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  1. Despite living inly 300 miles away from SFStL, I have never visited the park before. I'm thinking of going sometime in April while I still have weekends off since it's not very far away and I have a 2014 season pass. I was actually throwing around the idea of taking Amtrak because I think it would be cool to ride the high speed rail. Is it easy to get from the STL Amtrak terminal to the park? I am open to renting a car, or taking a bus or any other form of public transportation if possible. I would like to check out the City Museum on the trip as well. Is that easy to get to from Amtrak?
  2. ^Bill already made a good point though. Rather than charge an additional fee, I'm surprised they didn't just leave both parks as one price, but raise the admission say $2-$3. That would make the park more money, since I would guess there are a good number of people that won't pay an extra charge to use the waterpark, and I would bet that most GP wouldn't notice an admission hike. They will definitely notice that something that used to be "free" no longer is.
  3. ^I rode backwards once in the front and twice in the last row at SFGAm. I thought the front was less intense than the front is forwards, but the last row was more intense than it normally is. I didn't find it rough- smooth as glass- or too intense, though. Not even close, in fact. It was a great experience backwards. I hope I can do it again some time! I do have to agree, most Chicagoans ARE wussies!! Then again, you are talking about the same people that think Raging Bull and S:UF are the greatest coasters ever built Has anyone ridden the SFMM namtaB in the last row yet? Curious as to your thoughts.
  4. That's really tough. Star Wars, Back to the Future, and Lord of the Rings are all tied.
  5. Knoebels' train is 24" gauge, and the Zephyr is a good bit more narrow than that. I'd guess the Zephyr is right around 16", but of course that is just a guess.
  6. I thought Batman backwards was one of the most intense rides I've ever had when I did it at SFGAm. Make sure to ride in the last row. I hope I can ride it backwards again some day.
  7. Count me in as one who thought Eagle was awful last year. It hasn't ridden this bad in a long time. When the track is in good shape and they run it with the trims off it's a blast. It needs a LOT of work now though. I'm pretty sure there's practically no chance of it ever getting an RMC makeover with Goliath and all. I'd love to see AE get some work, but if they did decide to take it out that'd be ok, too. I'd miss it just because I've grown up with it in the park, but if it doesn't get any work soon there's really no point to keeping it there.
  8. This is one huge coaster!! I can't even remember the last time I followed a construction so closely. Tha ks to all for posting all these pics!
  9. That looks great!! Very nice job. I'd love to see more!
  10. Florida- Kumba Illinois- Batman: The Ride Indiana- The Voyage Kentucky- Thunder Run Michigan- Shivering Timbers Minnesota- Sponegebob's Rock Bottom Plunge New Jersey- El Toro New York- Ride of Steel Ohio- Maverick Pennsylvania- I honestly can't decide between Skyrush and Phoenix. Tennessee- Thunderhead Wisconsin- HellCat
  11. Holy crap!! That lift hill is AWESOME!!! It looks exactly like a wooden I305/Skyrush. I *LOVE* it!
  12. Yep, that's my choice, too. Maverick's Stengel Dive is a close 2nd though!
  13. I've never ridden Expedition Everest, so I'm going to say Revenge of the Mummy at USO. I really love Montu's theming, too. Everest would be my pick hands down once I finally ride it. I might catch a lot of flack for this, but my choice for worst theming is X Flight at SFGAm. The "hangar" you fly through is the most cheesy thing I have ever seen on a coaster. I don't get it at all. Either build a real hangar and go all out, or just don't spend ANY money on theming. The flat hangar probably cost about $300 in supplies purchased at Loews. It looks embarassing.
  14. Yes. There are 2 backwards train chassis. It took awhile for SFGAm to get it running with 2, so I can only imagine how long SFMM will take!!
  15. LOL!!!! I think Six Flags should make this product their next Vertical Velocity train wrap.
  16. My first car was a 1992 Blazer. I loved that thing!! It rusted away though :-/
  17. I have to go with Flight of Fear which was already mentioned in this thread. I'd say the Batman clones as well, but though small, I don't consider them all that compact.
  18. Could this the one of the greatest coaster replacements ever? Goliath for Iron Wolf is as good a trade as El Toro for Viper was!
  19. ^That looks amazing! I love the color scheme, and it looks to be an awesome ride!
  20. As long as they don't change the cheesesteak across from Jack Rabbit I'm fine with it!!
  21. The commercials this year have been as bad as the game itself! The John Stamos commercial was ok, as well as the Radio Shack and Doritos, but that's been about it. I was really disappointed! It seems like they've been getting worse every year.
  22. I got my Bag of Crap a few days ago. Sorry for the delay, it's been a long week. The package was HUGE!!! Thanks so much Robb and Elissa, you guys didn't have to do that! Totally awesome! The Goods include: 2008 Coaster Solace shirt 2010 AND 2013 WCB shirts TPR bag Roller Coasters in the RAW 1-4!!!! Mystery DVD TPR Ornament and key chain TPR waterproof money holder SeaWorld and WCB event passes (suck it, Blackfish!!) SFKK AND CP Souvenir maps Pens, Mints, chapstick, button, magnets, stickers, and park maps from around the world! The Thank You note and Google Play gift cards were nice touches as well Thanks again, TPR rocks!! There's not a community on the internet that even comes close to this one.
  23. Great shots as usual, Hanno! No love lost for Iron Wolf here, either, or really any stand up for that matter. It used to be fun a long, long time ago. After about 2000 it turned into one of my most hated coasters anywhere. PAIN!!
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