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  1. My only problem ith the preshow was the fact that they didn't have queues in the preshow room, so everybody would shove towards the door. GAdv's is much better since they have the queues. If GAm added the queues I wouldn't mind if they brought the preshow back, but since they never did I'm glad it's gone.
  2. That light machine at the very end of TDK always used to breal when I was working it a few years ago. I don't think it worked at all in 2011 the few times I was there, wouldn't be suprised if they just disabled it. Hopefully they'll get all of the theming for it back up and running (minus the preshow, of course! Leave that thing broken forever!)
  3. I agree 100%. There are already more than enough B&M's in the park. I'd love to see another Intamin sprinkled in, and some form of blitz coaster for fit in perfectly in that spot I would imagine. Nothing wrong with you Bayern Kurve idea either, Cameron!
  4. Thnaks for all the great info! I think you're spot on with Whizzer. If it were to get stuck on the brake by the lift and you had just dispatched another train ypu'd be in quite a pickle, as I know for a fact that if the computer or the operator stop the train on the lift it is impossible to start it up again, you have to push that train all the way to the top manually!! Bet that would be fun. So in that case, you'd be pushing 2 different trains!
  5. The way the computers are set up on the older rides make the dispatch intervals different for 2 trains vs. 3. I can't speak for certain on Eagle, but I know for a fact that Whizzer will set up unless you wait to dispatch the train out of the station after the train on the course clears the block brakes right near the lift. This is why you will see the train just sitting loaded waiting to be dispatched.
  6. Pitt Fall was definitely my favorite drop tower- ride in the seats facing the valley and the steel mill and the view was fantastic!! It felt like you were so much higher than you were. I prefer those style drop towers to the gyro drop like the Drop Zones and KI and KD even though they're not as tall, they feel like they drop faster than the gyro drops to me for some reason, even though I know they aren't. Drop Zone is awfully fun too though, as is Giant Drop at SFGAm- on Giant Drop I think the best seats are the ones that face I-94.
  7. Shockwave at SFGAm, and the Scream Machine at SFGAdv- since Shockwave was at my home park I liked it better than GASM but I miss both a lot! I miss Deja Vu at SFGAm too, when it ran, anyway. Hopefully I can get to Silverwood some day and ride it again! Lastly, I actually liked Son Of Beast, and wish it was still around. I also miss the Steel Phantom a lot, but that's tough to put on the list because I love Phantom's Revenge, too. After looking at my list, I must be a glutton for punishment!!
  8. My vote was for Montu since Vekoma GIBs didn't have their own category. Dueling Dragons used to be ahead of Montu as well, but since they no longer duel I enjoy Montu more. Impulse coasters are also fun, though the ones with working holding brakes are MUCH better. My top 5 Invert list would look like this: 1. GIBs 2. Montu 3. Dueling Dragons (Ice is slightly better than Fire IMO) 4. Impulse coasters (The style like Dorney Park, Valleyfair, and SFGAm) 5. Raptor
  9. I guess I'll be going there twice this year now. Viper backwards does sound like fun!!
  10. Lol!! I couldn't agree more. I don't understand how they have so many rides that aren't ready.
  11. I used to do Shockwave at SFGAm 15-20 times in a row every time I went! I'd guess I did that coaster somewhere between 300-400 times easy. Current coasters would be Raging Bull at least 250 times- but I don't care for it as much any more. They need to turn the trims down.
  12. I was REALLY hoping for an Intamin pre-fab, but a large dive machine would be pretty awesome!
  13. Good to know about X Flight, thanks! I didn't make it there last year at all, and I'm definitely not going until X Flight has both trains working properly, especially if Batman will be running backwards until July.
  14. TTD will close in any rain because not only would it be too painful, but when the track for the catch car gets too much water in it the train will just keep rolling back. Kingda Ka closes in any rain as well. MF in rain would also be pretty painful. If the winds are strong enough off the lake MF and Magnum are likely to valley. This still doesn't explain the other rides though.
  15. Any Zipper, Intamin free fall, and of course the Knoebels skooters!
  16. The last few years I've been there just about every large flat and coaster were all closed in even light rain.
  17. My Mom's family has always loved amusement parks, and they always dragged me along when I was young. That was that!
  18. Glad they finally got the 2nd train done. Anyone know if they ever got X-Flight's 2nd train finished yet? I'll have to head up there soon.
  19. Hey everybody! Been a lurker of the site for awhile, finally decided to join!
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