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  1. ^^oops, searched for a few terms before creating the thread and I didn't found that one, please an admin lock this thread
  2. What are the roller coasters that either exceeded your pre-first-ride expectations, or on the opposite terribly disappointed you ? To start, I'll post mine . Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure really exceeded my expectations, I had only ridden 2 B&M hypers before, and Nitro was amazing ! It had lots of forces and a powerful helix, and quite a bit of airtime, plus beeing so high above all the trees around made it a top 10 coaster for me. Also, even tough I was expecting it to be great, I was completely blown away when I rode Maverick for the first time ! As for my worst surprises, Ednör at La Ronde. It's my home park, and when they announced they would get a new coaster (the SLC), I was really excited because I did not know what a SLC was, plus I had just started the previous year to ride "bigger" coasters, so I was looking forward to trying another ! Needless to say, when I rode it for the first time I wasn't prepared and it was awful. So, what are yours ?
  3. I totally agree with those ! I would love to see Le Monstre get an I-box makeover (it has quite a nice layout), and Wild Beast at CW is awful and is overdue for the wrecking ball.
  4. La Ronde, 13 km Méga Parc (Québec), 255 km Great Escape, 266 km
  5. Any Batman clone, Millenium Force, Nitro in the helix. There may be others, but I don't remember them.
  6. I prefer the second option with the wider picture announcement window. I'm not a huge fan of Twitter, but I do like the idea.
  7. ^Yes, but that ride used scripting, so I don't know you could make it without a script.
  8. Someone posted a torrent on the No Limits Facebook page (installer only, no serial so it's legal), and it downloads in 20 minutes. If it wasn't of that torrent, I would still be waiting for 2 hrs !
  9. Here's a little update from their kickstarter with a demonstration of custom meshs importing : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1011099242/theme-park-studio-create-the-ultimate-theme-park/posts/715144 Happy to see were close to early edition !
  10. Also, Ednör at La Ronde, built right over the lake, looks very nice(even if it's an SLC), plus it has great photo opportunity if you go on the Orbite's observation desk and have the sun at the right place :
  11. I totally agree with that one, it looks so massive ! Also I can't imagine the paint budget of that ride, they probably put more money on paint yearly than on other maintenance ! For my choices, Le Monstre at La Ronde is probably the most iconic ride of the park, and personally I think it looks cool : Even if I have never seen it myself, Lightning Racer : In fact, I think every GCI coaster is very photogenic !
  12. I'd bet it's going to be GCI, but there's one section that makes me think it won't : The fact that they specify the coaster is going to be built in America gives me the feeling it would be a pre-fab (I don't think GCI makes pre-fab... Usually they build them on site). That makes me believe it's going to be an RMC pre-fab. Maybe ?
  13. Any chicken noodle soup is my favorite thing in a can
  14. It's -21°C in Brossard (close to Montreal) right now. In fahrenheits it's -5.1°F. Yersterday it was worst, it was -29°C I think, so -20.2°F. It's freaking cold, I just want to stay inside ! EDIT : with the wind it's -33°C right now, so -27.4°F
  15. I go for Vekoma too. The Super Manèges at La Ronde has a few nice pops of airtime and it's not too rough. All the Arrow ones I've been on were just rough. However I havn't been on Goudurix and it's a Vekoma, so... It probably depends of the ride. Also thumbs up for putting a photo of The Great Escape! One of my favorite parks !
  16. The Great Escape. Last new coaster was the boomerang, unless we count the kiddie Road Runner Exp./Frankie's mine train. I would love to see an Intamin Mega-lite replacing the Nightmare or the Steamin' Demon, but as this will obviously not happen, an El Loco or Eurofighter would fit nicely and be more realistic.
  17. The trims on Raging Bull's second hill, the trims on La Ronde's Goliath 5th or 6th hill, and the trims on Magnum XL-200 just before the pretzel turnaround are the worst I've seen myself. For RB and Goliath it kills the airtime, and for Magnum it just tame it down so much...
  18. I have not been on Phoenix (as it seems to be the big comparison point), but I really liked Blue Streak, with all of its airtime over the place. On my ballot it's #3 behind El Toro and Comet at the Great Escape. My mother who was expecting a mild ride wasn't surprised in a good way !
  19. I use Facebook and Youtube daily, but that's it. I'm not a fan of social networks I guess
  20. There is one Eastern Canadian wooden coaster that doesn't appear on your list (mostly because almost no one knows about it). It's "Roller Coaster" at Upper Clements Park in Nova Scotia. My friend tells me that it's the smoothest wooden coaster he's been on (his only point of comparison is Canada's Wonderland, though) and that it's surprisingly fun. From the description and POV videos, it looks like either a "big" Junior coaster or a small "Adult" coaster. I agree that it looks very fun, but remember it was made by William Cobb, which is also the man behind "Le Monstre". Altough it might be very good too, as he has also created the Astroworld's Cyclone which was the favorite of many peoples (he seems to have created VERY good and VERY bad coasters and nothing between, so I wonder where Tree Topper/Roller Coaster is)
  21. ^I think it would be possible, BTW at 51 m tall, Banshee is pretty close to beeing a Mega ! However I don't think a stand-up Mega would be possible (imagin if it was a Togo )
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