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  1. ^^ sadly ever park has these issues especially when you are near a major city like Louisville. However I do agree that security should of handed that better and at least held them till police arrived.
  2. With that I guess we shouldn't sell coasters to China either (or make all of our crap there), but yes back on topic.
  3. Oh come on if you are going to pick a Six Flags park pick one of the better ones like SFGAdv or SFGAm.
  4. ^ I agree about Millennium, I wish they would put a small bunny hill (like the one by the station) in that section instead of that boring straight piece of track
  5. I don't think so since they are basically Geminis trains with upstop wheels (a feature added after it opened since the pads it opened with kept having issues).
  6. ^ That and I think other manufactures trains have certain requirements in order for their trains to be used (at least GCI does, I don't know about the others) that PTC doesn't have. http://www.greatcoasters.com/?p=flyers
  7. Mantis, I don't know what makes this B&M so loud compared to the others (even ones NOT filled with sand) but you could literally hear it all the way in the back circle of the campground (by Mean Streak).
  8. If SFGAdv puts a hotel in I hope they also put a campground in since New Jersey has slim pickings when it comes to campgrounds.
  9. Well some people call B&M Boring & Mundane compared to Bolliger & Mabillard since some of there latest creations are considered boring.
  10. What's that Aquatrax thing about anyway? I found these characters under the picture of a pond: AquaTrax!111!!$1880!)!!? I wonder....... must just be CP teasing us, the AquaTrax thing seems unlikely...... Yup that's a inside joke since we all thought Maverick was going to be a AquaTrax. Anyways, I think we will see a new halloweekends maze (building by Gatekeeper) more pavilions (all the picknick area photos) something to do with Mantis (new trains/sitdown type conversion or cheap redo like SF did). I think that the other 3 photos are throw offs.
  11. ^ Yup also Steel Forces sign was supposed to be the sign for Mantis when it was called Banshee. (That's why the mounts for the sign are the same at both rides). Edit: Cepdar Points founding year page!
  12. ^^ I don't think the layout needs to be redone it's the dam trains with the shoulder harness right next to your head that make the second part feel like a boxing match.
  13. ^^ Pretty much comfirmed since the other Zac Spins have reopened but there is still speculation as to what failed and the modification made.
  14. ^ Well it fiqures since they won't let Zumanjaro and Kingda Ka run together.
  15. THIS! That single rider policy so dumb just because some politician thought that being alone caused the issue at Wildwood and not because of bad parents putting a 6 year old on by herself!
  16. ^ Magnum is actually painted moly orange therefore it's orange.
  17. ^ The all you can ride DOES include coasters if you buy the with coasters option. The only rides that aren't on it are the Haunted House, Skyway, and Black Diamond.
  18. For the low attendance, I think we can also blame how awful Detroit is right now, I don't see nearly as many Michigan license plates in the parking lot as I used to.
  19. New Jersey is ridiculous we have had Top Thrill Dragster running for 11 years with guest queuing inside the ride area and with the midway right next to it without any serious loose article incident.
  20. Its really gonna suck for this ride to be closed on the 4th just because of some dumbass politician uneducated people voted for. Oh well, as long as it opens by September.
  21. ^ I also find it amazing that Volcano which launches at the same speed has a belt in the middle. I seriously believe this is Ohio dumb ass lawyers or Cedar Fairs insurance making them do this and not Intamin.
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