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  1. John Miller (created up stop wheels) Anton Schwartzkopf (first successful looping coaster) Alan Schlike (first SUCCESSFUL inverting wooden coaster) Herbert Schmeck (World famous PTC designer)
  2. Goliath at SFNE. The new train hurts like bloody hell!
  3. And this is actually not even close to be accurate either. The two sides are different...VERY different. It will be like riding Smiler where you have an entire experience that's broken up by a lift hill. While I agree with those saying that I'd rather have a 4,500 foot ride that happens all at once, that concept for Colossus doesn't exist and what we currently have is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better than the old Colossus, which hasn't been a good ride since 1985. I'm not a huge fan of having a lift hill in the middle of a coaster, but that doesn't mean I not/wasn't a fan of rides like Big Bad Wolf, The Beast, Smiler, Takabisha, Big Thunder Mountain, etc.... I have to agree with Robb on this one unfortunately. Twisted Colossus is unique because it has VERY different sides, and it looks HELL of a lot better then the original Colossus, and I'm a wooden coaster preserver!
  4. WC. Looks absolutely insane. The airtime looks greater then Colossus.
  5. Low and behold, your announcement audio! It's the Riverside Cyclone 1996 video by Jay Ducharme from 1:15 on in his video! See? Takes an ultimate Cyclone geek to notice that!
  6. Low and behold, your announcement audio: Listen to the noise on the first drop. Here it is!! Also the ending of this is periodically thrown in there.
  7. My all time favorite video, and it describes the best ride I've ever ridden. I've been on over 50+ coasters, Cyclone remains my #1. I love and miss you Cyclone.
  8. Dat Fruit Punch doe.... Anyway, how's construction on Thunderbird comin' along?
  9. I'm sure they know EXACTLY why. They aren't stupid. I don't mean to come across rude, but they honestly don't. Our sites would actually like to get along. They have no idea why they are blocked, and other sites are apparently experiencing this. Maybe something happened behind the scenes. But in all honesty, as part of SFNE Online some time ago, we have no idea what's we did wrong. If our sites worked together, I bet this thread would be the most reliable.
  10. I'm surprised people aren't mentioning Thunderhawk at Dorney Park! I love a good ol rough wooden classic, but this thing downright hurt! I had a nasty nasty bruise. The back on the bottom of the first drop vibrates badly. And the turn going into the final bunny hops slams you violently everywhere. Wildcat looked extremely smooth at Hershey compared to that. I think I can now take anything on!
  11. On another forum, a person was banned from SFNE today for taking a picture of a roller coaster. More info soon... EDIT: He was OFF PARK PROPERTY, across the street, and took a pic of Cyclone. He was then banned.
  12. Amazing job Caesar. It's great to hear you took on the challenge. I would guess Apocalypse was awful after riding the tamer Colossus. I would've loved SFNE to do this with Cyclone.
  13. I've always loved Cyclone. Not just because it closed.. I see Rye Playland's airplane.
  14. It's probably not Cyclone. Cyclone's structure was swaying beyond belief it's final day. It'd be cool to see it shipped, and I would definitely go to Texas to ride it ( ), but realistically, SFI would be better (saving money I hate RMC...) by just rebuilding it from scratch. Plus, Cyclone is getting Iron Horsed.
  15. Conneaut, as much as I love it's classic atmosphere, didn't compete well with the times. They overexpanded with the water park and it killed business. Oh well. I hope Canobie buys the paratrooper!
  16. PLEASANT Superman at GADV: I heard this ride was pretty meh, but I enjoyed it a lot, esp. in the pretzel loop! Yankee Cannonball at CLP: INTENSE ride with some pretty legendary ejector! In the back, the airtime is almost El Toro level! I thought I was gonna die! Wildcat at Hershey: I hated this ride the first year I went there. This year it was rough, but so fun!! The roughness just gives you the OMFG-I'M-SCARED feeling! Rock on Wildcat! UNPLEASANT Corkscrew at CLP: Ouch!! This thing hurts like hell!! Get rid of it! Please!
  17. My friends knuckles were bleeding after this, and I hit my head. I'm good with the Zipper.
  18. Amazing Trip Report! I've been to all of those parks except the one in RI and Six Gun. Yeah, I'm still calling it that, I'm used to it. Santa's is one of my favorite theme parks, I love Christmas, so that's like paradise to me. Canobie I went to Tuesday, and please tell me you rode the back. The airtime is just unbelievable! Almost El Toro level! Story Land this weekend for little mister Roary. Can you explain how that ride was? I heard the airtime is pretty extreme, especially for a park like Story Land.
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