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  1. That dosen't seem right, perhaps some of that money was themeing? Also remember that a euro is worth about 1.25 american dollars, that the cost of construction is more expensive due to higher wages and government restrictions that we don't have, and the fact that it was built over water (need deeper footers).
  2. Maverick at Cedar Point during sunset has to be one of the most beautiful coasters out there. Blue Fire at Europa Park is another beautiful coaster.
  3. ^^ They made this flyer in China back in 2011 so not too long ago. Sky Scrapper/Starry Sky Ripper at World Joyland
  4. ^ If I remember correctly, the reason Alpengeist has the nose car due to it being so intense when they were testing it.
  5. Guess we found another error! It should be the third biggest! I say it will be a GCI or TGG, also, didn't TGG say they had a client in Europe that wanted a high five wooden coaster? This could be that coaster.
  6. The Great Escape REALLY needs a new coaster, our last non-kiddie coaster was Canyon Blaster (the worlds worst Arrow Minetrian) in 2003, THATS 11 YEARS AGO!!!!!
  7. This literally has to be one of the best themed parks out there, one of the few Chinese parks that followed the concept art.
  8. I would like to see a new coaster in The Great Escape, our last major coaster was Canyon Blaster in 2003.
  9. Really surprised to see this go through, seems they are keeping the colors similar so far.
  10. Get something straight here - no one copied anyone. The track is designed for the ride, regardless of what manufacturer makes it. There aren't any "honor codes" that I know of, unless there's a patent involved. But, if you REALLY want to get technical - Premier's track uses a square cross-sectioned tie in the shape of a hollowed-out triangle. Intamin's track uses tubes that start wide and get narrow as they approach the running rail, and the rails are connected by tubes, creating the tie. Maurer's track in that application is two-rail for the most of the layout, and the only reason why it looks like Premier's track is because they used a spine for the top hat, loop and corkscrew - probably so they didn't have to support it as much - and needed some way to connect the rails to the spine. Again, I'm filing this one under things that really "don't matter", especially considering that Intamin still uses the box/triangle track that they've always used (EDIT: Did you even see the other coaster in this park?!?) I didn't know what was the correct word to type so I just said copying. And, yes I did check out the other coaster, and I know they still use the skeleton track. I'm just talking about the new track and why so many manufacturers are using the design. But at least B&M are keeping their box-track! Can I say B&M copied Intamin's track? Well no since Walter and Claude worked on all Intamins with that track style when they worked for Giovanni, you can say B&M stole Giovanni's track design.
  11. ^ Remember that 3 out of four of those coaster models have awful capacities that can't deal with Cedar Points crowds.
  12. Having been to a Sea World Park (Busch Gardens Williamsburg) I can say that Sea World in general cares more about their animals than most other places. As an example, I found the wolf habitat at Busch Gardens to be better than what is found in the zoos I visited. Anyways, Blackfish is just another political brainwashing film with many inaccuracies in order to fool morons to follow their political agenda and ruin the fun for the rest of us. Edit: Also why is this film picking on Sea World and not Marine World, they are known for abusing their animals and actually got inspected by the Canadian government for doing so.
  13. ^ Well, I think that pretty much confirms that Anaconda isn't leaving (yet... )
  14. Thats because Drachen Fire was originally going to be a B&M but since B&M was a small company and already had Kumba and Batman The Ride clones to deal with that year, they scrapped Drachen Fire and the project was passed on to Arrow.
  15. That car looks so great on that track, seems like this will be a great addition for Adventure Dome.
  16. Glad to see this running again, to bad there is only one of them compared to the 40 something Vekoma Boomerangs.
  17. No, in fact I think Zamperla taking over the park was a good idea (they really helped spruce the area up by removing non historic junkie carnival rides).
  18. ^ Yup Pegasus at Europa Park uses the same system. http://rcdb.com/3403.htm?p=17131
  19. "Homepage" = "homage"? Sorry, it's the dumb auto correct on the IPad... Even though Raptor at Cedar Point and Monster at Walygator Parc are considered clones they really aren't, Walygator doesn't operate the Mid-Course Block Break on Monster while Cedar Point does on Raptor making Monster more intense during the second half and Monster fixed Raptors snap into the final breaks. B&M also changed the first turn to the lift making Monsters dips flat while Raptors is banked and raises back up. Here are some POVs of both: Raptor Monster
  20. If the forces are great enough that the track needs support every 3ft to keep it together, it could probably use a spine. That's all I'm saying. Like I said, if it doesn't need it, it doesn't need it. Yes, I'm surprised the park didn't say anything, Japan has VERY strict building codes in order to deal with all the earthquakes they get, this Mega Lite ended up costing TWICE as much as it's brothers in China and Denmark, making theses sections 3 spined could have cut down the cost to pour footers.
  21. I'm pretty sure we all know theses: 1. The original Ravine Flyer used the picnic shelter next to Ravine Flyer II as it's station. 2. Martins Fantasy Island was going to be the new home of the Comet at Crystal Beach, however plans fell through and the Comet ended up at The Great Escape and Silver Comet was built as a homage to the original. 3. According to RCDB, there are 74 Golden Horse Spinning Coasters (all with the same stinking layout! This has got to be the most cloned coaster in existence!)
  22. This is great seems like a perfect partnership (considering Vekoma has made some decent Wooden Coasters) hopefully we see RMCs pop up all over Eurasia.
  23. ^'We can't say for sure, after all, The Rattler at SFFT had Topper Track for only 2-3 years before it became Iron Rattler.
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