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  1. I really like how everyone still calls Full Throttle "Yolo Coaster" even if the coaster is now open and the teaser was released since more than a year ! EDIT : just noticed it's the word filter that changes it automatically... Very funny Robb !
  2. Le Monstre at La Ronde should get fixed, because the PTC trains last season destroyed some parts of the ride and it was closed for half the season... I know most enthusiasts don't like it, but me it's one of my favorite wooden coasters (#5) so I would really like to see it up and running for 2014.
  3. Mine would be : Maverick Millenium Force Either Raging Bull or Viper (both at SFGAm) All these 4 were new credits for me this year, and they are all on my favorites list, except Raging Bull (which was excellent... But it missed something to make it on my top 10)
  4. It's going to be Capitale Express at the Galerie de la Capitale in Québec. It's a family coaster and I have the credits since 2004, but as it's the only coaster I can ride during winter I ride it anyway . Here's a video of it I made for my site (no promotion of my site intended... It's just as it's a rare credit I tough I'd show it to you) [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=130305-capitale-express-pov_z2oo[/coastertube]
  5. I'm 16 and my first coaster was La Marche du Milles-Pattes at La Ronde... Wow, what an amazing first credit !
  6. ^nice suggestion for the, eurofighter in and out of the Nightmare, it would be pretty cool ! Also, I totally agree they should keep the bobsleds, even if it has been on the chopping block for years.
  7. Cyclone at William's grove gets my vote, I've never been there but from the photo it's the oddest coaster I've ever seen ! (Both photos from RCDB) Also, I don't think it's odd, but funny, that Cornball express at Indianna Beach is built over water with some sorts of floaters for the supports .
  8. ^That would be very cool and I'd love it too, but where would it be ? The only spot I see is if they remove the Bobsleds, but there's a lot of trees and it would be very difficult to install a woodie there unless they cut them all (personally, I would hate to see this happen, I love all the trees at the GE). Also, there's the former nightmare spot in the middle of the Plunge, but it would be very tight.
  9. La Ronde : As I know we are not getting any new coaster soon, any GOOD flat ride will do. I think if my home parks get a new coaster, it would be in 2017 for the parks 50th anniversary. I would also like to see Le Monstre up and running next season. I know most enthusiasts don't like it, but I really love it and want to see that coaster operating again ! Great Escape : In my dreams I want the Steamin Demon to get scrapped and a new Intamin Mega-Lite being built at its place. It would still dominate the entrance as SD did, it would appeal to families, and finally it would put The Great Escape on the map. More realistically, I'm sure they will get a compact coaster like an Eurofighter or an El Loco as it was previously said, as long as they get a coaster. They are in desperate need for a signature steel.
  10. Cobra at La Ronde (home park ) has a very very ugly station, it looks like it was made with a few pieces of scrap metal welded together. Also, the airgates barely works.
  11. That was seriously hilarious ! It would have been even more awesome if Robb had voiced the "wheeeee !". At least that snail got lots of "airtime" .
  12. Totally agree with the first part of your post ! However, I think Son of Beast was an even worst waste, especially as Hades is a hybrid with steel, SOB was entirely made out of wood including the support structure, which was massive !!!
  13. ^^Worst than Goudurix ? Wow, I'm impressed ! That's sad, because the layout in your pov looks very fun, especially the under-parking part. It could benefit a retracking for sure, then.
  14. Filled mine this afternoon... There it is : RANK THE FOLLOWING RIDING SENSATIONS <-LEAVE THIS LINE AS IS Abrupt Airtime_____________________________,y,y,1 Floating Airtime___________________________,y,y,4 Lateral Forces_____________________________,y,y,5 Out of Control Feeling/Directional Changes_,y,y,3 Positive G's/Loops_________________________,y,y,6 Sensation of Speed_________________________,y,y,2 COASTER NAME PARK LOC <--Please leave this My Favorite Steel Anypark Anywhere **,y,y,1 El Toro SFGAd NJ,y,n,2 Comet Great Escape NY,y,y,3 Blue Streak Cedar Point OH,y,y,4 Viper SFGAm IL,y,y,5 Le Monstre La Ronde QU,y,y,6 Thunderbolt SF New England MA,y,n,7 Great White Wild Wheels Pier NJ,y,n,8 Mean Streak Cedar Point OH,y,y,9 Little Dipper SFGAm IL,y,y,10 Ghoster Coaster Canada's Wonderland ON,y,n,11 Rolling Thunder SFGAd NJ,y,n,12 Cyclone SF New England MA,y,n,13 American Eagle SFGAm IL,y,y,14 Wild Beast Canada's Wonderland ON,y,n,15 M.Can.Mine Buster Canada's Wonderland ON,y,n,16 There isn't much in my ballot, but it's better than nothing !
  15. ^I believe there will be a limit, because at a certain point having a huuuuuuuuuge park would take too much memory from you computer and make it crash .
  16. ^I will definitely wait to have an excellent product as it is necessary, I am just a little too excited about the game and always sad when there's a push-back, but I totally understand Pantera's reasons behind their decision and will wait like everyone else. Sorry if you took it as a complain, I'll be more constructive next time.
  17. Wish I had the early access at least for Christmas... Gonna wait again !
  18. First coaster - Marche du Milles-Pattes @ La Ronde, Favorite : MAverick @ Cedar Point First steel coaster- Marche du Milles Pattes @ La Ronde, First Woodie- Monstre @ La Ronde, Favorite : El Toro @ SFGADv First 100 ft coaster- Monstre @ La Ronde, Favorite : Maverick @ Cedar Point First 200 ft coaster- Bizarro @ SFNE, Favorite : Bizarro @ SFNE (First "hyper" = Goliath @ La Ronde, but 173 ft) First looping coaster- Super Manège @ La Ronde, Favorite : Maverick @ Cedar Point First B&M- Vampire @ La Ronde, Favorite : Nitro @ SFGAdv First Intamin- Cobra @ La Ronde, Fav : Maverick @ Cedar Point First GCI- None First BM invert- Vampire @ La Ronde, Fav : Raptor @ Cedar Point First Launched coaster- Backlot Stunt Coaster @ Canada's Wonderland, Fav : Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point (unless if Maverick counts it's my favorite !!!) First Standup- Cobra @ La Ronde, Favorite : Green Lantern @ SFGAdv First Flyer- Time Warp @ Canada's Wonderland (ouch !!!!!!), Fav : S:UF at SFGAdv and SFGAm With all these firsts at La Ronde, can you guess what my home park is ? Also, I know I nominated Maverick a lot of times, but it really is an awesome ride !
  19. It's not a coaster fact, but it's interessing and concers amusement industry, so tought I'd post it. Jay Peak in Vermont, a ski resort which recently built an indoor waterpark, heats its water using the heat of the ice hocky arena's cooling system.
  20. Wow, the Gatekeeper recreation is impressing, and nice CS (I like how you made the gap in the keyhole's centers ). Curious to see more photos of Banshee .
  21. I totally, totally agree with this ! Even tough the few rides built during the Warner ownership had some nice theming (like Batman at SFGAdv which looks great)
  22. Canada and USA... More to come hopefully !
  23. Was this post made by the Drunk Uncle or the porn stars from the Manolo Blahnik skits on SNL? I was posting from a tablet and made a typo, guess I should-re-read my posts before clicking on submit
  24. Wow, very impressive ! I love both, and I really like the beginning of Voda because it is very similar to the beginning of a coaster I made in RCT3 a few years ago ! My favorite is Kumba, tough, I think it's more complex and impressive and it's the one I would like to have at home the most ! But both are very close and awesome !
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