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  1. They make the ride so much better, it went from a never again ride to a try to do once a trip ride
  2. Good to hear, I've been to Cedar Point on an insanely windy day last year and they literally shut the whole park down besides the Arrow coasters, Millennium, Maverick, and grounded flats.
  3. Well that's good planning on going either tomorrow or friday. BTW, what rides do they close in high winds? I know the obvious (ie anything with cables and Kingda Ka) but anything else? I dont want to drive 4 hours if half the park is closed.
  4. Apparently the SF naming department did not go to grammar school. Riddler Revenge? It should be Riddler'S Revenge! I mean I expect this kind of stuff from Chinese parks not American parks!
  5. Cool, also another ride from Boblo Island still exists as well: Nightmare which was a Vekoma MK-700 and was moved to AstroWorld for the 1995 season and was later moved again and still operates at Wonderland in Texas
  6. I believe its because the boats lack up stop wheels and if you have too many negative G's with no up stop wheels the boat could fly off the track. Heres a picture of a boat on Divertical as you can see no up stop wheels:
  7. Even though this an April fools joke, some coasters actually do have child seats to let shorter kids ride them. The first one off the top of my head I can come up with is Impulse at Knoebels with its booster seats that allow for a 48in height requirement instead of 52in. in.
  8. ^ Surprised this even got off the ground considering all the bureaucratic sh*t they had to go through.
  9. Yes they do, you get them from the employee at the enterance of the ride you are waiting for. Just make sure you dont leave them at the station too long they have a tendency to get lost when the crew rotates
  10. Yea its a shame, if Six Flags actually kept this park in better shape it would rival Cedar Point for best location
  11. Would have gone with black supports instead of lemon yellow but other than that it looks good
  12. YES! That ride was absolute TRASH! I hope an RMC Raptor will replace it as IMO that plot of land seems like the perfect size for one.
  13. Twisted Timbers looks really good also glad they arent renaming Rebel Yell! Its already bad enough the SJWs ended up changing the bride scene on Pirates of the Caribbean we didn't need to give them another win (that and Racer 75 is a stupid name)!
  14. ^ I agree, its amazing how much those trains changed Mind Eraser, it went from a ride I would always avoid to something I try to ride at least once when I go to SFNE. Hell I find Goliath way rougher than it now.
  15. Last I heard the only rides they are keeping are Leap the Dips and Skyliner
  16. Yep its actually listed on a used ride website currently http://www.amusement-rides.com/en/product/suspended-boomerang-coaster Also off topic but according to this site apparently Zanturn was sold
  17. Yea the track looks odd too, whos doing this retrack? Its not Vekoma so the only other manufacturer I can see doing this is Kumbak.
  18. Definitely possible however try to time your drives through major cities like Philly, DC and Baltimore at night others its going to be traffic hell with spring break on I 95 and all the people driving to Florida. Also take I 80 through PA, I 76 is major truck route, a toll road, and goes through Pittsburgh (and since you dont want to go to Kennywood its best to avoid Pittsburgh all together) I 80 on the other hand goes through no major cities and is free to travel on.
  19. I agree this is my home park and I've been to Lake George in the winter and its absolutely dead, all the shops are closed and no one is walking around. Its actually quite creepy.
  20. ^ Sorry but its true, the downfall of Sea World started with that fake movie from CNN
  21. ^ Just another case of where the Fake News Media has destroyed something everyone found fun to push their liberal agenda. Oh and that movie first aired on CNN the fakest of fake news that should tell you how truthful it is
  22. 1. Tighten the seat belt as much as possible 2. Leave the bar one or two clicks above where it would touch your theighs and then jam your hands under the bar, this is to prevent it from going down a click during the ride and stapling you. 3. Avoid the third row of each car, this is the wheel seat and is extremely rough. IMO the best seats are car 6 row 1 or car 6 row 2. If you want to try the "ejector seat" (car 1 row 3) then do so just remember its going to be a bumpy ride!
  23. Because rebel is apparently racist now and the SJWs cant have that, instead they want sh*t names like Racer 75
  24. Colossus at Heide Park was a prototype and with the prototype plug and plays you cant replace sections of track you have to replace the entire track in order to fix the damaged spot. WIth the newer Plug and Plays like El Toro they can replace one section at a time so no El Toro will never suffer the same problems as Colossus
  25. You missed Rougarou, you can see the dive loop and the inclined loop in that photo also Corkscrews lift hill is visible as well
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