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  1. Sadly, my parents said only those two. The only things I'm mad about missing at Waldameer is Ravine Flyer 2, the Spider, and the Whacky Shack. So again I said Kennywood. Kennywood has a Paratrooper. I seriously can't wait for Jack Rabbit and Thunderbolt, as even though they're old, they seem to have their intense moments. DOUBLE DIP Phantoms Revenge looks intense too. Kangaroo, TURTLE, Noah's Ark, Paratrooper, and the Whip are making me really excited for this park too!
  2. When I say I'm all about the classics, trust me. I mean it. Anyway. I was stuck in a loophole between either KW or KI. I chose Kennywood. Hopefully no one thinks I was pathetic but I LOVE classics and wooden coasters and Kennywood has great wooden coasters and outstanding classic flats. So tell me. Was this a good choice? Or should have I gone with KI? Plus, we're going to Cedar Point after one of these parks.
  3. Yankee Cannonball- Canobie Lake Park Sure it's not the most thrilling coaster, but it's extremely fun! In the back of the train you get ejector on a couple hills. It's cool how it stretches into the parking lot. Great classic coaster. Skull Mountain: Six Flags Great Adventure I went on this ride expecting the most boring experience ever. I was dead wrong. I sat in the back and got MASSIVE ejector air on the first drop. This ride is crazy. Gatekeeper- Cedar Point. Before I go on, let me just mention I hate B&M. They make forceless coasters with no entertainment (the recent ones). But dang did Gatekeeper come through! It was extremely fun. The hang time on the first drop was crazy. The airtime hill had decent floater. I grayed out after the first drop. The key elements were so fun! Overall, this is my most underrated coaster besides... MAGNUM XL 200: CEDAR POINT Oh. My. God. This ride is my #1 coaster. This ride is extremely intense with violent, jerky movements. The ending airtime is the best airtime I've ever experienced. If only they got new restraints, this ride would be world class. Like I'm talking top 10.
  4. The Great Escape, Michigan's Adventure and Dorney Park are screaming for new coasters. Funtown Splashtown U.S.A in Maine could use one. The last one they built was Excalibur a long time ago (minus the wild mouse replacing the Galaxy.)
  5. Untamed at Canobie Lake Park. This ride is loved by the GP and I think even enthusiasts find the ride great. I find it pretty dull. I don't ever feel forces. There's no airtime and the headbanging in the helix stinks. I prefer Corkscrew to it simply because the first drop in the back has airtime and I feel force on the second corkscrew.
  6. When the SFNE Cyclone was wooden, there were some worries. First off, on the first drop, you could see the back car (slightly) lift a bit off the track. Obviously it was fine, just the main wheels of the back car. Most coasters do this when there is a snap or strong curve on an airtime hill. After, going into the turns, the structure swayed relentlessly. Pretty scary, similar to the dance rattler did when the trains went up that ridiculous hill. The turns on Cyclone yelled as the train slowly went through them, leaving me to think the train would stall. The turn after the third drop slammed you and it made me scared the train would come off the track. When the first trim was off, the drop where the double reversing banked airtime hill is today would slam you and make a funny noise as if the trains were failing to make the drop. The hill after where the second trim brake was if it was off would make a loud bang and you could see the front wheels lift a bit from the not banked track. Cyclone was a scary ride to watch and ride if you were in the front and back. Similar to Rattler, there's a reason it's now Wicked Cyclone
  7. I'm glad to see the park restore this classic ride. Very unlike Six Flags to put money into an old ride, but I'm not complaining. I live near SFNE (like 4 hours but its still the closest Six Flags park near me...) and this is much more exciting than Bizarro turning into Superman. What I would love to see is classic lights on the loop like Corkscrew at Cedar Point. I'd go crazy! No trims please! The new train looks unreal if that's what they're really doing!
  8. LOL, seeing as Cannibal was built by lagoon (in-house!!!!!), I doubt it Has anyone checked the Golden Horse Web site? There could already be a Chinese knock-off version available. What's that?
  9. Whalom Park from lunenburg Ma. My parents talk about how fun that place was... Flyer Comet looked like one hell of a frightening ride. Looked totally unsafe. And tons of classics at the park too.
  10. I can't see it... where exactly is this part of the coaster?
  11. Is the slide going in the former SkyRider spot? Sorry, not very familiar with this park.
  12. This made my day. Thanks so much! El Toro obv sucks. El Diablo's gonna kick it's bum!!! Joker's Chaos Coaster is absolute perfection Rolling Thunder is the best coaster in the country hands down. Screw Bizarro, Millennium Force, and El Toro! Intimidator is not thrilling. A 10 foot swing ride made me piss myself though! That Sky Ride nearly made me scream of terror. Such a horrifying, once in a lifetime experience.
  13. I too agree it would fill a huge gap and would be the ideal addition for Canobie.
  14. Yankee Cannonball in October... I NEED TO RIDE A COASTER. OFFSEASON SUCKS.
  15. I'm sorry but everyone is so overthinking this haha. Just let it happen.... Either way I'm so excited for this Dive Coaster!
  16. Very true. It's a family run park though (correct me if I'm wrong) so maybe they had extended family come watch their coaster. In all seriousness it takes a lot of commitment to do that. Kudos to them!
  17. People are currently walking outside to their cars from the maintenance buildings. I'm guessing it's done testing for the night.
  18. That tower though.... An amusement park should totally do that!! (EPCOT COUGH COUGH)[vine][/vine]
  19. I'm sorry, but is that blue hill another layout change?? LOVIN all the layout changes!!
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