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  1. Wicked Cyclone since it will be my first RMC and its only 2 hours away from me!
  2. ^ Walibi Belgium had Vertigo in 2007 and while it operated for a VERY short time it should be included. But I do agree that all theses parks need new coasters and not just cheap redos.
  3. It has more to do with your bodies shape than it does your weight. If you have large thighs or a REALLY big belly then you probably cant go on. If you don't fit those two categories your fine.
  4. Skyrush was two years ago, therefore it falls into the couple (2-3) years ago category.
  5. ^ I think another issue is that riders could have thier body flown forward due to the forces in some parts of the ride and have their backs lunched over the lap bar which could end up getting people injured. EDIT: Like this:
  6. ^ To me it seems Matt Ouimet wants to make Cedar Point more of a resort destination for people and redoing hotels and getting rid of shitty ride experiences is a good way to start.
  7. I have only ridden two Vekoma's that I consider any good and they are Goliath at SFNE and Firehawk when it was at Geauga lake. Ive ridden one ok one which is Sidewinder at Hershey Park.
  8. Cedar Fair: I305 Six Flags: El Toro (might change next year with WC) Seaworld: Verbolten Herschends: Ride of Steel Merlin: Oblivion (Nemesis wasn't open ) Independent: Skyrush
  9. Agreed. I just want them to do whatever is necessary to bring the 2nd half of the ride back to full speed again. Not having to come to a complete stop on the MCBR would make the ride so much better. A bit off topic but why would a coaster be smoother if it goes through the course faster? I read about Anaconda used to be better when the MCBR doesn't trim too much. I think it has something to do with the cars shuffling through the track less and therefore you don't notice all the imperfections in the wood track.
  10. I have to admit that I was very surprised by Loch Ness Monster since I thought it would be the same POS that I think most arrow loopers are. However, I thought it was pretty good and it is in the list of my top arrows (along with Magnum and Gemini).
  11. Drop towers are now almost a staple ride at parks. No they are CALLED Drop Tower as in the actual ride name (they used to be Drop Zone).
  12. A transformer blew up so this outage will last quite a while. Some rides are open but a majority of the park is closed.
  13. Went to the park today and had a good time. Rode Sky Screamer for the and thought that it was better than the Windseekers. Also rode Goliath's new trains for the first time and while I found it rougher than with the old ones, I luckily didn't bang my head to hell like what I thought would happen. Finally here is some pictures of Wicked Cyclone: New Wood!
  14. ^ The forcast just calls for showers so unless that changes we will go on saturday thanks guys. (dont really care about Ka)
  15. Hi everyone we are heading down to the park on saturday or sunday, I know that both are bring a friend for free day and that on saturday it is going to rain. Im just wondering what the rain policy is (if its as bad as CP we wont go on saturday) and how bad the crowds are on a bring a freind for free day is.
  16. ^ I think he means Catapult. Hellavator was one of the towers on Scream! (I forget which one)
  17. ^^ Since the Super Loop is opening in that area, I hope they reopen that path to El Toro
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