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  1. I'd say the El Locos have a pretty kickass layout, as does Avalanche/HellCat. I'm really looking forward to the PolerCoaster, I think it's a neat concept!
  2. Same here!! I haven't experienced an RMC yet, and the thought of having one only an hour away is amazing!!
  3. ^That's not a bad idea, but really I think the NBA should just downsize in general. Eliminate a few teams, adjust the conferences accordingly.
  4. While I agree that Thibs SHOULD let the Bulls tank but won't, you're not guaranteed a good lottery pick even with a bad record. Ibelieve we had a .5% chance of getting the #1 pick the year we did and selected D Rose. Not saying it will happen, but you never know. I personally think they need to shop Luol Deng and dump Boozer after this year.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all my TPR friends!! I hope you all have a great one! I'm thankful for discovering this awesome site, for Robb, Elissa, and the mods for keeping it running, and that my home park will have an AWESOME RMC for 2014!!!
  6. DanM64

    TPR Calendar

    LOLOL!!! I love it! Man boobs galore! That is far better than any standard coaster/theme park calendar. Bring it back!
  7. My most missed ride by far is Shockwave at SFGAm. It was the first "big" coaster I ever rode, and I loved it until the end I miss SkyWhirl at SFGAm too. Very unique! I never got a chance to ride Tidal Wave, either. Sad I missed that one also. A few others: Disaster Transport Tomb Raider at KI (in it's first few years when it ran insane mode) SOB with the loop I really liked the Steel Phantom also. I'm not TOO upset about it, though, because I like Phantom's Revenge even better!
  8. I have yet to ride Ravine Flyer II. I hope to some day, though! I'm ridden Voyage early in the season when it ran well, and it was awesome!! I've also ridden it late in the season when it was running really rough. Less enjoyable, but still decent. Hades was my favorite back when it was new and in good condition. I haven't ridden the 360 version and don't plan too. There aren't many coasters I'll skip- but Hades is one of them. It's really a shame what it's become.
  9. DanM64

    TPR Calendar

    This may be the dumbest idea ever, but I thought of it earlier today and figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Have you ever considered making and selling some sort of TPR calendar? There are so many great photos of theme parks and coasters on TPR that I think would make up an awesome calendar. I know you both put in a TON of work into the site already, and I'm not sure if it would be too much work or too expensive to develop, or even if anyone would be interested in one, but I just thought it would be a cool idea.
  10. Boomerang: Vampire at Kentucky Kingdom (1998) Invertigo: Face/Off at Kings Island (2000) GIB: Deja Vu at SFGAm (2002) SLC: T2 at Kentucky Kingdom (1998) Roller Skater: Spacely's at SFGAm (1999) Flying Dutchman: Firehawk at Kings Island (2012)
  11. Thank God it's not Chang!! Six Flags removing Chang is the best thing they could've ever done for KK, IMO. I despise stand ups, and while it was better than most, it was still pretty "meh". Lightning Run looks great! Now if only they would remove T2! I am one of the few that actually enjoys most SLCs, and even I thought T2 was terrible.
  12. All of the coaster trains look great. That GCI looks like an amazing coaster!!
  13. Great report so far! El Loco's trains look so much more comfortable than the ones on Steel Hawg. Can't wait to see the Goliath train photo!
  14. It looks like I'll be making a trip to Louisville this summer! I'm really happy that Lightning Run is getting built. The only Morgan hyper I've ever been on is Phantom's Revenge, which I feel is highly underrated, and one of my favorite steel coasters. If LR is anything close- it looks to be even better- I think it will be a great addition to Kentucky Kingdom.
  15. ^ I had to avoid all media outlets after the Bears loss. WAYYYYY too much stupidity from people! I have no idea why they left Cutler in for as long as they did, but I understand why he kept himself in. He takes a TON of criticism for being "soft", and I really believe that's why he rushed himself back and wouldn't quit. Trestman should've pulled him out before the first half was evem over, that's on him. I feel like everyone completely overlooked the fact that they couldn't run the ball at all! That was the real reason we lost that game.
  16. Sorry to get the thread off topic, but I HAD to step in! I LOVE Portillo's- I have nearly every Portillo's restaurant location credit minus the Cali ones and 2 of the newest ones here in Chicago. Their hot dogs are the best anywhere! In addition to the dogs, fries, and shakes as Joey mentioned. Also make sure to try the italian beef sandwich, and tell them you want it "dipped" in the beef gravy if you're eating in the restaurant- the soak the bun in the gravy and it makes it even better. If you're taking it to go order it with "extra gravy" and your bun will be thoroughly soaked by the time you get home In addition to the italian beef, the italian beef and sausage combo sandwich is also fantastic, and so are their tamales. I now know where I'm going for lunch tomorrow, thanks a lot!
  17. Man, I'm pretty jealous of the Deja Vu postcard. I'd gladly reimburse anyone that picked one up for me!
  18. Thanks for all the pictures! This ride looks like it's going to be a blast!
  19. ^That's what I thought, thanks for the confirmation. It's a shame more GIBs haven't been built, I really enjoy them. It seems they run rather reliably outside of Six Flags controlled parks. Hopefully if the Sochi one runs well more will be built. Since you brought it up, the world could use a LOT more Intamin pre-fabs as well .
  20. Isn't the GIB still in production by Vekoma? It was my understanding that both this GIB and the one built at Jin Jiang a few yewrs back were both brand new coasters built by Vekoma. I could be wrong though.
  21. #150- X Flight at SFGAm. I only know that because it was this year. I don't keep track of the milestones at all, my credit count is exact though.
  22. A few of the first slides were just a bit fast for me, too, and I'd say I'm probably an "average speed" reader. I'm not sure if the timing was a bit better or if the captions were shorter, but the pacing from the middle to the end seemed perfect. I LOVED the Vine videos you put in, also. I think this is a really good idea, and for your first TR video it was really well done! I'm always happy to read TR's, and this is a cool way to present them. I enjoy the TR's you do in all forms, and I really appreciate all the time you put in making them.
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