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  1. ^That coaster was in Québec city, Canada, not Europe...
  2. I will answer too . Personnaly I own a french website about roller coasters and theme parks, and I've asked a park to film a coaster, and even if I'm not very known yet, they accepted to let me film. I can't guarantee they'll let you if it's for personnal purpose, but I would suggest to send them an e-mail and ask. If you're lucky they'll say yes. Try !
  3. Great job ! TPR made me love memes (I always thinked that the ones on facebook are terrible ) I would personnally have made one more winner, it says "So Knott's getting a new wild mouse ? - I hope it will be eaten by a wildcat !". (I just couldn't find it...) It was very great !
  4. Voted about 2 weeks ago, can't wait to see the results ! (I hope Goliath at La Ronde will be well ranked like in 2010, it was 14th out of 343 and that's at my home park ! Go Goliath ! )
  5. ^Nice ! I just don't see who would like to be chosen to ride an SLC, even if it's not a knock-off... I like it !
  6. And another one (my last) He didn't looked for the dates !
  7. Wow ! That's amazing ! I must go to Cedar Point someday...
  8. Sounds awesome ! Sad to see I can't participate (California is far, far away from Montreal)... Please do a La Ronde or Great Escape bash someday so I can participate !
  9. I'm not going to reply again, the answer is in the previous post . However, I'd like to know : does someone knows what beeing "TPR approved" means ?
  10. Nice trip report ! Happy to see you liked the park (except for the operations, which I admit are horrible !)
  11. Hi Robb, I wanted to ask if you could in 2013 make a video "behind the scenes" of your POVs... I'd very much like to see which cameras you use and you install them on the coasters to make such great POVs ! Thanks in advance !
  12. (This post doesn't have anything to do with the new food rule) Hi, recently as I was getting rid of my 2012 calendar (I made it myself so I wanted to keep it), I found out some old La Ronde stuff from when I was very young. I found the ticket I used to go to the park for the first time (in 2001 !), my first season pass (2005), and other season passes from 2006, 2007 and 2008. For peoples who doesn't understand french, on the 2001 ticket it's hand-written by my mother "3 1/2 years old, with his cousin Félix". Also, for the peoples who are wondering why I hided my face, well I looked horrible on my old season passes . Whatever, here they are : Some old La Ronde tickets and season passes
  13. My first coaster of the year will probably be The Capitale Express if I go to Quebec City and to the Mall, if I don't before May, then it'll be Le Monstre at La Ronde.
  14. Maybe it could be a sort of Maverick like at CP, or maybe an Intamin mini-giga coaster (not probable, but we can dream !)
  15. I also received a newsletter from La Ronde about this awful new rule. The last time they tryed to instore such a system at La Ronde, they received hundreds of complaints since the city of MTL (former owner) was allowing outside food. I never spent a penny at La Ronde for food except for ice cream (because I LOVE ice cream ) and this price augmentation will most likely make me want to spend even less money for food. In the worst case, I live 15 minutes from the park so I eat at home. Take that Six Flags !
  16. Winning at that game is terribly tough ! I have a friend who's a super-excellent hockey player (don't remember his grade) and his best score ever at that game is 7. To get a big prize, you need to get at least 20 points ! Also remember the holes are small, you're far from the goaler, you have 40 seconds for 30 pucks (1.33 secs./puck) and it cost 10 $CA ! La Ronde know how to make money : average players won't make more than 5 or 6 points...
  17. Please no ! I'm a good customer and I never did anything bad at my home park ! Plus, there's not so much bad clientele at La Ronde... I think the real problem with that park is the employees who lack enthousiasm, Ednör (SLC), and Cobra (Intamin Stand-up) because they are terrible !
  18. I'm not sure exactly, but I think my first B&M was Vampire at La Ronde (Montreal)
  19. The coaster is not in the Nightmare's building anymore ! The RCDB lists it as defunct, and I saw myself the building's doors open during a summer day and there was no roller coaster in it. Just a couple of piles of wood and metal, but clearly no Jet Star.
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