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  1. I'm most excited to ride my first RMC- Goliath at my home park of SFGAm! It is obviously the coaster I am most looking forward to. I would also like to do a west coast trip sometime in early 2014 since I've never done Knott's, SFMM, or CGA. I am undecided where I'll take my summer trip, the Virginia area is the frontrunner now because I really want to get on I305, though my girlfriend wants to go to Kennywood also- and if I end up going there, I'll HAVE to do Knoebels and ride Flying Turns. No reason to not stop at Hershey on the way, also, and get lots more laps on Skyrush. I do have a Dells trip planned as well. I just bought a Waverunner, and really want to ride it in the Dells, but if I do go, I might skip Mt. Olympus altogether. I can just head down the street to Timber Falls to get my coaster fix on a much better one than Mt. O has to offer . I'm REALLY looking forward to the 2014 season!
  2. This is my first year on TPR, but I'm definitely in! My tshirt size is XXL. I enjoy watching movies, riding anything that moves (or flies), and I drive trains as a profession.
  3. Kumba is my favorite. Hulk is REALLY close, though it's been awhile since I've been on it. Sounds like it's gotten more rough since my last trip back in '07.
  4. ^^I agree, but you mentioned there is no good solution to a suspended inverting coaster. The inverted coaster was that solution. They are completely different coaster types, but I don't see any other way to make it work.
  5. ^There is- the inverted coaster! That's why the inverted coaster was created.
  6. The GIBs are fantastic! Sure they break down a lot, and they have horrendous capacity, but they're also a blast. I really like Inve4tigos also.
  7. I purchase maybe 10-20 movies a year- ALL of them Blu Ray. I haven't bought a DVD in about 2 years. I only purchase movies I really like, and I would purchase ANY new TPR stuff- I would prefer Blu Ray, but I would purchase DVD if that was the only format. I don't really purchase any digital downloads. Maybe 2-5 a year at the very most. I prefer hard copies over digital downloads for the most part. Any digital downloads I purchase are through either iTunes or Amazon- I download to my PC and transfer to any devices. Filesize would not be an issue.
  8. Ragin Cajun at SFGAm last night at closing. My last coaster for the 2013 season, as well as my last ride on Cajun- at least until I visit SFA.
  9. ^It was hard to see my last couple visits because they were at night- far too dark for me to be able to take any meaningful pictuee-, but the picnic grove between the Wilderness Theater and the old Iron Wolf site is now gone. There also seemed to be a few footers poured, and they have begun to dig out a trench for the tunnel at the bottom of the first drop. Everything I saw was from the Necropolis walkthrough, you can't see anything but the fence from the former Iron Wolf entrance and the train station- at least at night, anyway. I never visit Fright Fest during the day. The station itself hasn't had any work to it yet. Signs around the park say that it's opening in the summer of 2014.
  10. Ragin Cajun at SFGAm on Thursday night. I am going back to SFGAm tonight and will get my last coaster ride of the 2013 season. Ready for 2014!!
  11. ^That makes sense. I went on Thursday night, the place was dead! X Flight and Raging Bull were down (I assume due to the cold- I know Bull has valleyed before), and Viper was down for a bit, but opened back up, so I was able to ride that at least. Going once more tonight, then no more amusement park trips until 2014!
  12. I usually catch up on the latest Blu Ray/DVD releases, watch the Bears and Bulls games, and work. I would also like to build some shelves in my office to set up all my model airplanes and railroad stuff. If I get to craving some coasters I sometimes take 2 days off work and head up to Mall of America. I do plan on taking a Cali trip sometime early next year as long as the major coasters are all open.
  13. ^At every park I've visited where they assign rows if I ask the grouper for a specific row they always allow me to sit in that row. My pet peeve by FAR are the people that take 5 minutes to put their luggage in the loose article bin. I call it luggage because they bring more into the queue than I pack for a 2 week trip.
  14. Vertical Velocity af SFGAm. It was actually a bit better than I remember it being. It was a 3 train wait last Friday night, and I refuse to wait the 30+ minutes it usually is. They really really need to re-activate the holding brake!!!
  15. I wouldn't get too excited about the Batman effects. The fog hadn't worked in awhile at ours at SFGAm, which they fixed when it ran. When I went to FF over the weekend, now that it's forwards the fog was once again not working both times I rode it. They had replaced the lights on the cop car with LEDs as well, which were still working. At least our sewer fan and audio always worked!
  16. Raging Bull. This hill is great, the rest of the layout is boring, not to mention the heavy trims. I only ride it if both queue houses are empty.
  17. I haven't ridden Full Throttle yet, but I was VERY unimpressed by GateKeeper. I rode it 3 times- all with unlocked vests- and found it forceless and slow. I really don't understand the love people have for these B&M Wing coasters. I've been on all 3 of them in the US and found them all to be disappointing. All of the Premier launched coasters I've ridden I've found to be very enjoyable, so my vote went to Full Throttle.
  18. I haven't had the pleasure of riding a Mega Lite yet, but if they're anything like Skyrush was, then I agree with this! EVERY park!
  19. I'll visit SFGAm once more this season, then that's it until 2014. I'm looking to do my first west coast trip come February 2014.
  20. Those trains look awesome! Just ordered my 2014 Season Pass yesterday. I hope to get in plenty of laps on Goliath in 2014!
  21. I just bought a 2014 Six Flags Gold Pass, if you buy 4 or more the regular $66.99 pass is upgraded to Gold for free, which is a steal! The ONLY reason I bought one is so I can get plenty of laps on Goliath when it opens.
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