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  1. So you'd prefer a bathroom over a beginner coaster? That Boomerang stinks. It is easily the roughest one I have ridden (Zoomerang is alot better). Also the park still has Thunderbolt which is a way better beginner coaster.
  2. Crowds are usually fine. Most people go to Splash Water Kingdom and the park usually has low to medium lines (no more than 30 mins). The worst thing about this park is parking, The parking lot is split into small lots and goes REALLY far back. If you don't get there at opening then be prepared to walk 5-10 mins to get to the entrance.
  3. ^ Ive ridden Bolder Dash before (AND IT IS AWESOME!) however I do want to ride Phobia since the next closest Premier of that type is Bush Gardens.
  4. According to weather.com Bristol CT has around a 50% chance of rain when the park opens and continues to be the same throughout the day. I just wanted to make sure they weren't the rain Nazis like Cedar Point is. Also Phobia is the main reason I'm going (along with Bolder Dash).
  5. Hey guys just wondering what the parks rain policy is. Do they keep rides open in the rain?
  6. May I ask where this is going in the park? I cant really tell in the animation.
  7. It still better than its sister Mantis when it was a standup. I can tolerate GL but Mantis was really rough and painful.
  8. Me and my friend just let people go in front of us. OP said nothing and we got the front on the next train.
  9. When me and my friend go tomorrow we are going to Superman right away. I knew it would be bad but not 105min bad
  10. That looks really good despite the camera quality being that of a early 2000s camera
  11. That was probably Batman: The Escape from SFAW, it had yellow track and black supports. http://rcdb.com/3472.htm#p=15187
  12. When I was there on Friday they were kind of assigning seats on Superman. basically, they let you choose you're seat but they only allowed 4 people to wait for a row if there was 4 in a row then you had to find another. Also, riding in the front i did notice some small pops of air that weren't there last year (mainly in the twister section).
  13. ^^ Thank god since I can see my mom getting very sick from VR on rides she can normally handle. Ill try it once but idk if Ill like it.
  14. ^ I was talking about the second part of his post. I agree that having 2 boomerangs in the same park is ridiculous.
  15. ^ Distance between clones has not stopped Six Flags putting one in before: http://rcdb.com/3976.htm http://rcdb.com/278.htm Both Batman the Ride clones and only 15 miles apart!
  16. Just wondering, are theses the new trains PTC showed off at IAAPA this year? I don't see a second row on that car but it could just be the picture.
  17. El Toros spot wasnt too lucky either Ultra Twister, gets stuck on vertical lift Viper, had too many issues to list
  18. If STR is going then I say good riddance, the ride was terrible and was plagued with issues. I hope that the area is used for a new wooden coaster (Mean Streak sucks and Blue Streak is a meh ride).
  19. ^ I was hoping they where going to thin the bar down (its way too thick and something like El Toro's would be alot better)
  20. ANY Stand Up coaster (whether its TOGO, Intamin, or B&M) while they are forceful, the restraints suck and that seat is extremely painful.
  21. Switzerland doesn't use the Euro, they use the Swiss Franc (your point still stands though since 1 Swiss Franc is 1.02 Dollars). In fact, Switzerland isn't part of the EU (they are only part of the Schengen Area). Also not all countries in the EU use the Euro (the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and the Czech Republic all don't use the Euro). Anyway, the reason I think that parks in the US arent building Intamins here is because other companies (such as RMC and German Manufacturers like Mack and Gerstlauer) are making similar rides for a cheaper price than Intamin and other companies (such as B&M) are making more reliable rides than Intamin.
  22. CP REALLY needs a new wood coaster since all they have is a average and a sub par wooden coasters (Blue Streak and Mean Streak). Iron Mean Streak would hurt either (could make a NTAG clone since Mean Streak is very similar to the old Texas Giant).
  23. More to add: Horizons for Mission: SPACE People Mover for Rocket Rods Hershey Sky whirl for a kids area
  24. SFGADV: 1. Closing Old Country and most of Movie Town for a wild mouse in the dark 2. Closing the path from Kingda Ka to El Toro causing you to walk all the way around. 3. Not repainting any rides (Nitro I'm looking at you) SFNE: 1. Removing the Skyway 2. Goliath's new trains 3. The trains on Bizarro Disneyland: 1. Removing the People Mover for Rocket Rods 2. Removing Rocket Rods and not replacing it with anything (THE TRACK IS STILL ABANDONED!) 3. Removing the Skyway
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