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  1. IDK what SF is thinking, Disney is not going to license out Marvel considering they are going to add new Marvel lands to their parks in the near future. In fact the only reason Universal can still use Marvel is because their deal came before Disney purchased Marvel and when it expires I doubt Disney will renew it.
  2. Did we ever figure out where Knotts boomerang went? As far as we know it went back to Vekoma in the Netherlands to be refurbished, as to weather Cedar Fair still owns it (I don't think Vekoma has any North American plants so if it has to be refurbed it has to go to Europe) or a park in Europe purchased is still unknown.
  3. Wow it roared and rattled, and it had butterflies. This thing is a tragedy! I've never ridden a stand up, but does this belong in a feild across the street? (Although I hate to see a roller coaster like this.) Yes, it is located in a field across the street from the park. I saw it when I had visited Darien Lake for the first time back in August. I am very surprised it hasn't been scrapped yet after sitting there for a little more than a decade now. No I mean should it be there, does it deserve this? Yes this thing is POS
  4. ^ YES IT DID! Anyways I rode La Cobra at La Ronde which is a clone of this and it was easily one of the worst coasters I have ridden.
  5. Great addition for this park! Also for all those complaining remember they still have this in the field they could have added instead:
  6. Glad that stadium is gone, it was extremely ugly and is sitting on prime beach front property. IMO that's a good spot for another flat in the future or possibly a larger beach entrance. Also with Sand Castle gone I hope they put camp spots there, they are extremely short on them now and need more.
  7. Ive ridden Mantis and Green Lantern and IMO Green Lantern is smooth as glass compared to how Mantis used to be before the floorless conversion. Easily the best stand up I have ridden.
  8. Lets hope Ohio isnt as stuck up as freaking NJ. Also where would the queue line go if they have to reroute it? On one side you have a lagoon and on the other is the main midway.
  9. I know I'm in the minority, but I'd rather have a classic flume over a new RMC. The older I get the more I can appreciate a relaxing flume ride as a change of pace from riding a ton of coasters, no matter how good they may be. Same here, I love log flumes as they dont get you soaked and are a nice break from coasters. I was very upset when they removed White Water Landing at Cedar Point but thankfully we got Maverick. Also, if this is a RMC I will try to get down the Kennywood.
  10. Just avoid SFGADV, their freight fest is packed and the mazes arent that great. If you want a Six Flags Halloween event go to SFNE as they are less crowded and have more or less the same mazes.
  11. It isn't that bad, it hasn't gotten too busy till 2:30 3:00, most people are here for the concert I think
  12. ^ Well you can blame that loose article policy on one fucking guy along with the removal of this ride. Also I wouldnt be surprised if someone bought them, B&Ms have a high value and if it is scrapped this would be the first one (yes even Time Machine wasnt scrapped despite sitting abandoned for 5 years, its in Vietnam now according to RCDB)
  13. I can tell you people in my area are getting annoyed the TGE hasnt added a coaster since 2003....
  14. Merlin seems to be running their parks alot like Six Flags did in the late 90s and early 2000s, buying a lot of new parks and neglecting the ones they already have. Shame a freaking Intamin Plug and Play may be scraped and I thought Universal for removing Dragons Challenge for a stupid dark ride would be the worst decision ever
  15. I absolutly HATED that loose article policy when I went to SFGADV in May! Out of the over 150 coasters I have have ridden I have NEVER lost my phone, wallet, or keys when I put them in a button or zip pocket! IMO this is just a money making scam! Hell even the loose article Nazis at Holiday World were never this bad!
  16. As long as they keep Leap the Dips IDC what happens to the rest, easily one of the most surprising coasters Ive ever ridden.
  17. I dont think this will impact the line too much, they can just do the VR while they wait for Kingda Ka to get through 2 cycles.
  18. Thanks guys that great to hear! Still trying to lose more weight, I used to be 270 in December and have lost 20 pounds since, hope to be in the 230s by August.
  19. Hey guys, thinking about going down on Monday next week however IDK if I can fit on El Toro. Im 5'10" and 250 pounds, I know I can fit on everything else since last time I went I was 260 and was able to ride everything (but it was cutting it close) but during that visit El Toro was closed and even if it was open I knew at 260 there was no way. If it is of any help I can fit relatively easily on Superman at SFNE (I think I had around a inch to a inch and a half of slack).
  20. Just curious but are they replacing Superman VR with Mind Eraser? If so thank god!
  21. Perfect choice, rode Phobia at Lake Compounce last year and it was a really fun ride!
  22. Too bad they don't open Great Bear for the Holiday event. It's totally possible. Also, I find it strange that Lightening Racer isn't open for it either if Wildcat is. I wish they would just run one side of Lightning Racer instead of Wild Cat.
  23. 1. Flash Pass most likely wont be needed however, make sure you don't go on a day with any events (like bring a friend for free day). 2. Ride: El Toro, Kingda Ka, Nitro, Bizarro, Joker, Skull Mountain, Runaway Mine Train. If you want to hit the clones that are good but are at SFGAm then also ride: Superman Ultimate Flight, Batman The Ride, The Dark Knight. Avoid unless you want the credit: Green Lantern, Road Runner Railway, Harley Quinn Crazy Train. 3. If you do the Safari do it first thing in the morning. Not only will the line be short but the animals will be more active due to it being cooler. The ride can take anywhere from a half hour to an hour depending on the driver and whether you stop at Camp Adventura (which I recommend doing at least once). The entrance for this is by the log ride and there is no up charge. 4. Make sure you also ride: Parachute Tower (they are pretty rare and this is the only one left in the USA I think), SkyScreamer (Star Flyer), Houdini's Great Escape (Vekoma Mad House), The log ride, Sky Ride (Another rare ride and this one is high off the ground and long), Big Wheel, Zumanjaro (the highest Drop Tower in the world). Finally also make sure to see the otter show if it is still going on, they are really cute .
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