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  1. Those are great results! Happy to see El Toro #1, it really deserve that spot !
  2. If this extends to rides and not just coasters, then... (excluding my home park) 2005 : All the new kiddie rides at The Great Escape in the Looney Tunes section (yep, I was still 7 at the time) 2009 : Sasquatch @ The Great Escape (I think) 2012 : It' @ Morey's Piers (I think it was added in 2012 ?) 2013 : Gatekeeper @ Cedar Point, Screamin' Eagles @ Great Escape 2014 (coming soon) : Extreme Supernova @ Great Escape, hopefully others !
  3. Ah man, I really have no idea, I don't check the layout enough of the coasters I ride... As I would like to post one here's a guess : Wildcat at Hershey Park ?
  4. ^I have no idea but it looks like a GCI for me, so Kentucky Rumbler at Beech Bend ?
  5. I'd say I'm a creator and designer. I love when coasters have great elements and a great pacing, even if it's relatively simple, because yes, I like to have some forces in the ride. There are several forceless rides that I like for other reasons, but even some rides with great elements, but no pacing and no forces can be very poor. The two B&M wingriders I've been on, X-Flight and Gatekeeper, had a promising layout but they were both slow and forceless, and they are very low in my list. I don't mind a simple coaster as long as it has great forces and a good pacing, for example the Comet at The Great Escape is a double out-and-back and not much else, but it fits in that category and it's my #2 woodie !
  6. Sorry for the double post but I just thinked about it, at La Ronde there are the 1000 marmot and I can see very often peoples feeding them with oreos and all sorts of junk. No wonder why they are huge
  7. My brother was on the Comet at the Great Escape, and he completely forgot about his hat. It flew away at the first drop, and lucky him a guy catched it in the very last row and gave it back at the end. Talk about luck!
  8. Good news platinum backers, the TPS team just posted a new update and it looks like we will get our early edition acces trough steam very soon ! There are also other good news concerning Intamin, but I won't steal the punch. Details here : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1011099242/theme-park-studio-create-the-ultimate-theme-park/posts I'm super excited about this ! Who else is ?
  9. Same here sir. You guys are lucky ! If I could I'd use my Club TPR membership to try it on the media day but I sadly live way too far from Kings Island to do it
  10. Capitale Express in the Galeries de la Capitale in Québec city is a pretty weak name. Also, all the Batmans and Supermans : come on Six Flags, be original..!
  11. I did not received any confirmation e-mail either, but I don't think it's a problem; I didn't received any last year and my vote was received and compiled. He probably just don't send any. Doesn't matter much; for such a great poll I think we can forgive him the lack of a confirmation e-mail ! Really looking forward to seeing the results and how my favorite coasters rate.
  12. ^not only that it's also in the stickies of the ask alvey forum !
  13. According to the rides they built in recent years (excluding Hades 360) it looks like a good choice, I'm sure they'll get something great.
  14. Wow, that is one cool coaster prototype, happy to see you could try it out ! I really hope it can gain success and be installed at several parks, and of course I have not tryed it, but... Maybe installing such a coaster in a shuttle type just like a Disk-O would still be cool and allow smaller parks with smaller budgets to get a unique attraction. Maybe ?
  15. La Ronde is on an island next to Montreal, and of course there's a lot of things to do as usual in a big city. For example you can enjoy one of the 105 039 restaurants serving Poutine, there's also Schwartz' and Dunn's which serve their world famous smoked meat, and of course you can enjoy the view of the awful, terrible, dilapidated and dangerous to fall apart at any moment Champlain Bridge : Image from http://media1.ledevoir.com/images_galerie/d_86888_74236/image.jpg Of course there's lots of other things to do, and that's a good thing... La Ronde isn't a reason good enough to come to Québec ! EDIT : there are a few cool waterparks in the province, the ones that I know are Village Vacance Valcartier (by far the best) in Québec city, Mont Saint-Sauveur in the Laurentides, and Bromont in Bromont. There's also Calypso which is really awesome (rated #1 waterpark in the world by MSN travel), which is about 1 1/2 hour from Montreal (but it's in Ontario).
  16. That would be cool ! I would definitely go to Cedar Point every year !
  17. The coasters at bonbonland are so weird and wacky it's funny ! I especially like the big cat in the last picture
  18. ^That doesn't surprise me by how poorly B&M has performed in recent years
  19. Hi dear title fairy, Could I get a title concerning Arrow mine trains ? Thanks a lot in advance !
  20. ^The paint job really was in a terrible state !
  21. I had seen this before, it was probably crazy scary ! I guess this would be the only coaster I'd REALLY be afraid of riding...
  22. ^Yeah, I had seen this post on their page, just tough it was funny because if there was one park in the world who would build such a ride, it would be them.
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