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  1. Oh boy I hate to think getting assigned one of the dreaded box seats on Magnum. Personally I hate these assigned seats policies, I can understand why they are needed some times (for example a very compact station like Wicked Cyclones) but for most rides it's just a pain and not needed.
  2. One thing to keep in mind when going to Canada is gas prices, gas in Canada is ridiculously expensive even compared to NYS outrageous prices thanks to Trudeau and his Carbon tax. Oil is $67 a barrel and Canadians are paying the equivalent of oil at $150!
  3. Everything in the park needs a paint job, especially Nitro. IMO they should paint it red with black supports, yellow+pink+blue is an awful color combo
  4. Yea I got to ride Space Spiral before they took it out for Gatekeeper. It was a fun ride but Gatekeeper is better and Id rather they keep the Skyride going (another rare attraction) Another rare La Ronde ride was La Cobra an Intamin standup coaster. They took it out in 2017 and needless to say Im glad that POS is gone. Its between that and Shockwave at KD for my worst coaster ever award. Rest in Pieces La Cobra pretty sure no one will miss you
  5. Im pretty sure none of these exist anymore: I got to ride the one at Hershey before they removed it, needless to say I don't remember much about it cause I was only 10 at the time. Another rare ride is the Von Roll Gyro Tower, as far as I know the only one that still exists is the one at La Ronde:
  6. Nice report, you got really lucky on the weather Shanghai is usually clouded with disgusting smog from all the factories. I remember when I went in 2008 and only a couple days had blue sky every other day was smoggy.
  7. Thank goodness, those dorms have always been a blight on that area Im surprised they didnt remove them when Valravn was put in.
  8. Hey guys, Im thinking of going to Darien Lake this weekend (sunday) and I was curious do SF membership passes work now? IK they didnt during the summer but their site says they are accepted (though IDK if its the rest of this season or if its eluding to next season). I just want make sure before I drive 4 hours
  9. Catch car mis-catch, basically the catch car on the second lift failed to grab the train and it eventually valleys in the location with the steps.
  10. They wont do HITP, the winters in NY are just too brutal especially in the western part of the state.
  11. NJ sucks for camping, you are really limited to private campgrounds (especially if you have dogs, NJ state campgrounds don't allow dogs). When we go down there we stay at the Butterfly campground an exit east from the park as its really the only place we can fit our massive trailer. Also, I tend to find the "no beer" to be pretty lack and is basically a "dont get drunk" rule or at least here in NY but in NJ it could be different solely due to the type of crowds who visit.
  12. I think Darien Lake mainly sees people from Buffalo and Rochester who don't want to cross the border (because its a pain especially in Niagara) or want to deal with Toronto traffic
  13. Very nice, the drop looks amazing and I LOVE that this Dive Coaster has a very unique layout compared to the others. Also I like the name, way better than Ziz or whatever it was.
  14. I hope these "improvements" include two trains on every coaster that can operate two
  15. Nothing, the log flume is hit or miss but besides that pretty much everything has been up
  16. ^ That path does exist kind of, the official path is closed off however if Safari Discoveries is open you can walk through the exhibit to get to Kingda ka from El Toro. Here it is you enter inside the Coasters and Candy shop: https://www.google.com/maps/@40.1373942,-74.4366451,3a,60y,280.02h,78.1t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sCwkBbHhRz7EF27rM4eiCjA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  17. IMo you should do it first thing in the morning, thats the best time to see the animals since its cooler and the line is short
  18. Seems odd they're putting in new additions as soon as they just acquired the park, as it'd make sense to wait a year, see how things work, spruce up the park, THEN add rides. But if that's what they're gonna do I'm not complaining. Possible if they plan on rebranding the park to Six Flags in the first year.
  19. MagnumXL200: No lights in the back of the park and the ride ops usually turn the trims off for the last couple rides of the day making those little hills on the way back even more intense Voyage: Same reasons people give for beast, dark and running through the forest.
  20. ^ Seems like someone wasn't holding onto the handle bars. Either way these rides are designed to be navigable without a tube in case someone falls out so he/she is most likely fine
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