. I'm not gonna mention the forum out of respect, but I think they may have a clue who it might be. Anyways, When the markings were found, I instantly felt a part of my crushed and I expressed that thoroughly. They were all like "Time to go!" or "Too rough!!!" Cyclone wasn't rough at all to me in the back, if anything, it's called INTENSITY. There is a difference! Cyclone was Intense, not rough! Maybe I really am in minority, I just thought it wasn't as rough as SFNE geeks said it was... Oh well! Wildcat at Hershey is my favorite ride there. Such a fun ride! It's not rough at all, maybe one point where a helix ends into a dip it hurts in the back. Other then that, it's not a back breaker! Unfortunately, my body can't take the new trains on Goliath at SFNE.
  3. So, the lift hill is gone, steel beams for Iron Horse going out of the station. First drop gone, station to lift gone, the track above the lift is gone. Courtesy of SFNE Online.
  4. I find it funny how they're closing Colossus on NRCD
  5. Hi! The ride is located where the kiddie rides currently are. The Granny Bees and the Pony Carts will be relocated, and the mini train will be in storage.
  6. Okay, whatever this is, it's getting me HYPED!! It seems to be a classic with a twist!! OMFG Yes!!! :
  7. Whalom used to have one of those. The Bouncer. The clowns, etc. whalompark.homestead.com/APAGES/BOUNCER.html
  8. I support them keeping up with the times, but don't you think they should keep some nostalgia? I mean it's really cool to ride something your parents or grandparents have ridden.
  9. I love this quote, and this definitely shows a ride doesn't have to be glass smooth to be fun. I also would've loved to ride SOB with the loop. Have I mentioned Cyclone...?
  10. SFNE honestly is ruining everything nostalgic! I've honestly kinda lost hope for the park when (THE BEST RIDE EVER) Cyclone was removed. Now skyway? Why two Riverside attractions in 1 year? Really!
  11. I've heard nothing about Flashback being removed. If it was being removed for IC it would have closed by now IMHO. I have heard rumors Skyway is counting down its days.
  12. Dorney is kinda like SFI's SFA. I think they would relocate a Windseeker here. Now don't get me wrong, if they restored Thunderhawk I'd make Dorney a pit stop yearly. If it was retracked and got rid of the stupid trim brakes, it would have some AMAZING ejector (OMFG Ejector) in the front!
  13. Ahhh, I see what you did there. Yeah a 4D would be sick. SF had a bad experience with one before (X) so I don't think they'll install another prototype 4D anytime soon.
  14. Jen McGrath has said on a live chat they want to bring the "Big S" back to the park within the next few years. Idk about Goliath's old train. Wouldn't be surprised to see it leave soon.
  15. Glad to hear you liked Canobie. It seems your a nostalgia junkie too, so welcome to the club! That picture of Yankee that's black and white I'm in love with it!! Yankee Cannonball is my #4 coaster after being on 45+.
  16. The ride itself and the trains were a huge gamble when built. It was the first hyper coaster! Arrow had to test separate trains. Obviously there are flaws, and we don't know what it would take to put padding on the lapbars. Probably not much, but these trains could be more complex then you think! After all they were a prototype!
  17. I'm not answering your question. I'm just going to post when I think SF just took things TOO FAR. In 1997, Mind Eraser was added to Riverside (now SFNE). This already killed some nostalgia the park had. In 1999, all nostalgia was ripped out of the park and hellevator was added and a bunch of new inverting flat rides. The Speedway was ripped out for DC area, Cyclone was neutered. Cyclone was then not maintained with Thunderbolt. Cyclone bought horrible new trains. In the mid 2000's, the Ferris Wheel was ripped out and the flume. Two upcharges were added. Now most flats have been removed and Cyclone's been removed. I think since the late 90's.
  18. Finally, I'm not alone! I went on Nitro (A Train) and it was so boring! I felt no floater, no laterals, no FORCES! I don't like B&M at all.
  19. Hey guys, If you've learned anything about me is I'm a strange bird. I'm in love with amusement park nostalgia. Seeing things from the past come back to an amusement park gives me the fuzzies. Like nuts. Why am I saying that? Because I'm very proud of KD for bringing back the past this year. The singing mushrooms are giving me the fuzzies and the flower clock is just outstanding. A SFI park wouldn't do that. Kudos Cedar Fair!
  20. I am against the Iron Cyclone thoroughly. I mean the scraping noises at 1:10 giga.
  21. I've never been here, but I'm very sad to see Skyrider come to a close. Just one less TOGO.
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