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  1. Falcon's Fury looks amazing so far! I'll have to try and get to Tampa in the next couple years. If Gwazi is replaced, I feel that an Intamin or RMC woodie would be a better replacement than a giga. The park already has plenty of steel. Of course I'd have absolutely no problem if they decided to build an Intamin giga! Why does anyone still wish for B&M wing coasters? If you do, I think it's pretty obvious you've never ridden one before. Zzzzzz.....
  2. B&M wing coaster!!!! I'm totally kidding. I really hope for a Virginia Reel or a Steeplechase. Either one would be a perfect fit for the park.
  3. 1. Santa's Village AZoosment Park- 1 hour 2. Six Flags Great America- 1 hour 15 min 3. Indiana Beach- 1 hour 45 min I haven't gone to Santa's Village since I was a kid, though.
  4. ^Yep!! Despite all that, it's "wrong" to let Pete Rose in. The Hall is a joke. As a lifelong Cubs fan, I felt the same way about Ron Santo getting in. If he wasn't good enough to get voted in a whole bunch of times when he is alive, then why all of a sudden is he good enough after he dies? That's stupid. I'd like to know which person it was that submitted a vote for Jacques Jones. He got a single vote. JACQUE JONES!? REALLY!?!?
  5. ^Congrats!! I started a new job on Monday. I'm very happy with the move so far, hopefully everything works out well!
  6. I was one of the few that actually really liked Steel Phantom, but Phantom's Revenge is so good that I have to make it my pick anyway. I do really like the new trains on Hershey's Sidewinder as well.
  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one!!! I enjoy Cornball Express, but I prefer Hoosier Hurricane, too! Hurricane seemed like it had a lot more airtime to me also. Both were very smooth, but I believe RMC did track work to both of them before the start of the season.
  8. Great update, Phil! I'm really looking forward to the next one! I LOVE Indiana Beach. I really hope its ownership problem is sorted out. It'd be a real shame to lose the park. It definitely has a certain charm to it.
  9. ^ All that terrible SoCal weather must hinder SFMM's construction efforts. Goliath is looking great! It still amazes me how much work has gotten done considering how brutal winter has been for us so far. The more I see of this coaster, the more I can't wait to ride it! We're in for another 6-12" of snow tonight, and brutal cold tomorrow night, so I expect there won't be any construction for awhile.
  10. It would be even more hilarious if it wasn't so sad. Seriously, WTF is wrong with this park!? Oh well. YOLO!
  11. I use Facebook the most by far. I do YouTube a lot, also. I follow TPR on both. I don't have an account on any other social networking site besides those 2. I guess I need to get with the times!
  12. ^Probably not a record, close maybe, but still very cold!! We've had a lot of snow and cold already this winter, and they've gotten a lot more work done than I though they would up to this point. I'm really surprised they've built as much as they have!
  13. I'm going to go with Raging Bull, Mean Streak, and American Eagle. That trim on Raging Bull's camelback just destroys the entire rest of the ride. I can't think of any trim in the world I want removed more than that one. It's not like the ride is rough!! It has a bit of rattle, but nothing that warrants having a trim, let alone one that heavy. Mean Streak really ran pretty well this season. The trim on the first drop should really be turned off at this point. It really doesn't jackhammer nearly as much as it used to, so there's not really a reason for the trim anymore. American Eagle. It rode so rough this year I totally get why it's trimmed to death before the big and final helixes. Eagle is an ok coaster when it's smooth and not trimmed. It was way too rough this season. It needs a retrack in spots, then the trims can be turned off and it will be decent again. With the trims it's just boring. Combine that with the roughness and you have one crappy cpaster!
  14. Is the panel Aftershock is currently using the same one it used at SFGAm I wonder? Do you know if that Aftershock pic looks the same as Deja Vu's at SFOG did?
  15. I agree completely with Bob and Joey. I've been against all these rule changes since the beginning. I don't think the game should be changed at all. I feel like there's more than enough information about CTE now. The players are informed enough to know whether or not those long term risks are something they are willing to take or not. No point in changing rules to protect them, because they're still not very protected, anyway. It looks like Jay Cutler is the QB in Chicago for the next 7 years. I love the move! I thought for sure they would franchise tag him, and the tag would've eaten up most of our salary cap space. We have a lot of free agents this season, we need all the cap we can get!
  16. I didn't make it to many parks this year, but here were my top 3. 3. Mystery Mine. I knew it would be fun, but not that fun! 2. Batman backwards! I didn't count namtaB as a new credit, but Batman is a great coaster, and in my opinion it was even better backwards! I hope I get to experiencd one of the other clones with the backwards trains again someday, because I though it rocked. 1. Thunderhead. GCI at its best! Dollywood as a whole was an awesome experience. If it's ok, I'm going to add the 3 I'm most looking forward to in 2014. 3. Volcano: The Blast Coaster. Just a cool looking coaster, and one that's been on my "bucket list" for a long time. 2. Goliath (SFGAm). It will be my first RMC, and it looks like it will be fantastic! FINALLY my home park is getting a coaster that makes me excited to ride. 1. I-305. I fully expect this to be one of the best coasters I will ever ride, and I am practially counting down the days until my KD visit. Here's to what should be a great 2014! Happy New Year, TPR!!
  17. Viper at SFGAm, either on or close to opening day, unless Goliath somehow opens early!
  18. Mine is a pic taken of my and a friend back in September riding TTD. The pic was taken just before a second launch. We rolled back on the first one!
  19. Awesome TR so far, Phil. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip!
  20. Kumba- BGT. One of my all time favorites!
  21. I'd like a few things for SFGAm. My biggest wish for the park would be an interactive dark ride for the Southwest Territory. No superheros, please! Just sometuing that would fit in with the Southwest theme. Yosemite Sam or Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote, perhaps? An interactive dark ride is a huge hole in the lineup, and with X Flight and Goliath being added the last 2 seasons, while at the same time removing Cajun, the park is due for a family oriented attraction. 2nd would be some track work on American Eagle. I can't think of a coaster that runs more inconsistant. When it's running good it's awesome. Last season not so much. Trims all over the place, and the final helix into the station was horrible. It's not a bad coaster when it's running well, but I though it was horrible in 2013. Finally, V2 is in DIRE need of a paint job. The track is somewhat faded, and the supports just look terrible. They shold reactivate the holding brake while they're at it!
  22. ^It's a shame, too. Hades was one of my favorite wooden coasters when it first opened. The layout is awesome (360 version even more so), it just needs a complete retrack. In it's current state it's last on my list as well. I refuse to even ride the 360 version, it's just not worth the torture!
  23. ^^It is really nice that the park president took the time to respond to your email! The videos were very well done Robb. Those flyers look like good ones! Are you always allowed to snap them? Fun Spot seems like a nice park. I need to visit Orlando again soon!
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