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  1. Here's my list. As you can see I have travelled a lot ! Ohio - Maverick Illinois - Viper New York - Comet (Great Escape) New Jersey - El Toro Florida - Expedition Everest Massachusetts - Bizarro Maine - Galaxy (@ Old Orchard Palace Playland) As I have so few, I'll cheat and also include Canada : Qu├ębec - Goliath Ontario - Behemoth
  2. I guess it could go in the "World's most copied" or "World's most common" coaster
  3. ^They actually gave out the date too, here's the post from their Facebook page : I'm thrilled to try this out ! Just 7 days before release !
  4. That coaster looks awesome ! The new seats and trains are beatiful. Love the Macks launched !
  5. I also vote for Maverick's AWESOME Stengel inversion !
  6. ^I don't know for ski-lifts, but they showed a picture of a C.P. Huntington train in a past update.
  7. I think the coaster has such a strange layout because it was first designed to be installed on a pier, and it did when it was Kamikaze on the former Hunt's Pier in Wildwoods. It was relocated not long after its opening (like 3 years). Of course on Piers real estate is important so Vekoma placed a lot of track and weird supports on a very small plot of land.
  8. Here's mine, the picture was taken in the Adirondacks while I was going to The Great Escape : Beautiful isn't it ? However I do change my wallpaper very often and it's usually a roller coaster picture. It just happens to be mountains this time.
  9. ^I'm pretty sure you are right, I remember them saying "This is a first look at park guests. In the final game there will be different genders, sizes, colours, etc." so yay, the ones in the video date back from May.
  10. That would be the scariest scooters in the world ! Don't call it a family-friendly ride anymore !
  11. Not sure but I think it was a Lime-Margharita Steward's at Dagwood's last friday.
  12. ^No he doesn't, we don't have Dippin' Dots at La Ronde anymore . Go back one page before the answer is there.
  13. ABSOLUTELY YES - Roller Coasters (of course), Intamins, B&M's, Blender (the 3d software... not the "will it blend" one), RCT series, chocolate, Wendy's, Coaster Dynamix, Fountains (I have one small water fountain on my desk... It's good to relax), Ice Cream, etc. ABSOLUTELY NO - Justin Bieber (happily he's now in US, it isn't Canada's problem anymore), annoying peoples at school, english class at school (bad grades) and math class (boring), annoying and non-funny memes on Facebook, not-funny Vines, etc.
  14. Don't remember the exact price, I think it was around 1.40$ CA/L. Pretty expensive.
  15. When I read some novels, I usually read french books because english is not my main language. If I read books about amusement parks, english only because there's no french books on the topic. I recently read the whole collection of "Amusement parks of ____" by Jim Futrell, and it's GREAT ! I also did read The incredible Scream Machine (R. Cartmell, the classic), The American Roller Coaster (S. Rutherford) and Roller Coaster: a thrillseeker's guide to the ultimate scream machine (by RoCo I think ? R. Coker of his complete name) All of these are excellent lectures on the topic of coasters and amusement parks, highly recommend them !
  16. I'm really not up to date, all my stuff is like 3-4 years old, but it's fine like this. If they still work, why throw them away and buy something else ? Of course my laptop is starting to be old and is not very powerful, but it still works fine for what I do with it so I won't change it until I have a good reason or it completely brakes and stop working.
  17. I have not been on any of the following, but of what I've seen, Mega-Lites look awesome if they are small enough to be considered compact ! If they don't, then, S&S El Loco's looks amazing. Also lots of peoples might/will disagree with me, but I find Galaxies to be quite fun. They are usually pretty fast and the first drops are cool.
  18. ^I really am not sure about this, but if the tubular track system wasn't patented I think B&M could re-use that track arrangement freely. Again, I don't know much about the subject but that's my guess.
  19. ^Wow, this is amazing ! I hope they are not serious and it's only a lack of culture concerning the history of Cedar Point
  20. Here comes another update ! It's mostly a compilation of features already showcased, but at least it shows we're pretty close to early edition ! It's the steam official trailer : (I've got problems embedding the video, not sure why, so here's the link) They also posted on their Facebook that the bug tracker and the feature request are completed and that the early edition will take place in latter Feb.
  21. I didn't mean to be annoying or skeptical, it's just because I was surprised to see such an official confirmation coming out from nowhere all of a sudden. I also follow it on Xtreme La Ronde and found the same stuff, but I always prefer to have reliable sources. It happens too often on the internet that someone who doesn't know anything about the subject proclaims itself an "expert" and start saying some crap.
  22. The pretzel loops on B&M flying coasters. I've only been on two S:UF rides as a reference, the rest of the ride is "meh", but the pretzel loop is so epic it made me re-ride it a few times. Good thing I had a Flash-Pass !
  23. I don't think this ride should classify as a roller coaster. It doesn't even have a hill ! Put it flat on the ground and it would be considered a kiddie train attraction.
  24. Replace the inverted coaster trains by flying trains on Batman clones. Imagin the forces, it would be awesome !
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