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  1. Travis Scott is releasing limited edition AstroWorld merchandise everyday for 24 hours, staff tee shirt available today for the next hour until the next set drops. https://shop.travisscott.com Couldn't find an AstroWorld thread to post in.
  2. http://shop.dismaland.co.uk/shop/ Dismaland now has an online storefront if you want to buy a Dismaland T shirt. Only open for the run of the show. 20 GBP for adult shirts 10 GBP for kids + shipping (which can be expensive outside the UK).
  3. I went for three sessions over a day and a half. One day session would be long enough, but I did travel a long way, so I indulged. I did leave early the 2nd day and went 20 minutes away to visit Brean Leisure Park and got three coaster credits in. I didn't think the park was commenting on theme parks. It was commenting on the way our world is heading and what we are and aren't doing about it. Putting these topics in a fun family environment makes them more striking and starts the conversations about immigration perils, consumerism aimed at children, tabloid culture, .....
  4. OK. Helped a friend get two tickets for this Thursday show at 11:00 Sept 10. They are not going to be able to use them now, stuck in Amsterdam. So... 2 free tickets up for grabs for Thursday (tomorrow) at 11 am Please PM Me if you can use them.
  5. Security check going into Dismaland. Remember, no smiling. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Dismaland castle walthrough is very powerful. Warning, video containers strobe lights. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Grim Reaper bumper car dance [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Jimmy Cauty's Afternath Displacement Principle was a highlight of the exhibition. The large scale and attention to the small details was impressive. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Banksy's horse meat carousel. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  6. On Friday nights Dismaland does concerts at the park. When I was there it was Hip hop DJ's peanut Butter Wolf and DJ Yoda w/ Breakbeat Lou. PBW was really good. There was a surprise guest appearance, Yasiin Bey formerly known as Mos Def joined PBW for a freestyle rap session and then his DJ Producer joined him for some new unreleased material. It was a great performance. His in between song banter was fun, but not taped by me. Here are two songs I did tape. I heard that last nights Run the jewels performance was followed by an announced Fatboy Slim set. Rumor has it that Portishead will pop up in two weeks. Followed by the announced closing set with Massive Attack. Again if you are thinking about going, go. The park really is that amazing. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  7. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Happy workers. Win some bling. Hook a duck from the muck and win a cardboard fish finger. Of course I played a round. Toxic miniature golf There was a scandal in the UK where horse meat was added to beef some ended up in grocery store lasagna. Here the carousel horse is being butchered Oh that Banksy. Deflated for the flight home. The balloons are reselling on eBay for crazy prices so now they only sell them to children. I was able to talk the staff into selling me one. Not for eBay. A great memento from the show Watch the documentary. The boat game was boats of refugees trying to flee to a better country. Sad. Very sad. Knock the anvil over with a ping pong ball and win the anvil. I hit it a couple times and it didn't budge. I think they are cheating with glue or something
  8. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. Damian Hirst piece at the main hall. The staff is so bored. A highlight for me was the Jimmy Cauty Aftermath Displacement Principle diarama. The scale was overwhelming and the detail was phenomenal. Life after a city riot with only the police left. A new Banksy piece Always wondered how they made those carousel horses so lifelike Palestinian artist who staged a protest at the show when he found out that an Israel artist who had been in the military had art included as well. Can't we all just get along. Always wondered how artists got such fine details on those landscapes. Saudi Arabian female artist who is commenting on the plight of undocumented workers in her country. Enough said Coming from Dubai it was nice to see some artists from the Middle East represented. Queue up Jeff Gillette does work inspired by Disney and the fall of humanity. He had a few pieces here including the souvenir poster
  9. Figured out that I don't need to use a file share service to post photos. I'll try this again. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Security won't let you in if you are smiling. They will detain you until you stop smiling. Surprisingly difficult to not smile. Sold out everyday The employees are the best part of Dismaland. They bring it to life with their apathy and attitudes. No unicorns either The help Unfortunately you could not ride with him. It was a choreographed piece set to music Grim reaper having fun The crowds Blue skies and fun awaits. Everything at security is made of cardboard. Amazing detail Banksy repurposed porpoise. Me In the queue
  10. Went to Dismaland last week. Flew from Dubai Wednesday overnight got into London Heathrow at 10 in the morning. Swing by Thoroe Park for a quick ride frenzy in 2 hours. Then drove the 2.5 hours to Weston Suoer Mare. Checked in the B&B, dropped my bags and headed down for the evening session at Dismaland. The Park is open daily from 11-6 and from 7-11. All tickets are presold with a timed entry time of either 11,2,7 & 9. All tickets are sold through the Dismaland.co.uk website a week at a time and sell out within an hour. I had tickets for Thursday at 7 and Friday at 11 and 7. The park is amazing. It truly is one of the best Theme Parks I have been to. I put it up there with Tokyo Disney Sea as far as bringing the theme to life. If you can get tickets and get to the park, go. It really is a once in a lifetime theme park experience. Banksy has curated an art exhibit that is a living theme park. The art is stunning and the overall message of the direction our planet is going in is powerful. It is very funny at times and at times sad and insightful. The castle walktthrough is not to be missed. They take a green screen photo as you enter and they sell the souvenir photo of you standing behind the paparazzi at the carriage accident of the princess. There she is dead with the birds trying to lift her up by her dress tie strings. The audio is of the papparazi cameras, emergency vehicles, and the birds tweeting. Very emotional thake on Pricess Diana's death. Of course I bought the souvenir photo. Now onto the photos EDIT: Reposted photos in larger format starting 4 posts below. Original upload was from a file server in a smaller file format. Reading the FAQ it seemed like I needed to do that, but I guess I didn't.
  11. Went to the park on Wednesday, had a wonderful time. It is still a new park and needs some time to grow. Erawan the drop tower was still down. Darkmare had multiple down times during the day, but it was my favorite attraction at the park. It is a great mix of dark ride and roller coaster featuring never in America graphics and theme. Altair was very fast and the four heartline turns in a row were disorienting. Rode the front and back seat, the back was very rough for a new coaster and shuttered the entire ride, the front seat was smooth. The lap bar only restraint was a plus. The addition of the cable lift made the ascent to the top quick and adds to the fast pacing of the ride. The park was empty, hopefully they have a plan to make it through the first few months. I was usually the only rider on every ride I took, at the most there would be two others on a ride with me. The shows had bigger crowds, though the largest crowd I saw for the day was for Enigma and it was less than 100 in a huge theater. Enigma was a very good show and worth checking out. I enjoyed the All in 15 Minutes show as well. A good song driven dance review. All the show casts were very talented and a notch above many other theme park shows. Food quality is worth mentioning as well. High quality at a reasonable price (for a theme park). By comparison, Rainbow Magicland was busier the day before but still slow by summer theme park standards. Another nice park that is worth checking out. Shock is a great coaster and very re-rideable. Puts Rip Ride Rocket to shame. Plenty to do. Again most rides were a walk on. If there was a line just come back an hour later and it would be gone. They have added a walkthrough haunted house on the right side of the entry plaza. A fun addition that probably stuck around from a Halloween event.
  12. I wondered where Mango had gone. I'm happy to see that he owns a restaurant and roller coaster now. You can't-a-have-a de Mango.
  13. Freedom Flyer is lap bar only and super smooth. Agreed. The seats were comfy and no head banging like at Cypress Gardens. Still came off a bit dizzy.
  14. Great ride tonight. What a fun coaster. Fast and had me smiling the whol way. Fun Spot have got themselves a hit. The ride attendants were great as well. They were letting me know which seats they thought were the best to ride. Got to ride it six times in a row, no wait. Freedom Fighter was not my favorite. Rode it once and felt it.
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