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  1. ^To me it seems that there is a unrealistic bloom effect in the rendering. Anyways, Banshee seems to be coming along quite nicely, that loop should hopefully provide some good forces.
  2. ^ More about movies and coasters.... Playlands Corkscrew is featured in Final Destruction 3. http://rcdb.com/319.htm
  3. ^ I hope the control system isn't on the internet, I would hate to think what would happen if a virus got on the control system and screwed everything up.
  4. Instead of a forth park I would stay 2 days at Knoebels, it really changes the perspective of the park if you stay on site (night time rides on the Phoenix at amazing especially when the lights are off for the last train of the night). But if you insist on a fourth park then I would say Waldameer if you want to drive a little bit out of your way.
  5. Get rid of all the Chinese knockoffs Get rid of all trims on B&Ms that serve no purpose other than to make the ride less extreme (and I mean in non deadly force areas) Fix the theming in Mavericks tunnel and add the new Intamin Looper trains with lap bars (or I305 like trains) Restore I305 original first turn Add something after Volcanos big drop into the breaks (maybe a hill or a helix) Fix Volcanos messy station (hopefully happening this year) Iron Horse Mean Streak (or tear it out and put a better wooden coaster in its place) Put a new coaster in the abandoned Old Country area at SFGADV Restore Revolution at SFMM I have many more but I'll leave it at that.
  6. Most Vekomas (exceptions: GIB, post 2003 models, flying Dutchmans) Stand Ups (TOGOs are especially awful) Most Arrows (exceptions: Hyper, 4D, Lochness Monster, suspended, Gemini) Coasters that kill your back
  7. ^^ Gemini is pretty good except if you sit in a wheel seat (third row of each car) or if the trims for the helix aren't on (ouch! )
  8. Arrows particularly the looping and suspended coasters (both due to lack of parts and the other not being to great. [Arrow Loopers] Oh well, at least we still have the Chinese Knockoffs) TOGOs (uncomfortable and lack of parts) Old Intamins (Bobsleds, Stand Ups, 1st Gen Drop Towers [Demon Drop], ect) same reasons as above. Tall Dinn coasters (rough, boring, & maintenance nightmares due to how often the track needs to be replaced) Huss rides (no parts due the company's inability to make them)
  9. ^ Nope it's due to parks ordering less intense rides to meet the demands of a whinier, weaker GP. The B&Ms being built in China meet the forces of the early 2000s B&Ms (Sky Scrapper and Hair Raiser).
  10. ^ It is also due to the theming on it (the old Great Adventure Logos hence making you see the same thing again and again [deja vu])
  11. ^ And that's sadly why the ride sucks now... To bad for the worlds first ride with a successful loop.
  12. ^ I hope they put Maverick on it , I was there once and the fast lane line was 30min!
  13. Funny how this has the exact same colors as Blue Fire even on the trains! Any ways, it's great to see more of theses built.
  14. ^ Lets not forget the abandoned Old Country and to some people (not on this site I'm sure) the graveyard below Nitro as well. Anyways I agree, back in 2005-2006 I remember how bad the clientele was (pretty much all teenage gangs and no family's at all) and I think the park has made a huge turnaround since then with additions like Adventure Ally, including the Safari with the park (it was VERY expensive to get in before), cleaning the gangs out (you still get that classic Jersey vibe but there is nothing they can do about that), improved operations (is it Cedar Fair or Disney? No, but it is better than in 2006 where they would purposely run 1 train to generate lines and then let 5 people from the regular line in and 50 people from the flash pass line on El Toro. It took two hours to ride the damn thing because of this, we have since waited in a similar line [all switchbacks filled] and it took forty minutes), and including some REAL police along security guards.
  15. ^^ Sorry if I am mistaken but didn't they try seat belts on Nitro?
  16. ^ Remember lines are influenced by many things such as the length of the ride (Skyrush is very short for a hyper coaster), speed the trains are dispatched, number of trains, number of rows, number of seats per row, number of guests in the park, number of break downs, ect. Also what days have you been visiting? Enthusiasts tend to not go on busy days (concert days, Saturdays, major park events, ect) so you usually don't see the long lines. I once visited on a Saturday in the summer and the line for Skyrush filled all the switch backs and extended down the midway for a bit (to the first cover under Skyrushs track).
  17. ^ The taxes in NYC are just awful (everything is twice the cost as things bought upstate!) I remember a vending machine near Opa at Mount Olympus that sold socks...
  18. I have ridden all three models (two B&Ms, one Intamin, one TOGO) and out of all of theses B&M is the best. Both Intamin and TOGO suck equally (the one time I say something bad about Intamin).
  19. Cedar Fair: I305 Six Flags: El Toro SeaWorld Entertainment: Verbolten Merlin: Oblivion (Nemisis was down when we visited ) Herschend: Ride of Steel Palace Entertainment: Phantoms Revenge
  20. ^ The further toward the back you sit in Mean Streak the worse it gets, also do NOT sit in the back row of each car (wheels under your seat instead of in front of your seat).
  21. ^ I don't know, it could just be the camera or the light making it worse than it really is, before you said its was dark green and purple I thought it was black and purple.
  22. You must have gotten lucky when riding it and got the improved seats, they are spread throughout the three trains. Also, it depends on your body type (on Gatekeeper I had a similar experience you did on Wild Eagle) I remember seeing one of theses screens at a mall in Beijing with a Phoenix video playing on it, it was really cool and this one seems better due to the themeing around it.
  23. ^ Hopefully B&M learned from Gatekeeper and won't put that harness version on this WingRider (the tightness).
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