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  1. I did not ride this when I went due to my pre-SLC headache, but it does have the new trains with anti-headbanging restraints. My brother rode it and he told me it turned a crappy coaster into a decent ride !
  2. It would be a moderate park with quite a lot of flats and four coasters. Here's the list : Coasters : Intamin Mega-Lite Mack Launched GCI woodie Schwarzkopf family Coaster like Whizzard - I know since Schwarzkopf doesn't exist anymore it would be fairly difficult, be we are dreaming here For the flats : Scrambler Larson Flyer S&S double Drop & Launch tower Huss Giant Frisbee Log Flume Ferris Wheel A theme park historical Museum A river rapid ride One extremely wacky flat-ride from any manufacturer to add something unique to my park I would also like to include a small water park with a little lazy river and 5-10 slides.
  3. Kali River Rapid @ Disney's Animal Kingdom. Didn't knew there was a drop in the middle, so we came out of the ride the most soaked we had ever been on any ride. Just to make it worst it was cold and windy and we had no spare cloths !
  4. That boat with a demolition claw on it looks extremely bada$$ !
  5. Really? I had decent rides on it. It would obviously be great if they did some work on it has the layout itself is better than Mean Streak's so, taking that into consideration it would be a possibility. Same for me, I actually really liked Blue Streak. It wasn't the best coaster of the park, but I found it to be fairly smooth and the airtime is amazing at some spots !
  6. Come on... I'm sure there's enough space between the trash can to add at least another in every space currently left empty !
  7. ^Instead of sending peoples to jail, they could send them to this park to ride the Volare
  8. 1) peoples cutting in line 2) lack of efficiency and slow employees 3) lack of efficiency and slow employees 4) lack of efficiency and slow employees My home park La Ronde is currently hloding a guiness world record for slowest operations I think... Every coaster runs one train except Goliath and every employee does his best to take his time and beeing slow at doing his job!
  9. I ride them because they count as a credit, but the one I've been on'was awful. Even if I know the pain I also know that I will ride the next that will be in my way just because it's a credit
  10. You mention the issue with this being too many complaints, but the real issue would be that the lack of smoking areas would lead to everyone breaking the rules and smoking in other places. I remember at the old Yankee Stadium (the one that didn't suck) they had a no smoking policy, and guess what happened... you couldn't go into ANY BATHROOM without inhaling tons of smoke because everyone went into the bathrooms to "discretely" smoke. Since cigarettes are addictive, smokers aren't going to go a whole day without smoking them, they'll probably end up smoking in bathrooms or in other areas throughout the park. Designated smoking areas are a great compromise and as long as the policy is enforced I have no issues with it at all. As I said later in my post, the current smoking areas are fine with me, I do know some peoples wouldn't respect the rules if that was it. I poorly formulated my opinion I believe.
  11. I think this one is true according to this picture, but I've heard there's half of a basketball court at the top of the Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland. Photo of the court Also, I'm not posting this as a publicity for the site, but here's an excellent database of rumors about Disney Parks : http://www.snopes.com/disney/parks/parks.asp
  12. ^To answer your last point, sometime in November, so 4 months before the release we currently have in our hands, they said that a finished beta was beeing pushed-back and that it would only be an "early edition" still in developpement with basic features only. Of course for right now it's not much more than a scenery builder, but I can already see the upcoming features beeing added and increasing the game experience. Personnally I was so excited and looking forward to playing TPS that I don't mind the third-of-the-game release.
  13. If it would only be up to me, smoking would be 100 % banned from theme parks and that rule should be enforced by the employees. However, as there would be way too much complaints, it's ok for me if there are smoking areas as long as 1) they are out of the way so I don't go trough a tobacco cloud to ride my favorite coaster, and 2) never in or near children areas, not because I visit them but because it's a very bad example and childs are allowed to not smell the awful odor of a burning cigarette. I think that most parks do a good job managing smoking areas, even tough I sometimes see some very poorly placed smoking areas close to a waiting line for example, but some parks really do not enforce the "no-smoking" rule outside of smoking areas and this should really be. No smoke outside of a designated area or no smoke at all.
  14. Hey, the two Green Lantern Photos are from my Flickr account ! Also, here's one very good GP guy who has no idea what he's talking about. It's about the Anaconda at the Granby Zoo, there was a problem and the chain stopped and the guy tough he would die I guess. Here's the translated video description : In other words, this guy was almost ready to sue the zoo for unexistant neglect and putting peoples in danger for a chain lift that stopped. I also want to tell the chain is loud because that's how it's built. It's normal that it behaved like that. Once again, this guy has no idea what he's talking about !
  15. I LMAO the first time I saw that video ! As for me, the I got quite a few : Many years ago at La Ronde (I think it was in 2006) I had been waiting for 40 minutes to ride the Toboggan Nordique Wild Mouse. However it was a Firework night (if you didn't knew it La Ronde hosts an international fireworks competition yearly), and sometimes they have to close down some rides due to the smoke. Apparently the Toboggan Nordique is just 10 m high and it's on the opposite side of the park compared to the fireworks, but the smoke was "too much" and they had to close it down when it was my turn. 40 minutes of wait for nothing ! I got stuck several times on rides at The Great Escape (not saying it's a bad park... I actually really like it), I've been stuck on the Comet and The Bobsled a few times, but the funniest was this summer. It was a completely empty day, and I was riding the Desperado plunge flume. The ride op suggested us to ride it another time without getting off, of course my brother and I agreed. The second lift stopped when we were on it, it started to rain and it took 15 min. before someone came to restart the ride. We were soaked after, but not due to the flume !
  16. Check your mailbox everyone, the TPS team sent one last e-mail to explain a few things and thanks their backers. The wait is over, less than 24 hrs. before launching !
  17. Those new pictures are pretty impressive, every update made to the game makes it look more and more realistic and awesome ! So sad I won't be able to play it tomorrow, I'm busy the hole day... I'll spend my hole friday on TPS for sure !
  18. What email service does he use? Gmail decided mine belonged in a promotions folder for some reasonns. Yes he does use Gmail and I told him to recheck once I had seen your previous post. I'll triple check another time then. The email will be from pantera entertainment and titled Welcome To Early Access, it won't mention themeparkstudio until you open it. Found it, thanks for the help!
  19. What email service does he use? Gmail decided mine belonged in a promotions folder for some reasonns. Yes he does use Gmail and I told him to recheck once I had seen your previous post. I'll triple check another time then.
  20. Is there other backers who have not yet received their steam key ? I asked my dad, he says he checked in his e-mails and his spam/junk folder and had not received it yet. I just want to verify if I'm alone in the situation to know if I need to re-ask my steam key or it simply wasn't sent to me for the moment.
  21. I rode Bizarro 4 years ago so it may have changed, when I do rode it it was great ! From what I've heard at several places S:ROS has gotten rougher and the overall ride experience decreased since it was transformed to Bizarro. Again, my last ride dates and I may not be the most reliable person on the subject, but that's what I think.
  22. Of course this is a low resolution photo because the original is 7878 x 2103, but it's a panorama assembled with Photoshop. It's from the Galeries de La Capitale in Qu├ębec City. They have 18 rides and believe it or not, a very very decent CREDIT ! (it's a mack Family coaster) Here's the pic : Full res. on Flickr
  23. Especially as it seems to be an OMFG airtime from the top of the lift hill where speed = 0 !
  24. Wow Millenium Force is sooooo amazin its surely the tallest fastest coaster in the world ! (already heard that @ Cedar Point ) What else could I say... Anaconda at Walygator is grat it has such a cool layout and super smooth by far my favorit (Nah just kidding, GP doesn't know Walygator even exists ! )
  25. Really cool photos ! Do you have some of the Gatekeeper's trains disassembled or in storage ? If you do I'd really like to see them
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