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  1. Chuck, I'm glad you brought up SFGAm's Dark Knight. I would consider it an underrated coaster too, or at least one that doesn't deserve the bad rap it gets. All the "enthusiasts" complain about it. Yes, it's not Skyrush, but it was never intended to be. It was built to be for families, and I think it's a great family coaster. I don't have any children, but my girlfriend and I enjoy it, and ride it every time we visit. The effects are actually pretty darn good by Six Flags standards, and it's a fun ride. I know a lot of people argue that having 2 mice in the same park (though not for much longer) is stupid, I think that even though both are wild mouse coasters, the ride experiences are completely different. There are enough people that prefer to not spin that I feel justifies having Dark Knight.
  2. Updated my list. I'll only count the ones that got completely scrapped since I've been on a bunch that were relocated. Here we go: Python- BGA Shockwave- SFGAm- This also is the one I miss the most Great American Scream Machine- SFGAdv Wildcat- CP Disaster Transport- CP Big Dipper- Geauga Lake Double Loop- Geauga Lake Raging Wolf Bobs- Geauga Lake Villian- Geauga Lake Son of Beast- KI Steel Phantom- Kennywood (sorta cheating since it's sortakinda still there) High Speed Thrill Coaster- Knoebels Whirlwind- Knoebels Rolling Thunder- SFGAdv
  3. ^I love Exterminator!! As already mentioned- Phantom's Revenge and Blue Streak are underrated. I feel the same way about Ride of Steel at Darien Lake as well. While it's not as good as some other Intamins, I enjoy it far more than any of the B&M hypers I've been on.
  4. Thanks to everyone for all the great reports and pictures!! I'm really looking forward to riding Flying Turns next year. I'm glad Knoebels stuck with it, this is exactly why I visit just about every year.
  5. ^I agree with Bill- it HAS to be El Toro's hill over the former Rolling Thunder.
  6. Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Great America. The best coaster will change very soon though!!
  7. ^I was just posting that up. Very sad, indeed.
  8. Lol!!! . You speak the truth!! Honestly, I think they're just getting ready to try and bring Joe Girardi in, but we'll see.
  9. Being a Cubs fan, I think I can realistically scratch out any hope for the 2014 season already . Let the quest for pitching begin!
  10. Interesting topic! I think SoB is by far the biggest coaster fail of all time. I would say that since SoB was built, I would say that Gwazi and Hypersonic SLC are probably tied IMO. Hypersonic SLC cost more to build and didn't last as long, but with all the work Gwazi has been given over its life I would think it probably has more money invested in it now than KD put into SLC, and I consider Gwazi a bigger attraction than SLC as well.
  11. Netflix FINALLY decided to offer "SuperHD" and 3D movies to all subscribers, instead of just ones with certain internet providers. Finally- Netflix content in 1080p!
  12. Kingda Ka, TTD, Skyrush, and El Toro. Those rides are all insane, I Intamin.
  13. Six Flags Great America- Kaiser's Pizza and Pub- only a 5 minute drive from the park. I haven't been there in a few years, but the pizza was great when I last went, on Mondays the offer 1/2 price pizza, and Tuesdays-Thursdays they offer an all you can eat pizza special! Kaiser's Pizza and Pub- 1801 Illinois Highway 21 Gurnee, IL (IL-21 is also called Milwaukee Ave/Riverside Drive) If you head east on Grand Avenue from I-94 (or a right turn onto Grand if you're leaving the Great America from the main entrance), the first stoplight you come to after the park's main entrance will be IL-21. Take a left at that light, and Kaiser's is about a mile up the road on your right side. http://www.kaiserspub.com/
  14. The pulled pork sandwich at the Reds Hall of Fame Grill in Kings Island was good- and the back patio has great views of Diamondback's splashdown. My favorite theme park item is the cheesesteak sandwich at Kennywood right across from the Jack Rabbit and Skycoaster ticket booth. Amazing!
  15. ^I wish all B&M hypers had the kicker hill. Bull's drop is far better than Diamondback's or Nitro's. ^^I haven't had a chance to ride a Mega Lite yet- hopefully some day! Skyrush's drop is crazy too, but there's just nothing like flying over Maverick's first drop. Good call on the last row, Maverick's drop is the best in the back row!
  16. My all time favorites are 24 and Seinfeld, I love Family Guy and House of Cards, too.
  17. I run [drive] freight trains every day, so I hate them! Seriously though, there's no sound in the world like a nice K5LA horn!
  18. Looks like "Tiny", the giant spider that used to be placed on American Eagle's helix during Fright Fest will be returning for this year! The park made this teaser video and the following picture: Tiny is back!
  19. ^^LOL!! I would guess none of the salvaged stuff smells any worse than the homes of half of Carnival's customers.
  20. I bet Carnival re-uses that fuel. Awesome pictures of the recovery so far- thanks everybody!
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