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  1. Just wondering, but could it be Knightmare from Camelot? The park just closed last year.
  2. Glad to see custom El Loco layouts this year! Hopefully this will ride good.
  3. ^ No, it's local news... I remember a time a news station posted that a girl (in her 20s) couldn't figure out her new laptop!
  4. Go god this and Flying Turns, looks like the Mayans were are year off!
  5. ^^ Lets hope it has better luck here unlike at SFA. Link: http://rcdb.com/545.htm
  6. ^ Flying Over the Rainforest is finished, its just waiting for the rest of the park to be finished before it opens.
  7. Any Asian companies (whether it's the Chinese knockoffs or the Japanese companies [TOGO, Meisho, and Senyo]) they just suck at designing coasters...
  8. In my opinion the top ten amusement park failures are: 1. Son of Beast at Kings Island 2. Shoot the Rapids at Cedar Point 3. The Bat at Kings Island 4. Windjammer at Knotts Berry Farm 5. Original GIB (SFMM, SFGAm, SFOG, & Parque de Warner Madrid) 6. Original X at SFMM 7. Orphan Rocker 8. Vertigo at Walibi Belgium 9. Ring Racer 10. Gwazi at BGT
  9. Simple, we get to keep the ride longer and we don't need to worrying about running out of parts soon (like with the Arrow trains).
  10. That is the stupidest rule ever! I I REALLY hate the American court system.
  11. I rode it Saturday one last time, wasn't too bad but wasn't great either I can see why it's being removed.
  12. Surprised no one mentioned Wind Jammer at Knotts Berry Farm yet. IDK what was going through thier minds when they thought "oh let's take out a unique family coaster for a piece of Japanese crap" boy did that backfire...
  13. ^ Viper wasn't used in FD3, it was Corkscrew at Playland Park in Vancouver Canada. Link: http://rcdb.com/319.htm
  14. ^^ Lotte World just got rid of theirs so maybe SF bought it?
  15. This is a great addition for CP, the Gemini Midway really needed a redo and I'm glad we are also getting two new rides as well.
  16. In my opinion , it depends on the coaster. On Modern coasters it doesn't really matter what the restraint is (execpt for OTSR ) as the all will clamp down on you during the ride so adding seat belts doesn't really hurt any value in the coaster. However if you put seat belts on a old coaster (like the Phoenix at Knoebles) it can end up ruining the ride (no more of that "I'm going to fly out" airtime).
  17. ^^ They actually made two! (I know this isn't a B&M but still, its the only wood coaster with a B&M pre-drop)
  18. ^ Its NBC, what do you expect, they want "more worthless regulation for the childern".
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