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  1. Replace the inverted coaster trains by flying trains on Batman clones. Imagin the forces, it would be awesome !
  2. I know that thing dates from one year ago but that picture just made my day ! As for me I'd say Goliath @ La Ronde where you have an absolutely beautiful view on your left of a huge salt dumpster which they put on our roads during winter.
  3. Nightmare at Crackaxle Canyon @ The Great Escape, I've never been on it and I know it was just a simple Jet Star in a dark building, but I really wish I could have been on it.
  4. My favorite would go to Hyper coasters, but usually I will "like" any coaster that is fun to ride and doesn't beat you to death. I like Flying, inverted, bobsled, Wingrider, suspended, etc etc. However I do NOT like stand-up coasters, but I think that's pretty much the only one I really don't hate. I don't think there's a magic recipe to make a great coaster, I mean there are some fairly small coasters that are sometimes better than gigantic rides. For example I'd take a ride on Maverick @ Cedar Point anytime before taking one on Millenium Force, even tough it's a third as tall and way slower (but it does look a LOT faster than MF when you're on it !!!!!!)
  5. I'm sure someone with enough creativity could turn Storage Wars into an arcade for theme parks
  6. My Cedar Point Fast Lane Wristband is probably one of my best souvenirs because a) I had been dreaming of going to CP for so long that my Fast-Lane counts as a souvenir and b) I never buy souvenirs at Theme Parks, so yeah a paper wristband that allowed me to skip the lines, (and it even had the MAVERICK LOGO on it !!!) is a great souvenir for me ! I also have a little personnal collection of TP crap like park maps and stuff like this, I'd say half from parks I've visited and half from TPR's bags-o-crap, and I really like to dig trough all these park maps, open up one and look at it and remember all the great memories.
  7. I definitely agree with this one, I'm not a fan of heights neither and Windseeker was extremely scary but still... Not as much as It' !
  8. ^oh that was a spam, I tough the guy was serious. I did knew the rules, just didn't found out it was fake.
  9. I don't think I'll say what first came to my mind when I saw this
  10. Ok maybe not the whole layout is crappy, but that inversion looks so odd !
  11. Maverick @ Cedar Point has a pretty cool western station, and there's also Expedition Everest @ Disney, but most rides at Disney are difficult to beat when it comes to theming and apparence.
  12. The first would be Aqualoops at Waterparks. Very scary. Number 2 is that thing : it' at Morey's Piers. From the outside it may look like your usual claw ride, but when you're on it, you discover the restraint is a simple lap bar and it goes, well, pretty high. I rode Maxair at Cedar Point this summer, and even tough it was pretty scary, it was no where close to the terror I felt on It'. There it is. Terrifying, right ? I saw a T-shirt in a souvenir shop that said "Try it', Ride it', Vom-it'" In my case it was pretty close to reality, thanks god I didn't really puked.
  13. Disney of course, but I have to say that I liked Cedar Point's Western section (with Maverick) pretty much !
  14. You know you're a Six Flags park if during very crowded days all trains but one are on storage tracks. (BTW : it may not be the case for every 6F, but my home park is La Ronde, and I heard SFMM does a lot of this too)
  15. ^8/10, Simple but nice, and the Big Mike banner is pretty cool !
  16. It's a photo I like that I took of The Great Escape's Canyon Blaster. It's also a coaster I like quite a bit; not a top 10 but it's fun .
  17. ^Thanks a lot, I'll take the opportunity ! I think this is a very easy one :
  18. "Coccyx crushing roughness" is a pretty good description of my ride on Roar last year. SFA should open an in-house chiropractor near the exit. For an additional fee, of course. Just like Crystal Beach did for their famous Cyclone !
  19. It looks like the Battlestar Galactica. Nothing wrong with that--just an observation. Yea, a little bit. More for the futuristic look I guess; Battlestar's is 2010 futuristic, Magnum's trains are 80's futuristic.
  20. I'm at 88 right now and I only started to count "Milestone" coasters this year, so here it goes : #1 : Marche du Milles-Pattes @ La Ronde #60 : Anaconda @ Zoo Granby #70 : Blue Streak @ Cedar Point #80 : Batman: The ride @ SFGAm #90 : next year... What will it be ?
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