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  1. The train on Volare's are incredibly awkward and uncomfortable. Also I'm a pretty thin guy, so I was literally floating in the train when there was an inversion, and falling on the metal cage was very painful.
  2. 40's : Crystal Beach's Comet (I've been on it @ The Great Escape only, but the ride itself dates to 1948) 60's: Blue Streak @ Cedar Point 70's: Gemini @ Cedar Point 80's: Monstre @ La Ronde 90's: Viper @ SFGAm 00's: Maverick @ Cedar Point 10's: X-Flight @ SFGAm Hey, that's actually not bad at all !
  3. They were grouped under one label, because they were all the same, so having 3-4 entries for an identical coaster was a non-sense.
  4. I'm happy to see Gatekeeper at #108, it deserved it! It's by far the shakiest and most unpleasant B&M I've been on! Also love to see Maverick go up a little, that was #1 on my ballot. I'm quite surprised however about the Volares beeing the worst above Goudurix! They really are awful, but I tough Goudurix would continue its dead last reign until its destruction!
  5. Wow, this Mega-Lite is amazing ! Why aren't there more parks who build one of these coasters ? It's awesome and for a coaster like this it's not *that* expensive. Especially when many parks these days are building rides twice that price (cough cough Cedar Fair cough cough).
  6. Nice trip report ! For the oldest park in the world, it's looking great
  7. ^Windjammer is pretty much the only one.
  8. ^I guess there's one single exception to that :
  9. ^That doesn't surprise me, I'd say about two weeks after the beginning of the poll Mitch sent an e-mail to say there was less than 300 persons who voted. I'm sure this is to allow more peoples to vote and have more accurate results.
  10. You're pretty unlucky, I got that credit legit when I was a kid
  11. I don't really like my home park La Ronde. We do have a few decent coasters and several rides that I do actually like, but the employees and the atmosphere makes it fall at the bottom of my list.
  12. I sent my ballot the first day and received a confirmation e-mail 1-2 weeks later, so yes he probably do these all at once. Can't wait to see the results !
  13. I agree with most of what Larrygator has said. GP who respect the rules, who are not beeing rude are totally fine with me and I a lack of knowledge isn't a problem, it can be "fun" in some sorts. I always find it funny when someone says "Kingda Ka has to be the best coaster in the world because it's the tallest". I clearly know it's not, but hey, everyone is allowed to have its own favorite coaster, and not everyone has to know everything about coasters and theme parks; each person is free to have its own interests. I might know a lot about parks and coasters, but very little about english literature, or wine, or anything else and that's fine ! Actually, Know-it-all enthusiasts (or "purists", arrogant as I call them) are usually more annoying than a little-coaster-knowledge GP. The only GP that annoys me is the same as most peoples here, who brake the rules, expect special treatments, cut the lines when I've been waiting for an hour, etc. etc. I CANNOT tolerate these peoples, but outside of the rule-breakers, a lot of GP is perfectly fine and are just at a park to enjoy it as everyone else because without being enthusiasts, they really like that once-in-a-year day to that cool park.
  14. Last year the Aquatwist opened on the first weekend of june, so I believe it will probably be around that time even if it would be very cool to have it up and running for opening day!
  15. For me... none yet, I have not visited a park outside of these two countries
  16. Umm.... WTF? I love Carowinds, it is my home park, but how is Universal Orlando / Islands of Adventure not on here? WDW is a fun place, but is not the country's best park. At the top of the image it's written "as chosen by our members", so yeah this list is basically a GP favourites'. EDIT : just found out something else, at the bottom its written "we chose the 30 most visited parks of the country and asked our members to rank them". This means a park with lower attendance but much better than a park with higher attendance may not have been in that list. Also, in the voter's stats, it says that 2% of the voters had coasters & parks in their main interests. That means that 98% of the peoples who voted were GP.
  17. ^I had to install my Go Pro camera on the train to film a POV (there wasn't any rule stating I wasn't allowed to) and I couldn't feel my fingers or the camera in my hands anymore because it was too cold
  18. ^I have read on WeirdNJ that the park offered 100$ to any employee who was brave enough to try it. One employee DID try it and he said "100$ doesn't buy enough alcohol to forget this slide". So yay I guess it was pretty terrifying and strong
  19. I just rode The Viking (Alpine Coaster) in Mt. Saint-Sauveur, in a freezing-cold -15­ degrees Celcius (5 deg. F)
  20. I vote for SFGAdv with El Toro, Nitro and Batman: The Ride
  21. Skyrider at #20 ? I found it to be awful! What did you appreciated so much in it ? (Just curious )
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